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How to REDUCE chance of DC from Hekaton!

Familiar of this error? It's the error that you will get if you get DC from hekaton.

I know there are a lot of maplers who are playing Hekaton everyday and keep getting DC is a headache. Here is a solution to solve the problem, not really a solution but I found it useful to reduce lag and prevent DC. But you still have the chance to get DC.

Hekaton is very lag, as there are a total of 30 players who are spamming skills (sending packets to the server at the same time). You need to reduce your lag to the minimum to prevent getting DC.

1. Keep all your pets
2. STOP attacking when you feel lag (your screen hang). If you continue to attack, you will get DC.

Nothing you can do other than that, get a good Internet connection perhaps? High mbps? I have been complaining about this error for years, but yet it has been solved. This is an error that has irritated a lot of players.

Anyway, this error is good in some ways, that it DC players inside Hekaton (max 30 players inside) and let other players to get in to Hekaton. This way, per round of Hekaton there are more than 30 players that can get coins.

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