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I want to write this post as I am finally completed with ALL of my equips including my drop rate equipments. I gotten all my drop rate equips for free as shown below.

These are all of my drop rate equipments that I gotten for free (not so free but I get funds from EBs, cores and CRA). I cubed 8 of my drop rate equipments using this method. Sell all the eb loots, cores and CRA shards drop and buy YC (Yellow cubes) and PC (Purple cubes) to cube all of my equips.

And also there is a secret event that gives you red cube / black cube every 14 days (if you played Maple for quite a while and you should know what I mean). Get all your mules to do that secret event to get UNLIMITED number of red cubes and black cubes. I used this method to cube my pendant.

As shown above, I got 180% drop rate now or equipment drop rate at 200% drop rate. Greed pendant adds 20% drop rate.

This image below shows that my last equipment of my maple life has finally turned into legendary rank. After a painstaking 3-4 days of spamming purple cubes, this stubborn ring finally resulted in legendary rank and thereafter I cubed it to a drop rate ring (as shown above).

The first purple cube that I used after it turned to legendary .... wor.... what is this.... what the fuk ... why I don't get 3 lines of boss on my weapon like below.

I was on the verge to give up on cubing drop rate equipments after I cubed 6 of it, because it took me almost 6 months to cube all of those drop rate equips using free cubes. As you know those YC or PC in the FM has very very very low low low tier up rate (1-2% tier up rate). 

Sometimes, you used 200 PCs but there is no tier up at all. Sometimes, you use 2-5 PCs it changed rank. 

I found out that to tier up an equip from unique to legendary using the free purple cubes you need to prepare at least 20b-40b to be exact is approx 200 purple cubes to tier up. Greed pendant alone took me 1 month to cube from unique to legendary, I spammed purple cubes everyday on greed pendant. 

This is how hard it is to tier up using the free purple cubes!!!!

This has proved it is POSSIBLE to get 5-6m or even 7m-8m range if you are determined and hardworking enough. This has proved if you don't give up, there is a way to do it

If you willing to do it, and willing to spend time and patience it is possible to get what you want in MapleSEA. 

One of the best item that I highly recommend to you to get is Perm hyper tele rock (costs 60k in cash shop). I used this rock to teleport around to hunt for eb (elite boss). Those loots help me to get YC and PC for free to cube those drop rate equips. 

Second thing that I recommend is that get a lot of mules to lvl 33, and do the daily gift to get UNLIMITED number of red / black cubes to cube your drop rate equips for free.

That's it with grit and willingness, anything is possible....!

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There are lots of maplers played this game, and spent more than $1000 SGD on this pocket MapleSEA. One of my friends did spend that amount of money, and now the game is closed! 

Till now, Asiasoft, the company that hosted lots of online MMORPG games like Cabalsea, Maplesea and more. This company has a bad track records on closing game without any monetary compensation at all to the gamers. For example, Kongkong Online is one of it, and more. 

This company, Asiasoft hosts lots of games, I don't know why, it just keep getting more and more games like the recent Dragonica game. Once the game is not profitable, it just close like that without any compensation at all. Many maplers just spent $1000+ on Pocket maplesea, now all of the $$$ go into the drain. There should be some kind of compensation??? 

So what is learnt? 

Don't spent too much money on Asiasoft game! Pocket MapleSEA is one of them that is like a scam, 

Released it in the recent years, and just close like that in a sudden notice. They took all the money away, and use it to launch a new game (Dragonica). And try to boast this Dragonica game, if it is not profitable down the road, this game will also being closed down. And Asiasoft will get another new game to host, This repeats... 

Spend wisely, do not spend on Asiasoft game at all unless it is MapleSEA (this game lasted for 10 years and still going strong). Yes, this PC game is worth investing. But don't invest on other games that Asiasoft churn out quickly. Once the game is not profitable, Asiasoft just close it like that. And get another new game with the money you invested.  

MapleSEA World Record Event! WASTE OF TIME!

Is this event a waste of time, YES it is a waste of time, as most of the monsters killed goes to the hackers who are killing monsters for 24/7. And others go to the very top maplers, like the limit breaker...

