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MapleStory Complete Hp Washing, Int Gears | Maplestory hp washing guide | Maplestory hp washing post bb | MapleStory Increase max hp solution

Table of Content
What is hp washing
Who should do HP washing? 
How much is the increase in Hp and the Mp lost?
Pros and Cons of hp washing
Is there other ways to wash hp?
Minimum MP Calculation
How much int you need to have the effect?
how much hp washing you can do?
what is the maximum hp that one can have.
How to calculate the ap you stuck in hp/mp pool
INT Equip Suggestions

o   Summary
o   FAQs (Frequently asked questions) 
o   iHP – HP Washing Calculator Tool
o   Screenshots of Un-washed Characters' Max HP
o   Videos 


Milestones, Minimum HP required to fight some bosses
*Note*: These HP values are the estimated HP you should have AFTER Hyper Body skill is used.

For you guys that may be thinking about HP washing your characters on post-BB despite the fact nearly
every job have gotten generous HP boosts. Here are some proofs of HP washing is still viable on post-BB.
Before (+1 AP to HP, before resetting)
After (-1 AP to MP, +1 AP to STR)
End Result (after using 5 AP resets)

As of now, I've washed 120 times
What I know: HP washing still works like it used to be. Go roid up your character's HP as much as you want!
 74k base hp Paladin solos Chaos Zakum with apple

HP washing process can be very costly, It is not recommended for regular player, since it would be wiser if you would spend the money on your equips/weapons instead.

Why HP Wash? This is the most important thing that you should know first.
In order to boss more effectively and fight a higher end bosses (pink bean, chaos horntail, or any Future hard hitter boss) some hp washing is required to get more hp to tank the damage.

Background of HP washing

This concept was first developed by Tiger from Mapleglobal and further tested out and improved by many maplers including Tanyia from Maplesea (Bootes).
HP washing came about from a glitch by Nexon, but till now, this "glitch" has not been fixed as it has been seen as a form of profit.

For every 10 INT that your character has, you will gain 1 extra MP each time you level.

So if you have a total of 50 int stats added by int equips including base stats, you will get extra 5 MP to your mana pool when you level up.

This will contribute to a "pool" of extra MP, which will accumulate over time. The more INT your character has, the bigger your "pool" of extra MP, and this allow you to wash more.

HP Washing is basically taking out all the excess MP that you have, and adding it into HP instead. This allows you to tank the damage dealt by high level bosses without dying. A good investment, but yet costly.

1) What is hp washing?
AP = Ability Points
Hp washing refers to adding AP into hp.
Then, buy AP reset from Cash Shop, -MP and add the AP into the stats which you want.
For eg, if you are warrior you will - MP and add it to STR, likewise, for rogue, -MP and add it to LUK.

1.1) Who should do HP washing? 
The class that benefits most from HP washing is ''Warrior'' as they have the skill ''Max HP Increase''. Therefore, when an AP is added to HP, warrior gained the most. However, most of the warriors in MapleStory do not HP-wash as they already got enough Max HP by normal leveling.

In MapleStory, thieves and bowman jobs should do HP-wash as they have low amount of max-HP, using HP washing method, they can boost their Max HP to tank high damages inflicted by boss monsters. The HP gain is still considerable for both thieves and bowman jobs.

But, absolutely, HP washing is not for Magician, as they have ''magic guard'' which can replace 80% of HP damage as MP for 600 sec, at level 20. Useless your MP reaches 0, the HP takes a full hit.

1.2) How much is the increase in Hp and the Mp lost?
For Thieves and Bowman, every point you put into HP, you gain 18 HP (On average) and for every point you take out of MP, you lose 12 MP (On average).

On average, at level 120~ people can wash around 13 times. That means that for the price of 13 AP Resets you gain around 240 HP and lose 156 MP.

Classes HP MP
  1. Warriors +50~55Hp | -4Mp
  2. Thief +16~20Hp  | -12Mp
  3. Bowman +16~20 Hp | -12Mp
  4. Mage +10~20Hp | - 90mp
  5. Infighter/Brawler +36-40 hp | - 16mp
  6. Gunslinger +16-20hp | -16mp
For example,
- For Thieves/ Archers/ Pirates
Every AP added into HP gives you approximately 16~20HP
Every AP taken out from MP decreases your MP by approximately 16~20 as well.

