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IT'S OVER! SOON Your MapleSEA Server will be GONE!


So, this hack work like this, you open a store, close store you got your items back and also on Fredrick, so you duped all the items.

The glitch lasted for 6 days from 6 April to 12 April 2016. 

Dupers have duped more than 1000+ black scrolls, miracle scrolls, 50% innocence scrolls, lucky scroll, amazing scroll, 80% unique potential scrolls, high quality enhancement scrolls. Also Mesos, their godly items. 

Etc items like confusion fragments all duped. Someone even duped 10,000 confusion fragment.

Unique items are worthless now due to mass duplication of 80% unique potential scrolls. Selling at just 1.5b per piece.

Everything are duplicated. 

There are also 15 stars tyrant hiding around the server now due to the abuse of high quality Enhancement scrolls. 


If any MapleSEA admin is reading this, ban all accounts with 13 stars or more tyrant. Or else, your server will be gone soon. Months later 15 stars tyrants will flood the market endlessly with 10000+ of scrolls.

"how to make it 15 star ... unless u buy 1000 hqaes shud be around 30,000,000 @cash to make it!"

GET Permanent Pendant Slot Expansion Coupon NOW!

This post is about permanent pendant slot coupon that unlock the 2nd pendant slot once you purchased the coupon. More details you can refer to MapleSEA here.  

To my surprise, MapleSEA released this coupon after I wrote this post yesterday. Every glitch, hack, suggestion I posted either got patched or got implemented. It is obvious that Asiasoft is actively reading my blog. 

So over the years, there is only 7 or 30 days time limited pendant slot coupon on sale. Now this time, the game has changed, Asiasoft decided to launch a sale on permanent pendant slot coupon after I suggested on my blog.

As you can see above is a picture of the pendant slot coupon on sale for 45k. The pendant slot coupon will unlock your character 2nd pendant slot after you purchased the coupon in the cash shop. So you just buy the coupon in the cash shop and your slot will be unlocked automatically to equip another pendant. 

Do remember to buy the coupon using the character that you want to unlock the pendant slot! The coupon is not a tradeable item. Once you purchase it will auto unlock the slot just like inventory slot expansion cash items in the cash shop. 

Here is the screenshot, it is permanent as it written expire on 1/1/2079. So we treat it as a permanent slot expansion for your character. 

It adds another 30k range for my character as I haven cubed it, if I cubed it well, it should add 80k-100k range for my character. For all the maplers who are reading this, you should get this coupon to unlock your pendant slot as well, this will boost your range and this is a lifetime pendant slot! 

Which means you can equip 2 pendant for your LIFETIME! This is the first time Asiasoft offer such a good offer. For 10 years, there is no lifetime pendant slot expansion coupon on sale before. So grab this chance to get the coupon to unlock the locked pendant slot! 

Even you are 2m-2m range character, you can use this chance to increase your range because 2m-2m is just a visual range not real range. So with this 2nd pendant slot unlocked, you still boost your range by a lot. 

Permanent Hyper Teleport Rock SCAM!

A permanent Hyper Teleport rock that costs $60. It is a SCAM! 

Ask yourself, how long do you need to move your character from one town to another town or a map in MapleSEA?  Merely just 1 minute you can move your character to the map you want.

I warn you guys to watch out and do not fall into this trap of buying the Hyper Teleport rock, it is not worth it. Something that is more worth will be permanent 2nd pendant slot which a lot of people has been asking for it but to no avail.

Save up your money to celebrate 2016! Stop scamming maplers, Asiasoft. 

Miracle Time/BLACK Scrolls a SCAM? MUST READ This!

Miracle time a scam? Well see yourself.

Let cut it short, the number of cubes you needed from Rare to Unique is less than 100 Master additional cubes, then from Unique to Legendary you need more than 200 cubes as shown above.

This emblem is cubed during miracle time. As you can see approx 100 cubes from rare to unique then 200+ cubes from unique to legendary. So what is my conclusion? If you want to make full use of Miracle time then cube only to unique, and get a good stats.

The cost of getting from unique to legendary is way to BIG! It can cost you more than 300 SGD-600 SGD even with Miracle time. Damn, the rate of getting legendary during Miracle time is ALMOST equals to spamming purple cubes as I wrote in the previous posts. 

I used 200+ purple cubes from unique to legendary on my Meister ring. And, this emblem also used up 200+ cubes to get to legendary. So what is the fking difference? Is Miracle time useful? 

What's more I gachapon-ed 2 black scrolls from Henesys Gachapon using about 50k @cash

1 Black scroll accessory for att
1 Black scroll 2 handed for ma

So, how rare is black scroll? Well every 40-60 bucks you can get 1 black scroll as tested.

Sold at 60 SGD after I gacha-ed. Not bad deal!

Black scroll is as common as any items or scrolls in the Gachapon machine. Just a bit rarer!

