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200+ YC SPAMMED on pendant to UNIQUE~~~!!!

Maybe this is unlucky, I used more than 200 yellow cubes (bought in fm for 100m each) and spammed daily on this pendant to get it to unique. Hence, in total I spent more than 20b on this pendant, just to get unique. 

Here is what I found out, DON'T SPAM CUBES! I tried to spam cubes and after all, all I get is a freaking epic pendant that don't change its rank at all. The more I spam, the more it don't change its rank. The real solution is that, you should only cubes 4-5 cubes daily if the rank does not change, don't spam it.

Cubing daily helps on getting a tier up (eg. from epic to unique or from unique to legendary). I know it is tempting to just spam all the way and get unique or legendary rank. Who has the patience to slowly cube and get a tier up right? But, this is a sad truth that this cubing system works like that. 

Last year, I tried to spam near to 300 (super miracle cubes) to change from unique to legendary on my ring. But rank only changed after near to 300 cubes used. This is also another sign that spamming cubes won't work. But cubing daily works for tier up.

Many people have been wondering how ... exactly the cubing works.... here is what I read in other forums.. and here is how it works.

Whenever, you used a cube like purple cube, yellow cube or any cash cube, you send a random number (packet) to the maplesea server using the RNG (random number generator).

For example, the number to tier up is 58. 

And out of 100 numbers, the random number generator generates a '58' number and send to maplesea server and you will get a tier up. And other numbers such as 47, 67, 78 will not cause a tier up. Last time, scrolling also works this way, it never been changed. 

So maybe the code works like that

if (num = 58)
    tier up
    nothing happen

Therefore, there are a lot of people talking about RNG (random number generator) which is used to generate a lucky toto number to tier up. Also, RNG god is known for people that always tier up their items easily with a few cubes.

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