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Someone mega-ed this permanent Mu lung gloves in Aquila. His IGN is Iruk, according to him, this mu lung gloves is gotten on 2014 using gachapon. This gloves is gotten from Gachapon obviously.

He don't bought the gloves from this NPC on mu lung. As you can see there is only So Gong gloves and its the duration is 7 days! This means this gloves is GOOD for anyone who lack of a gloves!

Save up your points to get this gloves...

This gloves add 100k+ range to my current range, it seems to be a good gloves for anyone. If there is enough dojo points, I might try to get this.

LordFeng's Toad Hammar Secret? 16-18 Stars Secret Unveiled!

This is NOT a secret, everyone knows that you can do this, to get 16-18 stars equipments or weapons. But the main problem is that it drop your potential ranks using toad hammar.

I believe by now, everyone has their equipments at legendary rank. So this method is not recommend, as legendary rank takes more time and money to get it. If your item is not yet legendary, go ahead and use this method to get all your equipments to 16-18 stars. In the near future, we can enhance our equipments and weapons to 16 stars at no boom rate (sourced from orange mushroom blog).

Enough, no one wants to drop their legendary rank equipments to EPIC with more stars as potential stats is more useful than stars. You surely agree with me.. because if I giving you 2 items 1 is a legendary rank, and another one is 20 stars with epic rank. Legendary equip still stands far ahead. 

Also, to get 16 stars, you just need less than 10 of that equips to get it. I believe is not hard? Just hunt CRA, and in the near future fafnir weapon, all those fafnir equips will be easy to obtain. As minaide said, he mentioned that in the near future, CRA drop a coupon that can exchange for fafnir equips. With just 3 of that coupons you can exchange for 1 fafnir equip.

That's enough, if your equipments and weapons are above unique, I recommend you to skip this.

Todd's Hammer & 16-18 Stars Secret Unveiled! (Pt 1 of 3)

Todd's Hammer & 16-18 Stars Secret Unveiled! (Pt 2 of 3)

Todd's Hammer & 16-18 Stars Secret Unveiled! (Pt 3 of 3)

CRAFTING Yellow/Purple Cubes, Crimson/Rainbow Flames are NOT WORTH!

You guys might have know that now you can craft yellow cubes, purple cubes on smithing crafting skill or the accessory crafting skill to craft crimson/rainbow flames.

Here is the screenshot of now you can craft cubes now, that's why the purple cubes have been dropping in prices.

Look to craft yellow cubes, purple cubes, crimson flame, rainbow flame, you need to be meister or master level in accessory/smithing crafting level and so on. You also need to get cube extractor which needs master level of alchemy. 

All those don't worth your time, as I tested out... to find this legendary herb, I searched almost 80 maps only found 1. And after hitting this mysterious legendary herbs, I never even get the etc item to craft those flames, cubes.

All the cubes, flames ALL needs an SUPER rare etc item from the FKING noob herb that you see below.

You need a high drop rate to get those etc items. As you are hitting the legendary herbs, so your item potential that got item drop rate % works. Get high drop rate % like 100%+ and go try out.. maybe...

Enough said, this shit don't worth your time. That's why cubes and flames are still very costly in FM now. If not, everyone now can have unlimited crimson flame, purple cubes, etc.

The fastest way still is getting into the dojo to get crimson flame for 25000 dojo points.


I finally found the fastest training ground for level 100-120 without grinding... it is normal zakum. From level 100-120, just kill 2 normal zakums everyday.  You will be level 120 in just 2 days!

Continue from previous...

Here is the proof... level 102-111, 2 zakums
level 111-114 I never take video... 
and... level 114 to level 119 2 zakums...

Enough said, normal zakum is the fastest way to level up for level 100-120 without grinding at all.

Why Kinesis? And How you can GRIND THIS FKER QUICK!

The only reason that you want to play this new class 'Kinesis' a mage job is because of this link skill that can add up to 8% critical damage. If you have 100% critical then this is a super useful link skill that adds up a sum of damage to your current damage now. 

Other than that, I have level-ed this character to level 114. For those who want to start to play this character. Here is a brief guide on how this character goes.

First, after you created this character you will be put in a city (a new city) where you keep doing quests. Just follow and do all the quests, After you reached level 21, you will be teleported to a place near to ellinia, from there you can start to train your character. 

From there, transfer all your other characters link skills to this Kinesis, get HS, Kanna to prepare to start to train. Starting from Ellinia forest you train till level 30, from level 30-37 you can train at gold beach. At level 37 and above you can start to train at the drake map (1st map beside sleepywood map).

All job advancements are automatic. Means you do not need to do anything at all. You can change your job straight away without doing anything on level 60, level 100.

This character is the strongest I have trained ever, this char can solo drake without any problem at all at around level 40. Try it yourself. You will know. From level 40 to 60, just stay on the drake map. From level 60, go to mp3 map just hit like 3 hours or so, you will be level 100. 