With this information, now you can decide whether you want to make use of Miracle time to cube your equipments or try your luck to get a black scroll in one of the Gachapon :). 

Secrets of FREE Purple Cubes in MapleSEA!

You may have used purple cubes to cube your items for free in game. But, this cube is free! This is the reason that purple cubes are near to useless.

For black cubes you have the highest chance of changing the rank of the equipments from epic to unique or from unique to legendary easily. This is because Black cube is a cash item which costs $3.5 each. The next easiest way to up your equipment rank is using Red cube (2.1k), which has lower chance of getting a rank up than Black cube.

Nevertheless, those cash cubes are simply easier to up the equipments rank. Due to the fact that they are "cash" cubes. Asiasoft wants you all to spend more money. So cash cubes simply has higher chance of getting a rank up.

Ignore those cash cubes, how about the purple cubes that you can get from events or elite boss? Is this cube better? NO. Purple cubes has SUPER low rate of getting a rank up. You may need 200+ cubes from epic to unique and 250+ purple cubes from unique to legendary. Indeed, free things like free purple cubes are not useful at all for up-ing your equipments' ranks.

I have used more than 1000+ purple cubes, here is what I found out. Also, I have cubed a total of 6 legendary equipments during this period of free purple cubes given out to each mapleID.

1. Weapon, Rings are the hardest to cube (Scarlet ring, Meister ring, or any rings you name it). Used 200+ to change per potential tier (epic to unique, unique to legendary).

2. Shoulders and capes are the easiest to change rank (I changed rank of 2 tyrant capes from unique to legendary using 1 cube each).

3. Hat, Earring, Face, Eye, belt, topwear, btmwear, gloves and pendants all these are harder to change rank than category 2 above but it is easier than weapon and rings.

4. Emblem and secondary weapon are harder than those at category 3 above.

And here are some facts about purple cubes (after using more than 1000 purple cubes)

1. They are free, obtainable in game though elite boss and events.

2. Since they are free, their rate of getting a rank up from unique to legendary is about 1-2.5%, while Black cubes enjoy a higher rate of maybe near to 5% of increasing the rank of the equip. Usually just around 30-50 cubes you get a rank change using Black cubes.

3. Very useless cubes to try and up your equipments' rank, use Black cubes instead. If you want to cube for stats, you can use purple cubes at the legendary tier. You can get your stats.

Here is a video showing that I cubed 27% STR Meister ring.

4. Elite boss stop dropping purple cubes from 2.30am to 6.30am (approx 6.30am) everyday. This is something that is very weird. So you won't get any purple cubes for those timings.

My conclusion is that, use purple cubes if you want to change your equipments' stats at legendary tier and not using it to try to change the rank, you need tons of them maybe more than 200+ per potential tier from my experience. Asiasoft has made Yellow cubes and Purple cubes becoming very useless.  

Build up a BIG MapleSEA $$$ MONSTER Empire!!!

It is sad to see many MapleStory blog died off one by one. Just like Spadow and Shaker96 blogs. In this guide I will teach you how you can build up a BIG MapleSEA empire that can profit you a few hundreds dollars per month passively. Yes, it is possible some of them already did it. Actually not some, there are many. 

The population of MapleSEA currently at the size of 6k-15k players as of today. So it is still possible to profit out of it.

Once you reached level 200, you are able to kill all monsters in MapleSEA except for some bosses like Hard magnus, CRA, Lotus, etc. Level 200 is the level whereas you have completed the game as a level 200 character is same as level 250 character. 

What a level 250 can kill, a level 200 character can kill with godly equips. With godly equips a level 200 character can get 2m-2m range with no problem. 

But don't waste just like that, once you reached level 200, you have completed the game, but think of ways to make profit! Here are some of the best ways.  

The top way to earn on MapleSEA is still by selling mesos. 

1. SEAGM (earning near thousands $ per month) 
2. The rest of the maplers who are selling items, mesos and scrolls on Facebook groups.

Here are all of the ways you can earn $$$ now.

1. Get Event items from MapleIDs / Sell Maplepoints from reimbursement
2, Remote Shop to earn Mesos then convert to $.
3. Kill CRA get CRA equips and sell for $.
4. Kill Hard Magnus get Tyrants, sell for $.
5. Selling Mesos

5. Leveling services
6. HS/Kenshin services
7. Faming services
8. Cubing services

The first way to earn $ is really powerful, everything is automated. I won't not reveal exactly here on how to do it. Buy some computers and create own hacks and bypass. Use multi clients for each computer. So each computer controls 4-5 characters. From there you scale up to cover many maps to hunt for elite bosses.

Once you have enough chars hacking on those maps, maybe about near 100 characters just like SEAGM. Get all the purple cubes, yellow cubes, CSS, EPS 50% from elite bosses (you need to vac those items) and open up 2-3 shops in FM and sell those items on those shops. According to SEAGM, they earning 200b for every 2 weeks. Do your maths.