 1.3) Pros and Cons of hp washing

1) Wearing INT gears can have a much higher mp, which much lead to a higher hp after HP washing.
2) A longer hp also helps you to save more potions, eg ramen, and would not die easily, able to tank damage.
3) More confidence in dealing with boss.

1) Spend a lot of real life money on AP Resets from the Cash Shop in order to HP Wash. For normal resetting, a level 15x can reset up to 50-60 AP which is $250-$300 SGD.
2) The expenses on the INT equipments

AsiaSoft MapleStory SEA – A Cash Cards (Source)
A-Cash Value 05,000 – SG
A-Cash Value 10,000 – SG$ 10.70 – RM 24.00
A-Cash Value 20,000 – SG$ 21.40 – RM 48.00
A-Cash Value 30,000 – SG$ 32.10 – RM 72.00

At level 140, I have reset 170+ points of AP. Which is equal to $800 sgd?
For normal resetting, your mp will be much lower as you are taking out mp for adding stats.

 1.4) Is there other ways to wash hp?
There are 3 methods.
But only method 1 is suitable for warrior, 2 and 3 are for other classes.

Method 1: Single (Normal) HP wash)
For warriors and other class (warriors please stick to this method only)

i) Before you level, wear your int gears for additional INT and level up.
ii) Add AP into HP.
iii) Use AP reset, -MP + into other attribute (STR, DEX, INT, LUK).

Method 2: Immediate HP washing
For desperado that want to get HP asap (provided you got enough MP not for warrior)

i) Use AP reset - MP + HP (if you do not have extra AP, you can use AP reset -AP + HP first)
ii) Repeat the -MP + HP process until you reach the limit. Use back the last point you can wash to add back to stats

Method 3: Double washing
Double Washing means having a lot of excess MP from the high INT, allowing you to convert it in HP via free AP (but you cannot transfer this to other attributes).
Wear equipment providing additional INT to a total of 150 INT or more, and level up.

 i) Before you level, wear your int gear and level
ii) Add AP into MP (add all 5 AP into MP), while still wearing INT equipment.
iii) Use AP reset, -MP + HP (Reset 5 ap from mp and put into hp.)
iv) Use AP reset - MP + into other stats attribute (STR, DEX, INT, LUK), after removing INT equipment. (Reset 5 ap from mp and put into main stats)

Why Double Washing? It allows you to gain more HP per level than regular washing; however, at the same time burn twice if not three times more NX than regular washing also.
  1. - The process starts off similar. Obtain the best possible INT added gear as possible.
  2. - Before each time you level-ed up wearing those INT equipments, (You will notice the mp gains is higher as your INT is higher when you level up.
  3. - With those 5 APs, put them all into MP while wearing the INT equips. The MP gain will be higher as your total INT is higher.
  4. - Apply AP resets and reset out 5 MP points and put into HP.
  5. - If you have enough INT you should be able to repeat the steps and reset 5 (or how many more depends on your INT) into HP again.
  6. - Reset 5 MP and put into any stats preferred.

The concept of double washing is to gain more MP so that you can wash more. 
We take for example a NL with min MP already.
If he using Method 1, He can only wash 1 time. End of story. +18HP , + 10MP
If he using Method 3, He can wash all 5 AP when he double wash. Lvl up add 22+ MP . Each AP added into MP gains around 20MP.

Therefore 20x5+22 = 122 MP. Double washing = 5x12MP +5x12MP= 120 MP. Each HP gains around 18HP.
So in total, you gain around 5x18= 90 HP and 2 extra MP. To wash 5 AP requires 10 AP reset = around $50 sgd
Aquila bowman who use double washing approach 
However, since this is double washing, it is more expensive as you 2x more AP resets required.

1.5) Minimum MP Calculation


*Double washing is also known as MP wash.
*Your HP/MP increment during level up is random between a set value such as 20 to 24. Increment via AP, is fixed, also dependant on your class.

