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SUPER REAL MapleStory CUBE Simulator IS HERE!!! FINALLY !!

Here is the link to the simulator: https://stripedypaper.github.io/cube/

Many maplers are looking for this simulator.... a somewhat cube simulator alike to the cubing experience in game... now here it comes, Someone has created this simulator for you to cube.

So you won't have the urge to spend anymore money to cube again! Get over from your cubing addict once and forever!

This simulator is also what I have been looking for a long time... finally it is here... share this post with your friends. Or let your friends know about it!

100% The FASTEST WAY to MAX ALL your Traits!

Image result for maplesea water wars

This is a quick tip for water wars 

With 10,000 points you get

70 bucks

60 bucks

With 100 points you get

60 bucks

50 bucks

As getting 10,000 points may spend you more than 5 mins, hence it is smarter to get 100 points for each of your chars which takes less than 30 seconds.

After you collected 300 aqua bucks on each of your chars go and buy the traits pots and transfer to your main character to max all of your traits. 


Someone gotten Legendary Potential scroll from hero box. Yes, hero box the box that you can hunt from monsters right now. The box that you open to get hero coins.

It seems unbelievable... but it is quite legit, From the looks of the screenshot., and the date of expiry. 

Join this group to leave your comment. If you get any LPS, share with us on Facebook group here.

Maplestory Europe and Maplestory Global NOW MERGED!


Good news or bad news? Soon, it will be MapleSEA merge with GMS? hehe...

On June 8, preparations will begin to migrate the Nexon Europe MapleStory service to the same Nexon Global Launcher currently used by Nexon America. 

This migration is part of our ongoing commitment to better position the company for growth across the Western market. In addition to bringing all Nexon Europe and Nexon America MapleStory players onto the same service, this migration will combine billing, customer support and other player-focused services. 

When the migration of the Nexon Europe MapleStory service is completed later this year, European MapleStory players will be getting all the latest content updates even faster than before.

2m-2m REACHED! Next GOAL 3.5m-4m range!

Next goals 
3.5m - 4m range
320%+ boss damage
100% status resistance
95% PDR


Go to Hekaton, and in just 1 round you can get x1.5 exp coupon for free. Better than nothing. 

Just 30 mins for 1 Hekaton run, you can get x1.5 exp coupon which is quite worth it in my opinion.

When you finished Hekaton, you will be sent to a map to receive your rewards which includes x1.5 exp coupon every time.


You might found out that many 2m-2m range players can't down hard magnus. There must be a reason right?

After testing out on how to kill hard magnus, here are some tips that you help you better down Hard magnus. Here is the training guide by NotInSync. Follow this training first.

<Hard Magnus pre training guide by NotInSync>
Firstly if you ARE trying on a new class, start off with mock magnus. And I mean it, if you are funded, don't make that look like some kiddo challenge, because it isn't. It works wonders. Full duration, enter it, reduce it until its guwaru size (blue zone) is limited to its least.

Of course if your damage is that pain, remove some equips, get a level 10 weapon, though that will make me look like I'm spoon feeding totally. Run around, try and stay in blue zone, for jobs that can jump up vertically, try and master it to dodge magnus' spin. Jobs that can counter spins by rushing, try and get the timing right.

Jobs that you aren't sure what they can do, try out all the pushing skills, you may be surprised that it may actually counter magnus' skills. Here comes the main point of why I suggested a mock magnus start. Look at it this way, jump into normal magnus, if your damage is high obviously you can down it straight.

Then I would laugh at you when you become an idiot in the hard version. The meteors are the key factor of why you should practice in the mock version. The meteors there do not 1 hit KO you, you should try and run about, if possible, reduce it to half HP then unequip all your stuff, hit while running. If you have vertical jump options, this is the best place to train your reaction time, because in mock, if you run into a ball while jumping you probably won't die, but in a normal / hard run, its a 100% death on hitting a blue/purple meteor. So in conclusion, just start off small, don't overlook the smallest and easiest things.

When you feel you are ready, go on to normal magnus runs. Survivability check, reduce yourself to estimated 500~800k damage, try and down it with least deaths possible. You can exit when its HP is almost down to further practice. A good number would be 1~2 deaths throughout. And obviously if you are cheating by running around, trying to survive outside the zone and running in to pot when only needed, then that's just lying to yourself, its not going to bring you anywhere.
Lastly, good luck, go for the hard version.

Small tips : Go in with runes, heaven's gate, buff before entering (quite sure everyone knows this, but its a guide for dummies isn't it).

Try and survive long for the first death, because what's hell would be after you hit below 50%.

Play safe, its not a race. Unless you are that confident you can move through that split second, don't make such a bold move.

Last but not least, don't depend on binders, it'll actually cripple your reaction time even more.

Right now, watch this video..

BEFORE, you kill hard magnus, go to the normal mode and train yourself first. This is important, because many players don't train themselves first and waste death counts in the hard magnus run.

Possible Candy Crush Trigger conditions:

Candy crush means that the blue meteors keep dropping endlessly, so all of you lose the battle.

1) 1 party member DC

2) This will trigger when Hard Magnus has less den 25% HP and the following conditions met: one party member stay dead for too long (less then 1 min is safe). This means before 25% u can stay dead for long, but after 25%, must revive within 1 min.

3) BSP is in pt (I dun know why, but, maybe Nexon hates bsp for reducing the sales of wofs)

After you done your training you can follow the tips below!

