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First Arcane Symbol MAX LEVEL (LEVEL 15)!!!

I took a total approx 90~100 days to get to level 15, doing the daily CCI (chew chew island) PQ almost everyday. This is the final stats. It is level 14....with 206/207.

Let rank up, it costs about 104m to rank up from level 14 to level 15!!!

And RANK UP!!!

This is my first arcane symbol which reached the max level (level 15) it adds 1700 DEX! This is it. 1 arcane orb DOWN! Next I will be going for is the Nameless island arcane symbol which takes me quite a long time to level up since it only give 8 symbols per day compared to the CCI PQ which gives 15 symbols per day.

BIGGEST IDIOT in Aquila FM !! FREE 160M~!!!

This is what happen if you are in a rush, and you set the wrong price.. you loss 160m instantly. Also, one of my friends set his meister ring at 999m (21% HP) with 1 less '9' digit.

This post is to let you guys to take note don't rush when setting prices. This may happen to you... example if you want to set an item at max mesos (don't let others to buy) and you forgot to set 1 more '9' and you item is gone at 1b. =D

What is the MINIMUM cost to reach 15 stars on Star Force Enhancing?

The answer is 40m~50m~~~~!!!

I have played this star force game for so long, countless of times that all my equips reached 19 stars. Yes, 40m~50m is the bare minimum cost you need to get your equip to 15 stars. Some may take 700m~1b, some may even take 2b or 3b to get to 15 stars.

This is because if you are unlucky you will be up-ing star and down-ing star at 13 and 14 stars. And for several times, you will be back to 10 stars again. And again, you will encounter the same situation that you just can't reach 15 stars. It keep failing at 14 stars....this is the reason why maplers can spend up to 3b and cannot get to 15 stars at all..

Nevertheless, the cheapest you can get to 15 stars is about 40m-50m... I know a lot of people have been asking this question... a lot of them want to know how much they need to get to 15 stars. There you goes, that is my answer for you.

Scarlet Ring is COMPLETED~~~~!!!

My scarlet ring is finally completed. From using free purple cubes to legendary rank.. to 21% dex. You can get free purple cubes from EB (Elite boss). Open the box and you get a chance to get purple cube.

Also in the middle, I used CSOG, the first scroll it +5 wa, then +3 wa making it wa 9 and I 17 star it, it becomes wa 24..

Star-ing to 17 stars (not 18 stars scare booming)

Then using additional potential scroll, and 1 add pot cube to EPIC rank, then 3 add pot to get wa 11.

GET Legendary Inner Ability Rank WITHOUT Miracle Circulator ($$$ Cash Item)

Legendary Inner Ability Reset using FREE honor points

This is to prove that it is 100% possible to get legendary inner ability rank using free honor points. I used my mules and reset using approx 10k honor points and it turned to legendary rank. This is the first time that I got a legendary rank using honor points.

Yes, you don't need Miracle circulator (cash item) at all. This means you can reset all the way from rare rank all the way to legendary rank. Then slowly collect honor points from bosses kill, monsters drop (honor medals). Then wait for 50% honor discount then reset your inner ability.

Previously, you can't get legendary inner ability rank using honor points, but you can get it now. A lot of people asking this question, now you got the answer.  Go get your legendary inner ability with 3 perfect lines without spending any cash!

GODLY!!! The BEST Additional Potential I GOT SO FAR!

Thinking of fusing your equips? Wait no more! Look above this is what I fused after using 2 overalls. This again, prove that you should fuse the equips you gotten and not throwing them away. 

NOTE: ForestShrine is NOT a hacker or botter.

This is to clarify something important that is I took the picture that picture-ed with this character IGN: ForestShrine. That is my fault. I apologise for any disbelief that I may have caused.

I just want to say that the hackers that I mean is the flying hackers and not ForestShrine. Those flying hackers are killing 24/7 all over MapleSEA server. You should know them.

This is my post.. 

As you can read 'can anyone win a hacker on monsters kill count'. I am referring the flying hackers that you see in Mu lung, Orbis NOT ForestShrine (he is a legit player). 

'And how one win someone with all 36% equips in limit breaker', this means that ForestShrine is really strong therefore, I deter anyone from doing the event to compete with him. 

Also, never in game that I know ForestShrine at all. I just bought a perm pet (Jr Hilla) 10b from him once that's all. That is the only time that I met him. He is not in my buddy list, guild list at all.

Since I only met him once before, how the hell do I know he is a botter. The only botter that I know has been banned, he is level 240 (zero).  

Therefore, 'ForestShrine is not a botter or hacker'. I saw him controlling his character like human movement (not bot) sometimes when I passed by his maps. I understand the picture I took has caused some misunderstanding to some of my readers that ForestShrine is a botter or hacker. But he is not. I will take note the next time. 

Lastly, I don't know where the hell, did I said you duped cores. Could be others who accused you that you duped cores. My post below clearly stated that people with 1000s of cores are farmed with their drop rate equips. And in the game, when people asked me how they farmed 1000s cores, I will always tell them is either guild contribution (given by guild members to sell) or they farm using drop rate equips. 

 How YOU can FARM 1000s of CORE GEMSTONES!

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