However, the first prize is 100,000 maple point, but fuck up, the efforts is not worth at all. How can anyone win a hacker on monsters kill count? And how one win someone with all 36% equips in limit breaker??

Enough said 100,000 maple points (which is the best prize out of all) is not worth the efforts at all. 100,000 is TOO LITTLE TO even cube one unique equip to legendary....

JOIN US on Maple TALK NO sales!

MapleSEA forum has been dead for years, there is almost no discussion activities at all. However, there is 1 place and the only place that I found that is quite active. Which is this FB group, Maple TALK - NO SALES!

Yes, we maplers only need 1 place to discuss and talk about MapleSEA stuffs, that group is specially created for this reason. This is so far the biggest group in the whole maplesea community to discuss anything under the sun. If you have any questions, doubts and queries to ask about you MUST join this group. I will also be active in the group soon to help out all the doubts, and questions about MapleSEA there.

How to get MESOS from SEAGM FAST in SECONDS~!

There are a lot of maplers who are lack of mesos and want to get mesos fast. The fastest way to do it is to buy mesos from seagm.


1. Click here, and enter your IGN (in-game name) twice in the above as shown.

2. Type in how much mesos you want.

3. Click on pay by Paypal.

4. Go to the live chat and send them the purchase id, and you will get mesos in real time..

SEAGM staffs in the live chat will ask you to go to a room in FM on certain channel (eg. ch 13 rm 16) to collect your mesos.

Whenever I lack of mesos or I need mesos, this is how I get mesos. I am not affiliated to SEAGM. I just find that this is the fastest way to get mesos without any hassle of getting mesos on Facebook group (that might impose a scam trap).

REAL MapleSEA Cube Simulator~~!!!

Many people have been searching for.... cubes simulator either to try out their luck before cubing their equips, or to help to quit their addiction on cubing using real $$$. Here is a quick solution to solve all these addiction.

Go to here, this is a very real MapleStory cubing simulator that let you cube unlimited of times without spending any $$ at all. That is so far the best of the best simulator on the Internet that I think it is a really really real MapleSEA alike cubing system.

However, I want to say that this simulator has a higher rate of tier up than MapleSEA cubing system. MapleSEA cubing tier up rate is slightly lower or even lower than that. Sadly, this is the truth because this is MapleSEA (a real server and not private server or a simulator).

I always use this simulator whenever I want to try out my luck before cubing. This is the only simulator that I used every time.

200+ YC SPAMMED on pendant to UNIQUE~~~!!!

Maybe this is unlucky, I used more than 200 yellow cubes (bought in fm for 100m each) and spammed daily on this pendant to get it to unique. Hence, in total I spent more than 20b on this pendant, just to get unique. 

Here is what I found out, DON'T SPAM CUBES! I tried to spam cubes and after all, all I get is a freaking epic pendant that don't change its rank at all. The more I spam, the more it don't change its rank. The real solution is that, you should only cubes 4-5 cubes daily if the rank does not change, don't spam it.

Cubing daily helps on getting a tier up (eg. from epic to unique or from unique to legendary). I know it is tempting to just spam all the way and get unique or legendary rank. Who has the patience to slowly cube and get a tier up right? But, this is a sad truth that this cubing system works like that. 

Last year, I tried to spam near to 300 (super miracle cubes) to change from unique to legendary on my ring. But rank only changed after near to 300 cubes used. This is also another sign that spamming cubes won't work. But cubing daily works for tier up.

Many people have been wondering how ... exactly the cubing works.... here is what I read in other forums.. and here is how it works.

Whenever, you used a cube like purple cube, yellow cube or any cash cube, you send a random number (packet) to the maplesea server using the RNG (random number generator).

For example, the number to tier up is 58. 

And out of 100 numbers, the random number generator generates a '58' number and send to maplesea server and you will get a tier up. And other numbers such as 47, 67, 78 will not cause a tier up. Last time, scrolling also works this way, it never been changed. 

So maybe the code works like that

if (num = 58)
    tier up
    nothing happen

Therefore, there are a lot of people talking about RNG (random number generator) which is used to generate a lucky toto number to tier up. Also, RNG god is known for people that always tier up their items easily with a few cubes.

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