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MapleStory M bug?

Actually they abused a bug where u can get duplicate item if u sell on market and open ur acc on another phone on the same time? True?

How to buy MapleStory M mesos from SEAGM!

Actually how they works is following step:

1. Contact SeaGM to ask for mesos, n place your amount u wanna buy

2. U nid to give thm ur ign details, such as ign, ur login id n pw, wat server

3. Thy will help u topup by using ur acc

So you see people got banned from the announcement board in game. Abuse market it says?
Obviously is because people put high price to sell EQ and those who buy are meso sellers la. They use the trading shop as a means to trf money. btw..nexon is watching trade station..careful

MapleStory M - Max Potential Stats for armors / weapons

How to get Emblem Weapon / Equip in MapleStory M?

Fuse or by open box

You only can get by fusing which is a very very low rate of getting it otherwise by cashing the equipment box which is the 1k diamonds but also very low chance.

You lucky u get. you unlucky u cant get and random stats and become random weapon also by fusing

1) At what rank can an emblem appear?
Unique, yes different between emblem and non emblem is huge (200 - 300 attacks difference)

MapleStory M - Highest Possible Base Attack (Weapon)

Since a lot of people are asking me about the max stats for each weapon at lvl 1 with 0 stars, here is a table showing these stats.
Be sure to try to only upgrade/invest in weapons that have these stats, because when they are fully ranked up at mythic, a max stat weapon will have 300+ attack extra over an average stat one.
Credits to Raccia at r/maplestorym

MapleStory M - Zakum Expedition Guide


Zakum apparently has pretty high damage output like Zakum's poison mist(5-10k damage every 2 seconds)flaming totem(0-12k damage). Rest of small output damage around 4-7K, depending on class and damage reductions.

Party Info

We will need the following members minimally to ensure that your zaken expedition does not hit over the 10mins mark. ( normal or hard it should not be over 10 mins )

Level requirement : 100 and above ( 90++ is fine )
Gear requirement : Epic and above (Level max / 45 starforce )
Weap Requirement : 15K Combat power and above min

2 Bishop
2 DK
6 NL,BM,Cros
Bishop basically is just Heal and Dispel for the concurrent team that is damaging Zakum.
Dk buff reduction and using his OP skills to hit all 8 arms with no sweat.
NL,BM and Cros basically are the damage output hero in this expeditions. Your focus will be using your aoe skills for arms, highest single output damage for body of Zakum.


Whether it’s Hard or Normal, this strategy works the same.

The 8 arms consist of different roles.
The Top left 2 arms needs to be eliminated before moving to anywhere else.
Once down, the Bottom 2 right arms needs to be eliminated.

Those 4 arms are the crucial game change of why everyone is dying in zakum.
Because of his spawning of Zakum's poison mist, by eliminating that will drastically reduce deaths of any members in zakum.

Once all the arms are out, your focus is to down the body of zakum ASAP. (as soon as possible )
Random spawns of 
flaming totem requires some jobs to dodge. (1 hit K.O) 


MapleSEA - What to do if you got SCAMMED!

Refer to http://maplesecrets.blogspot.com/2018/08/maplesea-buy-sell-tips.html

A police report will not recover your money, has little chance of getting justice, and the police report will create more problems for the seller.

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