1. Down Hard Magnus's HP to at least 50% before you DIE ONCE! 

Before you go in, get all the buffs you can think of that increases your damage, like bishop heaven door, all the powerful buffs, attack pots. EVERYTHING single FKING thing that will increase your range! 

To down Hard magnus with 2m-2m range or below you need to down the HP to at least 50% before you die once! This is the key to down hard magnus below 2m-2m. Keep training until you are able to down the HP to 50% before you die once. If you cannot do this, don't expect to down hard magnus with 2m range or below.

Because after it reaches below 50% of the HP, it will be worse more purple meteors will drop down, more lightning. Super hard to control. And many death, hard magnus become aggressive at below 50% too. He keep knocking you back to the purple meteor and causing you to get instant death.

Death count is the key to win the battle.

2. Lure hard magnus to middle of the map only when you want to attack it.

Because as you can see both sides (left and right) of the map got this green gases thing when you get hit by the gases, your character will be stunned and your HP will keep decreasing until you are dead. Once you get hit by this gas, 90% of the time you will be dead. So the key is to lure hard magnus to the middle and attack to avoid those green gases.

Even with a binder, you need to lure to the middle of the map, so everyone won't get killed by the green gases.

You cannot avoid those green gases even with 100% status resistance, that's why it is so hard to defeat hard magnus. 

3. Get Binders, and bind hard magnus only on the middle of the map.

There is a hard magnus run recently, the binder binds hard magnus on the left of the map (which the green gases is). We all get instant killed by the green gases. Don't BIND unless you lure hard magnus to the middle first. Get someone with dark sight to lure hard magnus to the middle of the map before you all spawn to bind this fucking hard magnus.

Be patient, wait a bit for Hard magnus to move itself to the middle of the map before reviving. If Hard magnus still on the left or right of the map. Just get someone with dark sight to lure to the middle.

By binding on the left or right of the map, you are wasting the death counts. Death count is the key to win the battle. 

4. Go inside the Blue zone first, before you attack. 

Because your attack damage will be reduced to 10% if you hit outside the blue zone. Go inside the FREAKING blue zone and attack.

5. Use Power Elixir or any pots that can heal your HP to MAX when fighting Hard magnus 

When I used reindeer milk that adds 5000 HP, my death count is more than when I'm using Power Elixir. Just use any pots that can add your HP to the MAX.

6. Set all buffs keys together from left to right. Important buffs on the left first.

For example, my most important buff is soul arrow followed by sharp eyes, so I always set the soul arrow buff key on the most left. I always cast soul arrow first before sharp eyes.

Most importantly, death count is still the main reason that most of the parties failed the hard magnus run. This is the case for many 2m-2m range attackers too. Hence, it is important that all of the players train themselves to avoid deaths in the first 50% of Hard magnus HP.

7. If you want to solo Hard magnus...

Here is what I think after I watched a lot of Hard magnus videos, Make sure you can hit 19m damage per line. This way, you will have enough damage to kill off Hard magnus. If you are below 19m per line, get someone else along.  

8. Jump AGAINST the Hard magnus' RUSH!

You can dodge hard magnus rush by jumping towards it. Most of the times, if you got knocked back by the rush, you will be killed by the purple meteor. To dodge this, just jump towards hard magnus when he is going to rush. This will save you some death counts.

9. When Hard magnus's HP below 25%...

When Hard magnus HP is below 25%, this is when the more meteors will be dropping down, this time you need to dodge effectively to win the battle. If you are able to dodge effectively, you win the battle. Also, here is the reason why you need to save a lot of death counts when hard magnus's HP is below 25%. It is very hard to dodge you will lose a lot of death counts here.


Any lag will cause you death counts. You will lose the battle with a lagging computer. Tried and tested.

11. If you are a range class that can shoot, or use long range attack on Hard magnus..

Stay on the outer part of the blue zone. As most of the times when you are near to Hard magnus, he will keep spinning itself. The spin will knock back your character to either far distance away or knock back you to get hit by the blue meteor (Instant death).

12. Buffing yourself when reviving... 

When you are revived, just cast 2 buffs (most important buffs) and get into the blue zone immediately. If you don't, you will be most likely dead. Tried and tested. I just cast soul arrow, and sharp eyes and get into the blue zone. Then on the blue zone, when you are safe you can cast other buffs! 

13. If you want to make Hard magnus as your CASH ($$$) MACHINE!

Bring along 5 characters that done hard magnus pre-quest.

Your main will be the one solo-ing hard magnus. Once Hard magnus is killed all the characters get 6 coins. Use the 5 characters to hit hard magnus once before hard magnus is dead.

But, you need other 5 computers and 5 people to control them (as you need to revive when hard magnus get aggressive).

Nonetheless, I still see players like hsquare using this method to make a lot of money.

In every 12 rounds, you can get 6 tyrant shoes.
In every 24 rounds, you can get 12 tyrant shoes.

Also with Hard magnus reset ticket from Hekaton, you can get x2 quantities of tyrant equips.

In every 24 rounds, you can get 12 tyrant shoes.
In every 48 rounds, you can get 24 tyrant shoes.

I already seen people doing this on CRA to get so many CRA equipments and weapons. Get a bishop with Holy symbol (+30% drop rate) too. Those people are equipped with drop rate gears, most of those people equipped with more than 100% drop rate. The highest I have seen is 455% drop rate.

It could be a bit unrealistic. But, I'm giving you a idea what is the maximum potential you can go for.

You can just use 3 computers to do it (as I have seen most of the people using 3 computers to do this). One main character to slay off CRA boss or hard magnus, one bishop, one other character that can buff.

I will update this guide again...stay tune.

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