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MapleSEA is a game that won't close down?

I just reached level 251...

Nothing lasts forever including games ... even your life you are living now will be lost one day. Your life isn't permanent as well. 

Just some thoughts after talking with some of my friends, they are in their 20s. Maple is a childhood game for all of us. Many times, I thought this game is unsustainable due to the influx of hackers and duped items. But, all these years, the game still going very strong. MapleSEA has been alive since 2005. This means MapleSEA is already 14 years this year.

Rmb? People always say a company that can last for 10 years or more, won't close down anytime soon. AuditionSEA, CabalSEA, Kongkong SEA, Pocket MapleStory, all cannot sustain at all. All of them closed down in just less than a decade?

I asked ppl in 20s+ on their opinion on how long MapleSEA can last? Their answer? MapleSEA won't close down at all, this game is the most profitable game for Asiasoft. If this game ever close down means Asiasoft is doomed.

In Singapore? Dota 2? MapleSEA? Tree of saviour? Those are the most famous games.

Also, I asked ppl why they still playing MapleSEA? Their answer? There is no alternative mmorpg that is good and long lasting like MapleSEA. Imagine you build your character and spent huge amount of $$ and the game just close down = all gone.

A game like MapleSEA that has proven to last, hence, it is worthwhile to play, invest. At least you can ensure that your character won't be deleted. All your hard work and money invested in game remains. But then again, nothing lasts forever. MapleSEA is struggling now, but I still believe it will reach to the 20 years mark.

Some Maple Union Tips

Maple Union mules recommended minimum is at least 140 for S rank. 150 is the most recommended because you need 6k legion to unlock the board.

Just get your mules to level 140 and then to zak on a rune every day.

Your should aim for 6K Legion minimum which requires you to have 40 characters at Lvl. 150.

So the 150 is if you have all 40 characters at 150 you will have 6k legion and thus access to the entire grid.

If you can max out 2 outer sections (6k+ Legion), go full EXP + Crit Rate. You want all your mules to reach 100% crits for consistent 1-shotting

I leveled all 28 Mules to lv 100 and Zakum to 150, getting all 28 Mulesto 100 took 2 weeks and zakuming to 150 took a month lolz and I must say Jett is the hardest leveling class .., If your only aiming for 6k legion u really only need 28 different classes to be effective and the remaining you can make 11 Aran as they are the easiest to level to 100. As for me I level all 40 different classes for long term progress

The Maple Union system only counts the top 40 characters in your world, regardless of the number of slots you have.

I think once you reach 8k union, you are able to max 3 outer grid. In this case, you are able to max Crit Dmg, Buff Duration & Boss Dmg. Then you probably have a few grid left for INT/MA.

u need 6k to unlock all squares. 6k can fill up 2 outer areas. 8k can fully fill up 3, presumably u’re aiming for crit dmg, boss dmg and ied.

Someone got RIPPED OFF 3000+ SGD!

If you have been a pro mapler or active mapler, you would have joined this group (Maple Talk no Sales). This is the biggest group right now where maplers are gathered and talk about MapleSEA stuffs. MapleSEA forum is dead long ago.

I'm going to talk about BabyDb Aquila who provides leveling services.

It could have been me who got scammed. Got once I queried on the leveling services he is providing from level 1 - 200. My friends all saying he is a trusted power leveling service person. Because he has done a lot of power leveling services.

Because it is so cheap, even me got tempted to try it. 

Rmb this? Cheap is cheap. Cheap comes with risks. Greedy is always losing. If your account worth thousands, it is not worth to risk your account for a cheap power leveling svc no matter what.  

This got me thinking of that time, so I decided not to go with it.

You need trust in order to do business in a long run. This is why I have been trusted by maplers without any vouch list at all. Nowadays, people just deal with me without me showing any vouch list.

Just to say, even someone is fully trusted but that someone with a desperate financial issue can do anything to get what he wants. It is no brainer, just like many people commit CBD in their companies after gambling in MBS out of desperately. 

In this world, you cannot trust anyone except your family members. You don't know a fully trusted person can turn to scam you as it involves huge amount of money.

The Internet is full of scams, maple world is full of scams, you need to beware of such scams. Trust no one.  

In life, there are lots of tempting stuffs like women, money even a once fully trusted person can become dishonest. 

But, if you can stop and think for a while, you won't be tempted. Robert koh is still a trusted middleman, you can use him at ease for multi currency transaction. Eg. from MYR to SGD or SGD to MYR. 

Sick? IMBA? Story behind PERFECT Additional Potential Stats on ACS Bow

This is not a post to flaunt my weapon or so. I want to let maplers know how hard to get 3 perfect lines on your additional pot which I saw almost no one in FB group got it. 

So far, in my Maple journey I only saw a 30% ATT additional pot weapon in FB group or other like unique 21% ATT etc. 

Coming to get this 21% ATT and 12% BD on this weapon is not a easy task or walk in a park.

I spent 300-400 sgd just to reach 30% boss dmg (18% BD + 12% BD)

Guess what? I also get 12% ATT and 12% Boss dmg. Sometimes you will roll with a line of 12% ATT.

You will get a lot of frustration because there are lots of junk lines than ever. It is worse than main potential.

To get 3 perfect lines for your additional potential you need at least 1000 sgd. You read it right it is 1000 SGD. It is seriously hard. 

If you got the money to spend you can get it. 

For those who thinks it is easy, go try it. This is harder than 22* challenge. 

3 lines ATT% is even harder.

I asked some pro maplers with 40m-50m range clean. They said they willing to pay 1000+ sgd just to get the additional potential stats above... 

How to SELL your Maple item with MAXIMUM EXPOSURE!

Join all the FB groups according to your Maple World.. like if you are from Aquila, join all the Aquila FB groups on the left sidebar of this website.

Here is what I always do to screenshot all my equips and weapons for sale.

1. Alt-enter to make MapleStory become Windows mode.

2. Point your mouse cursor to your item.

3. Then use LightShot to screenshot your equips or weapons.

4. Go to your FB account and go to any group like this one.

5. Write all the sales pitch on above to sell your equips or weapons. Press "Next".

6. You will see all the groups below that you joined. I recommend you create a FB account just for Maple, so you will only see all the Maple groups below. 

7. Post to all the groups. 

8. Repeat step 7. This way you keep spamming to all the Maple Sales groups! Don't spam too aggressively you will get FB ban. Maybe 30 mins once is enough. You can also try to spam at night time or weekend (people are more active on those timing as I noticed almost all Maplers have grown up and working). Their free time is weekend. 

I found out that during weekend I got more sales. Also public holiday too. 

I understand other web application like Buffer may need money to spam. Hence I never recommend it here... do the free way!


Don't know today is my SUPER lucky day...

1 ark... get this DOM drop!

I tot I was lucky enough for the day... but who knows.... 

I get an additional cube from daily...

As above, I took the add pot cube from daily. 

Then, since there is additional sus cube in CS... I might as well gamble my tyrant belt rare add pot which has only 3 ATT.

It turned out to become.... 

WTF??? This is so far the craziest add pot cube I used... 

Thanks Maple.. if you need DOM you can pm me in game I'm selling... 

Broke my record! Level 200 in 3 hours!

What you see is what you I wrote HERE. I followed the training guide that I wrote with all the EXP multiplier + TERA event..

MP3 is now for level 170+. Sahel 2 at Ariant has replaced MP3 now.

Thursday invested like 1 hr to level to 100+
Saturday woke up in the morning level 169 => 200 within 2 hrs.

3 hours level 200 ... ! Although is not sometimes great.. but it is my new achievement.

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