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New Boss Accessory Set! Stacks with Your Fafnir set, Tyrants, Meister sets

Something that you can get for FREE! NOT expensive tyrant, etc!
New face accessory and eye accessory... where to hunt them?? You can stack them to your fafnir set, tyrants, meister.
Normal zakum drops those?
This boss accessory set can stack with your fafnir set, tyrants, meister sets
1. Face use condensed Strength Crystaline (Normal Zakum)
2. Eye get Aqua Letter eye decoration (Normal Zakum)
3. Ring get that ring in the set.
4. Get 2 pendant, DOM and any necklace from Horntail, CHT or Arkaium
5. Get a pocket item at Normal Hilla or the new pocket item pink.. (Pink Bean)
6. Get the Crystal Vestus Badge (Hard Magus

Note: This does not include any top, btm, weapon, cape, gloves, belt, shoes, meister earring, meister shoulder, meister ring, scarlet ring. Hence it will stack together with with your fafnir set, tyrants, meister sets
So in total you can stack 7 items in boss accessory to get 10% PDR!
If you hunted them, please leave your comment here on which boss you killed to get it.

12 POWERFUL Star Force Patch Tips! + CRA Bosses BUG!

This is what you can do with Star Force patch and what you should do!

Here is some tips after I tried out the new enhancement system.

To start enhancing you just click on the hammar in your inventory and drag your equip to the windows that pop up.

And just click on enhance you can enhance the items. Make sure you stop at the middle, when the dot is moving, it will increase the rate of success.

Here is the prices and rate of success.

The price of the enhancement... for superior equips such as tyrants it will be more expensive to enhance! But other than those, you can enhance other items at cheaper prices to 12 stars without the any rate of booming your equips.

1. You can enhance your tyrant to 7 stars but not 8 stars. Boomed lots of tyrants at 7 -> 8 stars. DAMN! Lesson learnt.

2. You can enhance all your items which is not tyrants below 50m to 12 stars! I tested out! All my items are 12 stars now. You can enhance your items until 12 stars without any rate of booming.

3. My range increase by more than 62k after getting the 10 star-ed tyrant belt which I spent more than 10b-15b. You need around 5b-7b to get 7 stars tyrants.

5. Go to cash shop use your milege points and buy all the things which are available including Extra pendant slot and slot expansion coupons. You get the milege points for free. I got about 200k when I logined in.

6. You need at least about 3-5 pieces of tyrants to get 1 piece of tyrant to 10 stars. Depends on your luck.

7. You boomed your equips using the new enhancement system, you need to get a new clean equip of that equip to do a equipment transfer. What it do is that it transfer all your stats to the new clean equip without any enhancement. Due to this reason, all the tyrants have become more expensive.

8. 15 stars equips is possible.. I just killed Arkaium and anyhow boom the enhancement and that's it! 15 stars! 1 drop 1 shot all the way...

9. For equips other than tyrants, just enhance to 12 stars and stop. Don't boom your equips! Not worth it! The maximum is 13 stars you can go for. I boomed lots of godly equips from 13->14 stars. Damn, NO WAY! Lesson learnt. 

10. Other than that you can get suspicious cubes easily now, I killed 1 Arkaium it drops 3 suspicious cubes. 

11. Get character expansion slot coupons for free on the cash shop for 0 cash. Expand your characters slot to 40 slots. This enables you to train a lot of link mules in your account for FREE! Previously, character expansion slot requires $. 

12. Bosses such as CRA Bosses now have 100% drop rate of CRA hats, top, pants. Get your CRA pants now! Each of them can sell about 70 SGD.

More to come... 

Official MapleSEA Star World Quest Guide

To start the quest, you must be lvl 30 or above. First go to any town. Click on the star icon (located on the left side of your screen). The quest name is [Star World] Doorway to the Night Sky. To access Star World, go to Event Hall and talk to "Star World Gate." 


Spoilers Alert
Star World has 4 kingdoms with breath-taking scenery. 

  1. Springtean
  1. Summeron
  1. Autumist
  1. Wintersia
Each kingdom have 3 quests. For details of each quest, see below. Scroll down till you see the town name in a Header. Upon completing these quests, it gives 20 Star coins each. After completing the 3 quests, a 4th extra quest will appear, when you talk to King/Queen of kingdom. it is called "Monsters in -town name-." After completing this 4th quest, 7 coins are received. Only this 4th quest can be repeated daily, so you can only get 28 coins total (4 kingdoms x 7 coins per quest) for doing quests. In this 4th quest map, monsters drop "Star World Box".

"Star World Box" looks like a white cube. These drop fluently with Spider familiar. It can only be open 50 times a day. It contains things like: Trait items, Star Coins, Sunrise Dew, Reindeer Milk, Power Elixir, Purple Powder x2, Cubic Blade (rare), Spell Traces x5 

Dorks: If you have enough use slots, you can just hotkey the star world boxes and press them as you fight the monsters that drop it

About the dunegon
Level and range does not matter in these dugeons. You can only do 999 dmg per line on all monsters. It takes around 4 hits of 999 dmg per line to kill most monsters.

All monsters drop "Star World EXP Bubble," which looks like an orange egg with "exp" words written on it. You have to loot these to get any exp. Upon killing the monsters, you will not get exp until you loot the "Star World EXP Bubble." Looting these will also spam up your chat, so be warned! 

