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"MapleStory" Getting HackShield Update Error: 0x0000030 (805306416)? Give these solution a try!

I----Run ASPLnchr.exe from your Nexon folder, then retry.

Download regcure, perfect optimizer those are the only two i remember that works now this one more. I just simply downloaded free trial for regcure then fixed like some problems then uninstalled regcure then downloaded perfect optimizer then fixed trial problems then uninstalled cause im not gonna buy the product. But if you wanna buy the product and fix all problems you could do that. Well someone suggested this to me and i highly doubted dint know that registry fixers could do this. But after i did this i tried maple story and it worked.

I was getting this error message on my windows XP machine running Panda AntiVirus and none of the posted fixes worked. Here is what I did to remedy the problem.

1. Navigate to "System Restore" by clicking: "Start", "All Programs", "Accessories", "System Tools", "System Restore"

2. Select "Restore Computer to an Earlier Time"

3. Choose to restore your computer to a date prior to September 16th ( I chose Sept 14th )

4. Let the restore process complete. ( It will reboot your system and then give you a message that the restore was successful upon completion)

5. Once your system has successfully restored and you have closed the "successfully restored" message box, Navigate to system "Services" by clicking: "Control Panel", "Administrative Tools", and then "Services"

6. (This is where you will have to use investigative skills) Look through the entire list of services. What you are looking for are services associated with your particular antivirus.

7. Once you have located the services associated with your antivirus, right-click on the service, and select "stop" Make sure to "Stop" every service that is associated with your antivirus.

8. After, ALL of the antivirus services are stopped, navigate to the Maplestory Folder and launch "Maplestory"

9. The hackshield patch should now successfully run and you should now be able to play Maplestory! Woot!

I would suggest logging into the game then, logging out and rebooting your computer. This will turn the antivirus services back on and your system will be protected once again. Otherwise, if you do not reboot, you will not be protected from viruses. I hope this is helpful for some of you.

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