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1. FM is 1/2 DEAD

The store being set up is being halved. Previously, there are stores at room 5,6. Now, even room 7,8 have quite a few stores. There is a sign of people getting banned and cannot login to set up their stores.

2. Your buddy list 1/2 DEAD

My buddy list usually got approx 10 maplers online. Now? Just 3-4? The rest? Maybe got temporarily asleep in their coffins? And may get resurrected from their coffins after investigation?? 

3. Henesys market? (to sell and buy things)

Left a hacker shouting...everyone either migrate to Auction house or got banned!

4. The rest all ranters.... 

Asking for unban, but what is the chance? Well, the chance is that it depends on how much you spent on this game. The more you spent on this game, the higher chance you will get unbanned. 

In this game, you won't get something like in SG does, like if you do wrong something (a crime), you will either a warning, stern warning, or get charged (get a chance to appoint a lawyer to fight back for your account). 

Even if you are innocent they just ban your account, since there are too many accounts to investigate... simply to put, just suck thumb and learn your fking lesson, use a mule next time if you want to glitch. 

5. The others?

Go back to work or school, or even quit the game, gloating on other misfortune on getting banned. Or maybe create another new account and continue? Unlikely... 

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