From level 100 onwards, just go and kill Normal zakum, bring milk (+5000 hp) one (hundreds of them), and all cure pots and you are ready to kill normal zakum. Once you down one normal zakum you can up 4 levels. You can enter normal zakum twice a day.

So, you can level from level 100 to level 108 in just less than 10 mins. You can take rune first before entering the zakum run. Also, get a bishop to HS your char.

Once you get to level 113, don't train anymore, wait for another day, to kill the normal zakum again and again until you reach level 120. This way you don't waste any time! Fast and quick to get the link skill you want!


I have been following Orange Mushroom blog, as that blog updates KMS new patches and info real quick. KMS has been 8 months ahead of MapleSEA. It is no doubt that you can find any information on orange mushroom blog. He has been active for years and still updating his blog, as you can read all the dojo info here.

Mu Lung Dojo

All the info that you want to know about the new dojo is inside the guide. I found it very useful. Therefore, I'm writing this post, to share with you the dojo info. A lot of pro players in MapleSEA are still unsure about the dojo points distribution. Well, here it is.
Enter the Dragon: Mu Lung Dojo’s rankings are split into three groups: Novice, Skilled, and Master. The Master group has both ‘overall rankings’ and ‘job rankings’.
  • Novice: Lv. 105 – Lv. 140
  • Skilled: Lv. 141 – Lv. 180
  • Master: Lv. 181+
Based on your group and ranking percentage, you’ll also receive Mu Lung Dojo points. You can hold a maximum of 10 million points at one time.
  • Novice group: 3000~8000 points
  • Skilled group: 6000~11000 points
  • Master group: 8000~18000 points
Finally I found it, I was ranked 6 on the master group last week and gotten 11000 point. 

There are 41 floors in total.... and with 1.7m range I managed to hit 32 floors. I never die at 32th floor but it just auto teleport me back to the dojo end stage. Guess that, it has a time limit on floor 32? 

MapleSEA has been slow in update! Now, we don't have any beast tamer? I also saw that sweetwater weapons has been added in MapleSEA manual patch (sourced from conserver blog). Is this means that we can transpose our equipments in the near future?  

  • Enter the Dragon: Mu Lung Dojo is a high tower consisting of 41 floors. Each floor has the following monsters. Monsters may appear alone or several at once (if there are more than one), and they may summon other minions.
    1. Mano
    2. Mushmom
    3. Stumpy
    4. Blue Mushmom
    5. Zombie Mushmom
    6. King Slime
    7. Dyle
    8. King Clang
    9. Faust
    10. Hilla
    11. Metal Golem
    12. Eliza
    13. Junior Balrog
    14. Gumiho
    15. Deo
    16. Zeno
    17. Timer
    18. Snack Bar
    19. Tae Roon
    20. Von Leon
    21. Papa Pixie, Luster Pixie
    22. Alishar, Black Rats
    23. Davy Jones, Captain
    24. Deet and Roy, Neohuroid
    25. Frankenroid, Mythril Mutae
    26. Chimera, Homunscullo
    27. Poison Golem, Mixed Golem
    28. King Sage Cat, Sage Cat
    29. Crimson Balrog, Taurospear
    30. Arkarium
    31. Manon (x2)
    32. Griffey (x2)
    33. Snowman (x2)
    34. Papulatus (x2)
    35. Ani (x2)
    36. Leviathan (x2)
    37. Dodo (x3)
    38. Lilynouch (x3)
    39. Lyka (x3)
    40. Magnus
    41. Mu Gong
  • You’ll receive 10 points for every floor that you clear, and an extra 100 points when you clear the 10th/20th/30th/40th floors.

Use Dojo Points to STEAL LIFETIME Fairy Pendant!

If you have read my previous post about Mu Lung you will know that you can get a big sum of Mu lung (dojo) points every week if you hit the top 10 of dojo. 

Last week, I managed to hit top 10 and I gotten 11000 points today. 

After you hit dojo, wait for the next monday 12am to get the points from So Gong NPC. 

For top 10, you can get 10000 to 11000 dojo points.

For top 3, you can get up to 25000 dojo points.

With 11000 points you can get a lot of items such as Fairy pendant which adds you EXP when killing monsters. If you are training your character, I strongly recommend you to hit dojo once a week to get that fairy pendant which can add up to 30% EXP. 

Other than that, you can get 50% EPS (Epic potential scroll, additional potential scroll) for free too. With 11000, points I can get those scrolls for free. Imagine how many EPS and additional potential scrolls you can get if you hit dojo every week. 

Also crimson flame, becomes a useless item as you can hit dojo to get it for free. If you ranked at 7-9 you can get 11000 points. Just in 3 weeks, you can get a crimson flame for free. Hence, don't waste your mesos on EPS, additional potential scroll, crimson flame now.

Managed to hit top 3 today, let's see the points given out this week. 

As you can see the store selling all those items for dojo points, make use of those points to change your items to EPIC, and add additional lines to it. Also get fairy pendant to add your EXP when grinding! 

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