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MapleStory 2 – The public alpha test

Hello there. It’s been a while since we’ve met, haven’t we? I’ve been posting a lot of information on my Tumblr blog.
But I feel like I should give my WordPress blog another shot, because it is something I cannot let go.
You all have heard about MapleStory 2 by now. Almost six years ago, I first published news about the development of MapleStory 2. It’s shocking that almost six years have passed by now… The development team behind MapleStory 2, projectMS has decided to let users test their game in alpha state. The game was first developed by NSquare which was a collaboration between Nexon and NCsoft, but that team has been disbanded and projectMS came to life. That is also why you see NSquare in the cinematic trailer, but projectMS in the later videos.
In this blog entry I’d like to give you my review on the alpha test that was in progress from September 17 till the 21th.
Be warned that there is a lot of text. I am looking forward to your questions and opinions.

kMS ver. 1.2.222 – Black Heaven: Second Chapter!

MapleStory Black Heaven Second Chapter
A new patch has been released! This one includes the second chapter of the Blockbuster: Black Heaven, along with a new chatting system and Halloween events.
In addition, Nexon Korea has released Maple Hands 2.0, an updated version of the mobile app they created previously!
Black Heaven Second Chapter
A new chapter in the story about the Black Mage and his plans to take over Maple World has been released.
Black Heaven Entrance
Like before, you can access it through the Black Heaven icon or by talking to Moko in the Maple Alliance HQ.
Blockbuster Black Heaven Acts
This time, they’ve added in Act 3 of the Blockbuster: Black Heaven content.
Black Heaven Map
Once again, here is the completed map. They said they are planning to finish off the rest of the Acts by the end of this year!
Act 3 Clash in the Skies
Act 3: Clash in the Skies: The appearance of the gigantic ship, Black Heaven, shocked the Maple Alliance, who could not compare to its size. Fortunately, Francis, who came to Crystal Garden in order to rescue Orca, had the plans of Black Heaven in his hands. The Maple Alliance’s counterattack begins.
Act 3 Special Features
Like the others, Act 3 has many special features in its gameplay! It has monster battles, rescuing, and most of all, a new type of combat: side-scrolling aerial shooting!
I will be uploading videos of this Act in my Black Heaven playlist on YouTube, so check back!
This one is the most important, the defeated Resistance! It was so sad… the subtitles start at around 2:00 so you can read along with what’s happening.
Maple Talk
Something new called Maple Talk has been added to the chatting system. Basically, before, to talk with a group of people, you’d have to open the Maple Chat and invite them. Then to keep talking, you’d have to keep the window open. But now, you can create a Maple Talk group in the chat at the bottom of your screen!
Click the arrow on the top right to open the new UI, where you can choose to use the ‘regular chat’ window or create a Maple Talk group. The Maple Talk chat groups will appear as a tab in your chats, just like the all chat, buddy, guild, etc. There can be up to 6 people in your Maple Talk group.
Star Marvel Showdown! Typing Defense
For Star Planet, there were some changes to Star Marvel and Battle! Typing Defense to make them easier to play and more popular, but I won’t be going over them (sort of boring haha).
Korean Damage Skin
Last post I mentioned the Korean Damage Skin, and I finally figured out how to get it (or receive it?). I logged on MapleStory this week and received a message that my Damage Skin had been changed, and this is what I got.
I’m still not sure why they did it, but the Damage Skin changes all the numbers to text haha.
Hangul Damage Skin
Someone posted this on the MapleStory Facebook page, can you guess what the numbers are? :P
Maple Hands
Maple Hands is MapleStory’s mobile app which was released a while ago. It let you access your account’s Monster Life and see ongoing notices, events, and updates.
Maple Hands App
Now, Maple Hands 2.0 (a large update) has been released! This update comes with a fancy new UI, and some new features. At the top you’ll see your main character. You can click on it to download your character’s image, change your main character, and see your rankings.
Then there’s the Monster Life button which of course lets you play Monster Life on the go. Beside it is a new button, Maple Talk! Like I mentioned before, this is a new feature in MapleStory which allows you to create group chats, and now you can talk to them through your phone as well. This feature lets you talk to your friends while you’re offline. You can also chat with your buddies, guild, and more.
And a new feature (along with being able to check notices, updates, and events) is to open up MapleStory’s new mobile website which looks pretty cool.
Chameleon Pets
In the Cash Shop, they have released the Chameleon pets once again.
Hello Halloween!!
The Hello, Halloween!! event has begun and will run until November 13. This year, the Halloween events are based in Star Planet.
Becoming Halloween
Star Planet is becoming Halloween! The whole area has been updated with a spooky Halloween theme for the holiday.
Free Costume
Each day, if you get 10 Star Points by playing minigames, you’ll get a Halloween Costume Box, which gives you one of 3 different costume sets. These sets expire in on day.
However, if you open 5 of those boxes, you can get a New Halloween Costume Box, which when opened will give you a permanent set. This quest can be completed 3 times per character (so you can get all 3 sets!).
New Customizing
You can also get some new Halloween themed customizing. The first is for Star One Card, a Petite Halloween Pumpkin card set, which you can get by playing Star One Card 20 times.
The second is a Halloween Pumpkin set for Star Yutnori, which you can get by winning at Yutnori 10 times.
Let's Dance, Halloween Party
Finally, the last event is Let’s Dance, Halloween Party! Every XX:40 in Star Planet’s Central Plaza, the Halloween Party will begin.
If you join, you’ll have to follow Aming’s dances for 20 rounds. At the end, you’ll get Star Points based on your performance.
Halloween Party Rewards
If you can succeed at 18 rounds or more in a row, you’ll get some Action Skills (the ones used in the dance party).
If you participate 10 times or more, you’ll get the 2014 Halloween Damage Skin!
Renewal Event
To celebrate the renewed Star Marvel and Battle! Typing Defense, you can get double Star Points and Mileage on the above dates at the stated times.

WARNING: The Burning and The Cool incoming in GMS

Artasi(Nexon MapleStory Community Manager) said:
Hey Maplers,
Get ready for some fiery fun next week!
What do you think it could be?
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