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I have completed all my 22 stars... some of them used 1b from 15 stars to 22 stars... Guess I'm really really lucky... that's it.

30% OFF ! Star Force Event ! 22* Fafnir Btm!

Just a quick write out of what I gotten..

Gotten 20 billions mesos.

Used 1b to get my Fafnir btm to 22 stars from 15 stars WITHOUT BOOM! Below is the proof.

After that I left with 19.1b. I used 2b+ on my meister ring to get from rare to EPIC by buying 4 additional cubes from Auction house. 2nd additional cube makes the ring from rare to EPIC rank.!! And 4th cube gotten what I want ... 2% dex.

Then wasted approx 16b on my Fafnir hat without ANY result.. this means the end result is still 15 stars. 16b gone to waste.

A lot of players asked me how I get so many 22 stars.. I think you need a lot a lot of luck... because all of my 22 stars went from 20 stars to 22 stars without booming ANY.

This means... ALL my 7 equips or weapon when reached 20* and they straight away went to 22 stars without boom. This should be lucky. I'm really REALLY lucky. 

Or in other word is that you can say that once you reach 20 stars, it will be easier to reach 22 stars. But from 12 stars to 20 stars is hell hard.

Looking forward for level 275 and black mage soon...

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MUST KNOW! Trick to MEGA your items for FREE!

Look at this button below beside the ? mark one. Left side of the "?" question mark.

Click on it and point to the item you want to mega.

Click on it.

Then write something after that...

That's all, now everyone can see your item

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Alternative to MapleSEA Facebook Group!

You guys might have know, in fact, all Aquilians knows that the most famous MapleSEA buying and selling group is the below group.


I know some of the maplers got banned from that group for no good reason. That group has the largest MapleSEA players there buying and selling their items with SGD and MYR.

But have you try the alternative? Which is the below group..


This group above has 7000 members.

I found that the above group is rather active and good too. Although it has less players in that group, but I find it easy to sell out my items. Also, I found more cheap items on that group too. I sold some items on the group above.

So join both of the groups above, if you want to sell your items at MAXIMUM exposure to all the potential buyers of your items or weapons.

Some of my friends making hundreds per month just by selling on those 2 Facebook groups. 1-2 of them making up to $2000 on those groups above. So yeah, it is a good external income for anyone who is playing this game.

MapleSEA Aquila Market and My Thoughts!

It has comes to a point that I wanted to write something about making mesos in MapleSEA Aquila. 

As you know, the number of channels in MapleSEA has increased from 20 to 30. This means you "surely" get a map to train on. After the channel has been increased to 30 channels, never once I could not get a map to train or hunt for items.

30 channels means can accommodate more hackers. More hackers means more items are hunted at once. This makes everything so cheap like crimson flame now worth 10m and rainbow flame now worth 30m. 

Purple cube always at 40m-60m and yellow cube at 10-13m.

What I find it super irritating and annoying is that, the hackers don't mind keep decreasing their prices to compete with us maplers. If you notice properly, all the normal maplers set their purple cubes at 60m, but you will notice at some time, the hackers will take all their purple cubes (which is hunted using illegal program) and set them at 40m each. 

This drops all the price of purple cubes in the Auction house. As you know, I mean purple cube hunted by a normal mapler by grinding surely worth more than 40m. This makes it don't worth the efforts to hunt EB these days. Most of the times you will be getting inno scroll, clean stale scroll 10%, yellow cube, crimson flame? Guess what which of them worth less than 13m each. 

Try hunting EB these days, it is super time wasting and don't earn anything at all. Try it! Hence, the hackers has made it once again, sux all our hard-earned mesos to their pocket then sell back to us on their website into real currency (SGD or MYR). 

Not only that, as you know the Kishin has been nerfed to a point, which makes this game super boring because when you are hunting these days, it is like no Kishin at all even with Kishin. I mean very little effect. This makes our hunting even harder. Imagine hunting 1 arcane river stone using 204% drop rate after 1 hour.

1 arcane stone = 130m = $1.2 = 1 hour (worth???)

My conclusion is that, it is no longer a game where you can earn easily even with EB. A few years ago, I can hunt 10b per day. And now? I hunt less than 100m per day. You see most of the times, you will be getting yellow cubes, EPS, inno scroll, shards on EB, and if you luckily get rainbow flame or purple cube you earn 40m.

Other than that, the hunting process for arcane stones, core gemstones... all super time wasting and don't worth the time now. This is what I feel. As now the max drop rate for items is 300% and pot is 100%. So now, you can't use 1000%+ drop rate to hunt =P

Lastly, my most profitable way that can earn me 1b per week has gone. Last time when I hunt the 4 CRA bosses and sell the equips and weapon off I get 1b. Now??? I get 200m MAX for every week.

All my methods of making mesos is as good as being gone.. even fusing equips that making billions is gone.

You know, and I know, the ultimate winner is the hacker.

How to sell Asia 2 Scania / Zenith / Union equips and mesos to real SGD / MY currency!

As you know Maple M is fun, full of botting, but once you quit the game, you want to sell all your equipments and mesos and need a place to do it.

Here are some of the places you can sell your equips / mesos to real currency to another player. Recommended using Paynow, by getting another person number to send money.

But however, if your equipment worth more than the max mesos which is 999m then you might need to meet up with that person to trade.

Pumpkin => Free MESOS???!!!??

Probably not much to say, just make it short, accept the quest on the star icon, the ghost one. Then start hunting mobs, the pumpkin one when you killed 10 of them you can receive 1 reward. That reward can be as low as 50k up to 1b. This is the reason that mesos price suddenly drop so much.

So far the highest mesos I got is 1.9m ... lots of ppl already gotten 100m. If you get 100m and above, it will show in the mega on the chat to the whole world.

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