If every 10b now worth $30. Then 200b = $30 x 20 = $600. 1 month there are 4 weeks so that's $1200 SGD. Also, from months of earning mesos semi-automatically (because they need to put the items on the shops manually), 200b is just a small sum of mesos they are holding. 

That's really crazy EVERYTHING is automated other than collecting all the items and put in the store. So you can call this passive income without any hard work at all which don't exists in reality. 

The second way is of course the legit way to earn $. For this you need to go to this Facebook page, and post your items, mesos or services you offer and wait for people to pm you.

The best way to earn for starters is by creating a lot of Maple IDs so when reimbursements come, you collect all the maple points or items and sell out all of them. This way is good but you only earn a quick bucks once in a while.  

Another more legit and easiest way to earn $ is by killing CRA and Hard magnus every week. Killing CRA can easily earn you hundreds of dollars per month. After you gotten those CRA equips, Fafnir weapons just post them on the MapleSEA Facebook group and wait for buyers to pm you. You need drop buffs to get 3-6 equips for every run. 

Next, do you have HS, spare winters, all those EXP multiplier? How about offering power leveling services? For a character from level 1-200 you can earn $250-$300. That's can be done in 1 or 2 days. Which also quite worth it. Earning $250-$300 in 2 days is better than working a job at Macdonalds. Also, you can provide training up mules for link skills. This also earn lots of $. 

Got a bishop to HS and a Kanna to provide kenshin? Provide a service that $5/hour. Bot your HS, and kenshin. This way you earn $5 per hour for free. Train your bishop and kenshin to level 165 to provide those services at Dim light or KD4,

That's all, those are the ways you can bring in $ on MapleSEA. Won't waste you much time, some of them are automated while some of them need a few hours a day in a week (killing CRA) to earn you some $ to spare.

How to PERFECT 15% SPELL TRACE a Fafnir weapon during FEVER TIME!

I tried to spell trace this Fafnir bow but only passed 1 during Fever time. My friends all passed at least 2 to 4 spell traces 15% so I asked them how to do it. Here is the answer in this guide. 

Previously, I done it wrongly therefore I wasted tons of mesos. After hearing from some of the pros on spell tracing their Fafnir weapon, I wanted to share it, and do it correctly you will get a perfect spell traced Fafnir weapon.

Now, in this short guide you will learn how to correctly spell trace your Fafnir weapon during Fever time as you know sometimes MapleSEA will held a Fever time period like this. image

• Fever Time Increases the success rates of Spell Traces as follows: 
» 15% > 25% 
» 30% > 45% 
» 70% > 95%

So basically your rate of passing a scroll increases during Fever time. Now open your profession skill tab by going to keyboard shortcut and assign to one of the keyboards key if you have not done yet.

Open up the profession skills tab, you will see the diligence skill level.

This diligence skills level is important as well, as it add on the rate to the passing rate of your scroll.

So for example if you are scrolling a 15% scroll using spell traces. 

15% + 10% (fever time) + 10% from lvl 100 diligence + 10% lucky day scroll = 45% passing rate!

That's means you got 45% of passing a 15% scroll instead! 

To up diligence to level 100, you can craft those pot like resistance/exp and etc, you will gain 20-25 diligence for each item crafted. You can craft anything like accessory items (earrings, ring, anything)

For each level you need a lot of diligence! The key here is to level up your mastery level to meister level, you will gain 2k bonus diligence points! From there, you stop crafting and it will drop back to craftman level (level 10) and you level up again and repeat (gotten this tip from Kok Hui Or).

However in a day you only can gain 500 diligence points. So you need months to get to level 100 diligence. If you got a friend with level 100 diligence ask them to help you out.

Get all the CSS 10% (Clean Slate scroll) and each clean slate scroll you will get 10% passing rate. Not 20% passing rate as CSS is a special scroll not affected by the level of diligence you have.

So average about 10-20, CSS you will get back 1 or 2 slots. Once you get back the slots, you got 45% of passing each scroll. Seems easy huh? 

So, there are a lot of people asking whether how many CSS they need to get 10 slots fully 15% spell traced. There is no answer. But most of them used about 150-250 CSS in total. 

Now 100 CSS = $40. So in order to get a fully spell traced 15% passed Fafnir weapon. You just need $120! That's all you need and of course lots of lucky day scrolls! That's all you need to know about spell tracing a Fafnir weapon. 

It seems good for all of us to spell trace our weapons during Fever time period as it only costs about $100-$200 to do it (10 slots) instead of $500 to buy black scrolls/Amazing scrolls.

To conclude, reversing slots might be a bit harder due to the rate of 10%, but you got 45% rate of passing the scroll every time you reverse a slot, making it very easy to reach 10 slots passed weapon. 

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