Minimum MP Calculation (here is the limit of how low your MP can go down to) 

     Page/Spearman After 2nd job : Min MP: 4 x lv +155
     HP Increase: 20
     MP Decrease: 4

     Other Warrior After 2nd job : Min MP: 4 x lv +55
     HP Increase: 20
     MP Decrease: 4

     Pirate/Mechanic After 2nd job : Min MP: 18 x lv + 95
     HP Increase: 18
     MP Decrease: 16

     Thief After 2nd job : Min MP: 14 x lv +135
     HP Increase: 16
     MP Decrease: 12

     Dual Blade After 2nd Job : Min MP: 14 x lv + 355
     HP Increase: 16
     MP Decrease: 12

     Bowman After 2nd job : Min MP: 14 x lv + 135
     HP Increase: 16
     MP Decrease 12

     Wild Hunters After 2nd job : Min MP: 14 x lv + 123
     HP Increase: 16
     MP Decrease: 12

     Battle Mages After 2nd job : Min MP: 22 x lv + 143
     HP Increase: 20
     MP Decrease: 16 (Need confirmation)

1.6) How much int you need to have the effect?
My current int gear adds 50 int. And I can see the effect. There are theories that having more int will increase.I guess that +40~50int can have the effect already.
Leveling up with INT equips on, increases your MP gained at around 10 extra INT = 1 additional MP on level-up.
If you level with +50 INT, that means you gain an extra 5 MP, so for every 3 levels you level with these INT equips on, you get an additional HP Wash (Or to be more precise, 5 washes per 12 levels).

1.7) how much hp washing you can do?
The minimum mp theory is the thing that controls it all.
However if you use int gear, it depends on your int gear. The more the int from gears, the more mp you gain, thus being able to reset more.
  1. Dark knight = 4 X level + 156 = min mp
  2. Hero = 4 x level +56 = min mp
  3. Bow/crossbow = level x 14 + 148
  4. Thieves forafter 2nd job Thieves = level x 14 + 148
  5. Thieves for before 2nd job Thieves = level x 14 – 2
    pirate = 18x level +111
  6. Dual Blades = 4 x level, + 365 (Unconfirmed)
  7. Arans = 4 x Level, + 105
To figure out how many AP resets you will need to use, divide the amount of MP you are able to reset (Base MP - Minimum MP) by 12 (amount of MP lost per point taken away.
Only for Thieves and Bowmen. Warriors lose 4 MP per reset, Pirates lose 16 MP per reset) to get around how many resets you will need to use. If the number you get is not a whole number, always round down. You don't want to find out you bought an extra AP Reset that you can't use because you can't go below your Minimum MP.

1.8) what is the maximum hp that one can have.
Maximum HP/MP cap for all jobs is 30,000 (with or without Hyper Body). This will increase to 99,999 after the Big Bang patch.

1.9) How to calculate the ap you stuck in hp/mp pool
i)The ap you should have = level x 5 +30
ii)The ap you have now = the base stats (open ability add up all stats on the left )

Ap stuck = ap u should have - ap u have now

2) INT Equip Suggestions
One thing to keep in mind, is that you're very well off if you have a close LUK-less Mage friend. Lend INT equipments from her or him and return back after that.

The higher INTs you can obtain is the better.

With the new potential system, it allows INT obtaining process to be quite cheaper and easier, since you can now get high INT gear with a fraction of the price. But here are some early recommendations:

After Maple Bandana, at lv 10 you can move on to Green Bandana (lv10, 10slots) scrolled with INTs. Then move on to Zakum Helmet (lv 50) scrolled with INT later on. And finally end it with Chaos Zakum Helmet (lv100) or Scarlion/Targar Helmet(lv80) with INT scrolled + INT potential(rare with +INT preferred) 

Scroll your helmet with 60%/70% helmet for INT scrolls. Or, try to lend one from a Mage friend. Not worth getting a INT-scrolled common Hat, as you can get bosses helmets as shown below which add INT when they are at clean stats, plus getting those bosses helmets is free from the bosses drops, you can also scroll the bosses' helmets with 90% potential scroll or 60/70% helmet for DEX or INT and become your main helmet.

  • Zakum Helmet (lvl50) - 15 INT (Drop from Zakum quest ( you need to be lvl50 or above to take part in this PQ), your character should be near level 100 or above to tank the damage and deal a higher damage to kill zakum.
  • Scarlion boss helmet (lvl 90) 20 int (Drop at Malaysia map, Scarlion Boss, you can only do 2 times per day) Normally, this boss will drop 1~3 scarlion helmets after being killed.

  • Chaos Zakum Helmet 22 int (Drop from chaos Zakum).Very expensive, requires SoK in order to trade, hence, not recommended unless you can get one by yourself by participating in the chaos zakum fight and loot one.

