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I want to prove something that success is the matter of not giving up in MapleSEA. That's is my ultimate belief for my success.

For example, look at this fafnir mage hat, with 1 pass out of 11 slots! I used all 30% and to my surprise there is only 1 slot passed. This is my worst MapleSEA tracing experience...

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Right, most people will be giving up when they saw the stats above. But no, let's inno it and try again. This time I got 7 30% pass out of 11 slots.

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Look this is what you can get on NOT giving up. I gotten 15 stars and 7 30% passed. But no, people might just give up from here. I will go further.

And here, I gotten 18 stars and 10 30% passed, used some CSS to roll back some slots and traced 30% to it. Now it is 10 30% passed and 2 more slots to go.... and I just need 1 or 2 more days this fafnir hat will be perfect..

I write this is to inspire all of you (maplers), because I have seen a lot of people give up when they try the 1st try OR 2nd try. But if you don't give up, you will get what I get too!

I boomed approx 45 tyrant capes before I gotten my 12 stars tyrant cape and more. I keep booming until I get what I want!

My equips all reached 19 stars using this NOT giving up spirit!

Go for it! Don't give up!!!!

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