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17 / 18 / 19 STARS ERA IS OVER!!! IT'S 20 STARS ERA!!!!

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20 stars is the NEW ERA!!!

17, 18, 19 stars ERA IS OVER.... those who mega-ed 17 / 18 stars everyday, your godly items are TOTALLY obsolete. 20 stars is the new era.

Even those with 36% stats with 17/18 stars equips / weapons are NOT GOOD at all. Because this can be created by money $$$. Got money got 36% stats and 17/18 stars there is no risk at all (almost). SERIOUSLY!!!

It is so easy for 17/18 stars that no one even bothers now. Even 19 stars is only quite "challenging".
15 stars tyrant is also outdated.. as this can be created by $$$ (buying HQ EES from SEAGM for example) or get from glitch..

I find 20 stars is EVEN more challenging than anything in MapleSEA (including all the 36% stats equip, 15 stars tyrant)... as there is no guardian scroll to protect your equip / weapon!

If you really want to seek for the climax of MapleSEA (this game) you should try 20 stars. It is the hardest thing right now in MapleSEA!!! I'M SERIOUS!

JUST like poeple always talk about Dota, it is not pay to win. Everything in MSEA is pay to win.. but 20 stars is really ALMOST not pay to get....

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