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FREE 500 Gold KEY to OPEN Gold BOXES!

Ready for goldbox event? MapleSEA is generously giving out free gold keys for all of the maplers to open goldbox for free. Tomorrow is the day where you will get a goldbox per maple ID. Create as many maple IDs as possible and get the gold boxes.


Login each day on this Saturday & Sunday and claim the following items from your reward box!


Saturday, 26th Sept 2015 (0900hrs – 2359hrs):
- 5 x Sheep Coins

Sunday, 27th Sept 2015 (0900hrs – 2359hrs):
- 1 x Gold Master Key - See more at: http://maple.asiasoftsea.com/events/view/mid_autumn_weekend/#sthash.xgVxwy5m.dpuf

I'm ready to get all the tyrant and fafnir equips from this damn goldbox. 

As you know MapleSEA is quite brainless, they nerf this and nerf that, in the end they always give out maple points and rewards for each mapleID. So the secret trick to get EVERYTHING for free and easily, is to create lots of maple IDs and wait for such events to happen.  

Bring it on....

♚ Secrets to get 17 Stars Non-Superior Equip or 12 Stars Tyrant Equips!! ♚

Last few days, I'm have been testing out the new Enhancement system and the best I achieved is 17 stars. The booming rate has also increased after the 1-2 days of releasing the new enhancement system! Be careful!


Before I got this 17 stars, I boomed around 4-5 15-16 stars ones. It is a zero weapon, if the weapon is boomed, you will get another free one to be replaced. In total, I spend around 1.5b+ to get this 17 stars sword. After enhancing for 2-3 hours I finally got this. It is really stupid keep booming at 16 stars!

Here are some tips after booming too much or countless of 15/16 stars equips. At 9th, 14th star, you will get a lower success rate. Starting from 13 stars you got a chance to boom your equips, as it increases you will most likely boom your equip unless you reached 15 stars. 

1 Star - very easy

2 Star - very easy 

3 Star - very easy 

4 Star  - very easy

5 Star  - very easy

6 Star - very easy

7 Star  - very easy

8 Star  - very easy

9 Star  - slightly got a lower rate of passing, but still very easy. 

10 Star - average

11 Star - average

12 Star - slightly harder than average

13 Star - same as 12 star slightly harder than average

14 Star - slightly lower rate of passing 

15 Star - your star will not be lowered even you fail, still ok, you can pass this at an average luck slightly easier than 14 star success rate. 

16 Star - you will most likely boom your equip. At this star you got around 20% - 25% to pass...out of 4 zero weapons only 1 of them passed to 17 stars. 

17 Star - If you reached this star, grats to yourself, it is damn hard.

18 star - 20 stars - Never try before, and will never try.  GOD OF THE GOD if you want to try!

Above is for non-superior equips or weapon, you SHOULD NOT boom more than 3 equips to get a 15 stars equip from my experience. In every 3 clean equips/weapons, you should get a 15 stars one. This can be done under 1b mesos.

Also I enhanced my Fafnir bow to 16 stars! I boomed 1 fafnir bow, and bought the 2nd one. The 2nd one hit 16 stars! I got hit 16 stars on my Japan bow to wa 398 as well and boomed at 16 star to 17 star.

So you can hit 16 stars with just 2 clean equip, no problem. VERY VERY POSSIBLE! 

Then I will talk about superior equip like tyrant. I hit 12 stars on my tyrant belt and boomed my tyrant shoes.

Above is my tyrant belt with 12 stars, this belt is quite lucky, actually thinking of stop enhancing on 10 stars. But, a few days back I failed more than 10+ 10% CSS and decided to vent my rage on this tyrant belt, Surprising it passed 2 Enhancement to 12 stars which I don't think possible at all. 

So in overall, I only used 1 tyrant belt to get this 12 stars belt. 

1 Star - very easy

2 Star - very easy 

3 Star - very easy 

4 Star  - very easy

5 Star  - very easy

6 Star - slightly harder

7 Star  - slightly harder, got a small chance to boom your equip if you keep failing.  My tyrant shoes boom at this star. Thinking to stop at 9-10 stars but tyrant shoes boomed here :(. But I will consider the safe spot for people who are unfunded. You can get 7 stars with no problem!

8 Star  - slightly harder, here you will likely to boom your equip! At this star you will most likely keep failing and passing and make it very possible to boom your equip. 

9 Star  - harder here you will likely to boom your equip! 

10 Star - Enough! You are lucky enough to get this star. If you don't want to boom it then don't continue! 10 stars is already impressive. 10 star on tyrant is something that you can most likely aim for with no problem with just 3-4 tyrant you can get it! 

11 Star - boom your equip! IF YOU DARE! If you are RICH, GO FOR IT! GOD OF THE GOD!

12 Star - boom your equip! IF YOU DARE! If you are RICH, GO FOR IT! GOD OF THE GOD!

After you passed 12 stars tyrant equip, you should be one the of luckiest person like me. Other maplers known 12 stars tyrant as GOD equip. Grats if you got one 12 star tyrant.

New Boss Accessory Set! Stacks with Your Fafnir set, Tyrants, Meister sets

Something that you can get for FREE! NOT expensive tyrant, etc!
New face accessory and eye accessory... where to hunt them?? You can stack them to your fafnir set, tyrants, meister.
Normal zakum drops those?
This boss accessory set can stack with your fafnir set, tyrants, meister sets
1. Face use condensed Strength Crystaline (Normal Zakum)
2. Eye get Aqua Letter eye decoration (Normal Zakum)
3. Ring get that ring in the set.
4. Get 2 pendant, DOM and any necklace from Horntail, CHT or Arkaium
5. Get a pocket item at Normal Hilla or the new pocket item pink.. (Pink Bean)
6. Get the Crystal Vestus Badge (Hard Magus

Note: This does not include any top, btm, weapon, cape, gloves, belt, shoes, meister earring, meister shoulder, meister ring, scarlet ring. Hence it will stack together with with your fafnir set, tyrants, meister sets
So in total you can stack 7 items in boss accessory to get 10% PDR!
If you hunted them, please leave your comment here on which boss you killed to get it.

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