Let me show you my scarlion helmet, with potential ''mystic door'', and 38 dex, 18 INT.  I wear this helmet for HP washing by making use of the 18 INT, and 38 dex is to boost my damage, and a mystic door skill for me to door myself to re-pot my character at the town potion shop and go back to the training map within a minute.


  • Lend an INT scrolled Sauna, bathrobe from a Mage friend.You can get upwards of 20 INT from one of these, so make sure to make an effort. You can try to scroll one by yourself by buying a 5 int 9 slots, or 10 int 8 slots overall to start with. The earliest overall you can obtain aside from those beginner overalls is bathrobe. It shouldn’t be too hard to find a prescrolled with INT one. In the end, you can either stick with the bathrobe, or getting a High lv overall with INT potential and scrolled it with INT.

  • Earrings can easily go up to 9 INT nowadays at pretty affordable prices. Try and borrow one from your Mage friend. If you have some REALLY good connections, you can get 12+ INT Earrings.
  • Gold emerald earring is one of the good earrings that gives 5 int when it is clean.  
  • Rex green earring is another alternative option that you can get by killing Rex Boss by doing the Rex PQ.

Or even potential-ed earring

Old raggedy cape/Stingeman’s Cape scrolled with INT, then you can later on move to Yellow Adventurer Cape (lv50, + potential stats) and scrolled with INT.
  • Yellow adventurer cape, clean 8 slots cape, scroll this with scroll for cape for int 60%/70%, can easily to reach above 12 int. Yellow adventurer cape can boom easily when you used with 70% scroll for  cape for INT ! Just scroll about 2~3 70% cape for INT scrolls on yellow adventurer cape first then the last few slots of the cape, use 60% cape for int scrolls to avoid being boomed.

Or even potential-ed yellow cape

Starting off with lv5 basic wand with as much INT as possible, you can then later on change it into and weapon with potential stat that gives INT.

  • The lowly Wooden Wand(common Wand) (Recommended), meaning you can scroll it for INT with wand for magic att scroll and get the biggest Weapon-based INT boost from it possible. You can buy this wooden wand at ellinia weapon shop.


Wand scrolls are cheap these days.

  • Yellow Work Gloves. LUK-less Mages grab these up quick, so try and borrow if you can. Or you can scroll to 7-9 int with gloves for magic attack scrolls. 

Any shoes with INT stats work. There aren’t many options available. Ex) Yellow Snowshoes (lv50), then any shoes with INT potential stats.
  • +4-5 INT Yellow Snowshoes. INT 5 INT yellow snowshoes is very rare. 3~4 int should be enough.
An example: Ignore the dex. We only need the INT.

The best possible scenario is to start off with a stolen fence (lv5) with some INT then change to Maple Shield with better INT at lv20, then finish with any higher lv shield with as much INT as possible.

  • Common-class Maple Shields(Recommended). Scroll it with shield for magic attack 60%/70%. It is very expensive to do so, as Mapleshields clean and shield scrolls are very expensive, leave it to the last item to get it, or lend from a mage friend. Being a low level common shield , with 10 slots available making this shield becomes the best shield to scroll with.

Simply starting with Spiegelman’s necklace (lv30, +1-2INT), then Deputy Star (lv50, +5INT, +potential stats), then ultimately Horntail Pendant if not Chaos Horntail Pendant (lv 120, +21-27INT, +potential stats).
  • Horned Tail Necklace / Chaos Horned Tail Necklace 22 INT. Costs a bomb, but no choice this is the best INT pendant currently in maplestory.

Currently best possible ring options are Evolving Ring I & II (lv0, +7 INT), and added VIP Ring (lv127, +4-6 INTs) later on.
  • Go for circle ring of thought, get 4 quantity of them and wear all of them you should get 8 int.

Eye Accessory (7 slots):
The earliest eye accessory that you can get, I believe is: regular owl mask scrolled it with INT. Foxy Raccoon Mask/SG,MY Flag Sunglasses/Broken Glasses work also.
  • Raccoon Mask/SG,MY Flag Sunglasses/Broken Glasses, scroll it with eye for int scrolls and potential for INT bonuses.


Face Accessory:
There aren’t many options you can choose from for face accessory. There are Rat Mouth/Bunny Disguise III and Branch nose which I wouldn’t really recommend scrolling them with INTs since they are quite hard to find clean.
  • Bunny-disguise-III (level75 face), you can get this mask by doing the easter bunny event.