The Starlight Shop has chairs for 60 star coins each. There are 12 chairs (12 constellations). 

powermage22: You have to "unlock" the constellation by completing the quest. For example, to buy the Capricorn Chair you must complete the quest for that constellation.
"Star World Traveler" medal (+5 stats, +6 weapon/magic attack) is 100 star coins.
Night Sky Damage Skin is 220 star coins. (movement possible within account)

  • Note: For the Night Sky Damage Skin as shown on MapleStory website is misleading. Here is a picture on basilmarket posted by Antisenpai. It is not that clear, but the non-critical numbers are blue and critical numbers are pink/purple. I also have this damage skin. 

  • Tip: If time constraint (because of finals ): Since the Night Sky Damage Skin is tradeable within account, you can use a mule to do all the quests. Then buy the damage skin and transfer to your main. Your main can just do the quests to buy the chair. You will get the Damage Skin and complete event chair quest faster by a few days. 

Calculation of Star Coins for the Event: 
Collecting all 12 Constellation Chairs will get an Andromeda Chair (untradeable) and Andromeda VIP Medal (+12 stats, +7 weapon/magic attack). Only one character per world can receive the Andromeda rewards. After collecting all 12 chairs, you will receive a quest called [Star World] Andromeda VIP. Here is picture. 

Required coins to get the Andromeda Chair and Medal:
12 chairs x 60 coins each = 720 coins

Quests give:
4 kingdoms x 3 quests each x 20 coins per quest = 240 coins
4 kingdoms x 1 extra quest ["Monsters in -town name-"] x 7 coins per quest = 28 coins
Total coins from quests: 268 coins (when finish with all the quests on Day 1)

Also there is a random chance of getting coins from the "Star World Box"

RisingRain: Yeah, only the daily kill 400 mobs ["Monster in -town name-"] quest is repeatable for each kingdom, for a total of 28 coins per day after the initial 268 + ~8 coins from boxes.
Assuming a conservative estimate of 32 coins per day. 452 coins remaining / 32 = 14~15 days. Add 3 days if you want "Star World Traveler" medal, and another 7 days for the Night Sky Damage Skin.
-edited the quote & confirmed daily quests-
According to MapleStory website, the event is from Dec 3 to Jan 6 , so plan wisely. But if done daily, we should have enough time to get everything in the shop. 

Below is the detail of each quests:


Minar Monsters - Aries

  1. Kill and collect 100 Slimy Scales and 100 Sturdy Sticks

Papa Don't Charge - Taurus 

  1. Kill Lyka (you hit only 999 per line & he takes out 50% of ur hp)

Making Friends -Pisces

  1. Kill and collect 100 Fresh Veggie and 100 Sea Fruit 

Monsters in Springtean (after finish all 3 quests above) repeatable

  1. Kill 200 Starbound Curse Eye and 200 Starbound Oniony (warning: long quest cuz of map and spawn) After killing Curse Eyes, go into the bottom left side portal to kill Oniony. 


Complicated Wish - Cancer

  1. Talk to Suspicious Magician (top right corner of map) 
  1. Go back and talk to Clang (the crab) and then back to Suspicious Magician, who will ask you 3 questions. 
Here are Questions & Answers: (capitalization matters) 
Guess who am I? If you wait too long to use me, you might end up dead! - Power Elixir
Which monsters make you think it might be a hipster? - Ear Plug Plead
What's orange and tan and dumb all over? - Orange Mushroom

  1. Gives Fake Potion to Clang

I'm Not Lion - Leo

  1. Kill and collect 150 Raw Meat
  1. Go to next map (bottom right corner) and do "jump quest". No haste is allowed on the map. The monsters spawn at the top platforms. Kill and collect 50 Flint (100% drop rate).

Perfect Pair - Gemini

  1. Go buy 100 Lemon, 100 Orange, and 100 Apple from Potion Shop.

Monsters in Wintersia (after finish all 3 quests above) repeatable

  1. Kill 200 Starbound Beetle and 200 Starbound Harp.


Confessions of the Rich and Famous - Libra

  1. Kill and collect Pricey Minerals

Higher Ground -Scorpio

  1. Jump Quest (don't worry, relatively easy) 

Everlasting Youth - Virgo

  1. Kill and collect 100 Monster's Vitality and 100 Land Vitality 

Monsters in Autumist (after finish all 3 quests above) repeatable

  1. Kill 200 Starbound Rabbit and 200 Starbound Green Hobi. After killing Rabbits, go into the bottom right side portal to kill Hobi.


Lost innocence - Capricorn 

  1. Kill Gryphons to gather 150 grass (looks like flowers). (warning: long quest cuz slow spawn)
  1. Hold Grass Dew (Setup) for 30mins. (tip: You can do other quests while waiting)

Wetwork - Aquarius

  1. Buy 200 White HP potions and 200 Blue MP potions from potion shop in town

A Hidden Talent - Sagittarius 

  1. Skeleton will gives you Bags (Use) and place that on a key.
  1. Weaken the Bow monsters by attacking it (any attack will work). Hit it 3 times with 999-damage (4th hit of 999-dmg will kill it).
  1. After you weaken it, press the key (that u put the Bags on) and it should catch the Bow monsters. Catch 30 Bow Monsters the same way. 

Monsters in Wintersia (after finish all 3 quests above) repeatable

  1. Kill 200 Starbound White Fang and 200 Starbound Hankie. After killing White Fangs, go into the top left side portal to kill Hankie.

Thank you for your support and contribution of tips/help. This guide will be periodically revise if something new comes up.

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