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How I Become Level 204 in 2 WEEKS + BANK IN 10,000,000,000 mesos PER Night !

Previously, I duped items, I done ESS hack, almost all kinds of hacks. Now I teach you how to become level 204 in legally with a illegal earning mesos method that can rake in 10b per day. As you are reading MapleSecrets, everything here is secret.

I do everything that what a normal mapler won't do. Duping, crashing, hacking, botting. 

Thanks guys, currently I have daily views of an average of 1000+ visitors and 3.8 million views since the start of this blog and ranking on the top 10 of Google search engine for the keyword "MapleSEA".

Here are my training ground from level 1 to 204.

1 day 
Level 1-10 - Maple Island or whatever beginner island it is.
Level 11- 30 - Golem temple 3 (at the right of henesys, keep going in until you reach there)
Level 30 - 40 - Ellinia curse eyes map
Level 40 - 70 - Drakes (first map beside sleepywood)

2nd / 3rd day
Level 70 - 100 - MP3 (Mysterious path 3) Singapore map (take aeroplane to Singapore)

Level 100 - 120 - The map on the left of leafre or sky nest 2 / or go to Veracent city using the universal portal, and go to all the way to the right until you reach Bleak Halfway map (Strongly Recommended as it is the fastest training ground as shown below.

Here is a demo how you should you train.. just go round and round, you can level 100 to level 120 in no time.

4th day - 2nd week 
Level 120 - 170 - Dim light (massive of spawn rate), however try to level to level 130 before getting here, as lots of player in this training ground are around level 160-170.

If your level gap is more than 40 levels, then you are unable to leech any experience in the party. For example, you are level 120, and someone in the party is level 161, then you will not be able to leech any experience from the party. Also, you will keep dying at level 120+.

Get your status resistance to 50% also helps your character from getting stunned by the Gatekeepers in dim light. You can buy resistance potion in FM if need.

Level 170 - 204 - Armory 2 (at stronghold)
Level 204 onwards - No place to train except Armory 2. (at stronghold)

Here I am....

All these took me 2 weeks only. Unlike previously, where training your characters is hell hard, where you gain hardly 0.01% exp per mob.

Here are the EXP multipliers I used along the training.

1. Enjoyable winter (x2), get from FM 180m-220m each

2. EXP Accumulation pot (x 0.10), get from FM 50-60m each

3. Welcome back ring (x 0.8), unobtainable currently but if you have it, it is a bonus. I have it as I quit this game for 2 years and back.

4. Fairy pendant on cash shop costs 4k (x 0.3) after 3 hours on the same channel. Get from cash shop.

5. Holy symbol (x 0.5), find a priest or phantom that stole HS skill.

6. Elven Blessing (x 0.15), train a mercedes to level 120.

7, or any server x2 EXP / x2 coupon

Get all these and go to the training spots I recommended above you can be level 204 in 2 week time also. I'm not a hardcore player but a player who plays only about 5-6 hours per day. You can get premium coupon if you wanted to but it is already damn easy to level up these days.

Check out the EXP stacking guide here.

That's all for my tips of leveling.

After leveling, I will teach you how to earn 10b mesos per day. Here is how to do it

See that handsome fellow above? Well at night time is a time to earn billion of mesos on Eillnia. Current price of items from elite boss are:

Purple cube - 1b-1.2b
Yellow cube - 600m-700m
Clean slate scroll 10% - 1.1b - 1.5b
Protection scroll - 500m - 700m

1 night you just to hunt elite bosses for some purple cubes, 10% slate scroll, yellow cubes and open a shop to sell in FM you can easily earn 10b per night. About 5-6 hours on 1 night to camp on Ellinia forest to earn 10b.  

Hackers start their activity at about 11pm at every night to the next morning 7am. So at night just on 1-2 computers and camp on curse eyes maps there, keep CC-ing to find elite boss. Once find elite boss, get to bonus stage and loot all the box bubbles to get purple cube, yellow cube or slate scrolls.

These are the 4 maps you need to monitor while hunting elite bosses.

When you see this message below, means that elite boss is coming out... if it shows grim message then CC away from that channel or go away from the map, as elite boss will not spawn anywhere soon.

BUT if you see this message below, stay on the map coz elite boss is spawning soon. After 3 to 4 elite monsters killed, elite boss will spawn. 

And this happens when elite boss spawns..

Also, open a remote store in free market and sell out all of them. You will get at least 10b in the next morning.

However camping in elite boss map is illegal, will get banned, keep tracking on this IGN.

ign: UGAGlyptic

Just add him in your black list on the buddy list tab, so you can track him easily using /find.

If you ever see him online, just stop hunting your elite bosses at hacker maps. Go hide for a while until he offline. This person is a user GM, his responsibility is to bond players together. If you want to find out more about user GM, it is here. He can ban you by going to iBox to report you.

Currently I have earned more than 100b+ by hunting elite bosses from hackers, it is kinda boring for me, with a level 204 character and 100b mesos (which cannot buy anything in FM). Everything in FM is useless except for purple cubes.

Additional notes:
1. The hackers are from SEAGM, they earned more than 100b in every 2 days.
2. The hackers got Auto loot, they can loot very quickly on elite boss bonus stage.
3. User GM has invisibility skill, he can be invisible while in the same map as you.

My conclusion of this game would take 1-2 weeks to level 200 or more. Then on level 200, you just need $ (about 3k-4k) to buy all godly equips you can go to this group to buy your godly equips. Grats you have completed the whole game in less than 2 weeks.

With a level 204 character and with 100b+ mesos, I have nothing else to do except for upgrading my equips to defeat bosses such as chaos HT, Cygnus queen, chaos Root Abyss bosses and magus.

Other than that I can conclude I completed this game in less than a month, however without reaching level 250 as I think it is a waste of time.

You can defeat all the bosses with godly equips at level 200, you no need to be level 250. Don't waste your time on this.

For everyone, who is reading this guide, you can also replicate what I have done and become level 204 with 100b+ mesos. I'm quitting this game once again as I have nothing else to do in this game.

My best equip ....

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