Ellinia Donor Medal does give +10 INTs/ Nautilus/Sleepywood Donor Medal; I believe give +7 to all stats. Or get any medal with higher INT in the future release.

Ellinia Donor Medal Req Level: 0 Req Stats: -
Weapon Def.: -
Magic Def.: - Job: Common
Effects: INT +10, HP +20 No. of upgrades available: - Sold for: Cannot be sold, cannot be traded
Dropped by: -
Available from:
  • Note: This medal is only temporary.

So normally, godly scrolled items can add up to 200+ INT, which can gives extra 20 max mp when level up.

To add on, potential equipments can boost your INT by a lot too. As you see the lines below add up 21% INT. I do not recommend you to cube your equipments to ''unique'' just to get % INT, it is way too expensive.

Just get some ''INT'' stats or ''all stats'' at ''Rare rank'' for all your equipments should be suffice. What do I mean by that? Example, this rose earring with ''all stats'' at rare rank.
Getting 100+ INT at ease with potential INT bonuses.

I don't recommend you to cube all your equipments to ''Unique'' stats and get % INT, as cubing an unique equip may costs more then 100k @cash / NX.

If you've got a lot of real money to burn on AP Resets, would be a waste of real money actually because it if you party with spearman to gain Hyper body, that increases your Max Mp and HP by +60%, or you having a decent hyper body pants you can simply get 40% additional more MAX HP by using the decent hyper body skills, however this would spend a lot of money as you have to use miracle cubes in the cash shop to cube the item to ‘’unique’’ stats and get the decent hyper body.
But be advised that unless you leveled with INT equips on, your results will be limited and far from astonishing. You won't quite reach the goals you set when you started HP Washing (As stated above).
170 resets would be 6000*170=1,020,000.
1 A-Cash Point is 0.00107 SG$, so that would be a sum of 1091.4 Singapore dollars

FAQs (Frequently asked questions) 

Q: Which jobs can go bossing (CZak,CHT,PB) without HP washing?

Q: Why INT equips?
INT equips are one of your best friends when it comes to HP washing. Get good INT gear and it'll contribute to the increase of your base MP upon leveling. When you reached 99% exp, You should wear all your INT equipments and ask other players to party you and leech the EXP to level up.
Do note that getting good common INT gear is a good investment as it can be passed around from character to character for HP washing purposes, or simply for usage.

Q: Does Maple Warrior help at all?
A: Yes, definitely. Maple Warrior increases your stats by a certain percentage. Overall, people with higher INT tend to benefit the most from Maple Warrior. It still helps to increase your INT.

Q: How much do you gain/lose?
For every point you put into HP, you gain 20 HP (On average) and for every point you take out of MP, you lose 12 MP (On average). On average, at level 120~ people can wash around 13 times. That means, that for the price of 13 AP Resets you gain around 240 HP and lose 156 MP.

Q : Does the Magic Attack of my equipments help to increase my extra MP?
A : I'm afraid not. Magic Attack does not help to increase your extra MP, not even one bit.

Q: Can i simply take one AP out of MP, and add it into HP?
A: Nope, you can't do that. That'll be equal to taking AP out of no where. In order to take out 1 AP from MP, you MUST add 1 AP into HP before you can do so.


iHP – HP Washing Calculator 

How to use it:
1. Enter your current level
2. Select Job
3. Press Calculate


To use the “Extra” feature: (Calculate first before doing this.. *see above)
1. Enter current HP
2. Enter current MP
3. Press Test
Make sure you press ‘Calculate’ before you press ‘test’ or the program will error out.
The source is included separately. It was written in Visual Basic 6 because of the simplicity, and i was too lazy to mash up a gui for java and c.
I’ll probably never update it again unless there’s a big error somewhere. If someone knows VB6, fix it up if you wish and upload the rebuild. Don’t forget to include source, and if you happen to re-release it, please leave the credits intact.
Also note that the program isn’t 100% ACCURATE. Even if it’s based on true formulas, there may be some errors. The source is quite messy.

Screenshots of Un-washed Characters' Max HP
Below shows up the max HPs of some normal maplers who did not do HP washing.


Credits to:
kvvanhua(Aquila, maplesea)
Myself, adding in more information.

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