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Guide on Nameless Village and V Matrix!!!

Once, you have done your 5th job after holding the 3 time-wasting stones. You will be advanced to 5th job. After you have done your 5th job, you should straight away proceed to nameless village (a new map with level 200 mobs+).

There is not much guide on how to walk through the new map nameless village: Arcane river.

Anyway, the main valuable things are cores and arcane symbol in this fking village. Nothing else valuable.

Image result for ARCANE river  maplestory

How do you get to arcane river? Go to time of temple there is 3 doors in between the maps, the middle one leads you to nameless village (the town of arcane river). Once you reached the map, start doing all the quests all the way to the end. There are lots of quests to be completed. Just complete all of them.

The last quest will leads to you a beautiful map with a river. You can jump down to the river to go to Chew chew island which is not released yet. If you jump down that river, you will be teleported back to the original map (that river map).

Anyway, after you finish all the quests, you can start your daily quests, on the left side of the nameless village, there is a NPC that gives you 5 arcane symbols and 3 extra bonus arcane symbol every time you completed the 5 quests given.

You can choose the quests to be completed out of the 5 given randomly by the NPC. You can exclude and replace quests to be completed. Anyway, you just need to do this daily quest every day to level up your arcane symbol that can add up to 2000 stats on level 12. Just keep doing everyday to power up your arcane symbol equip.

In total, you can equip 3 of such arcane symbol equips which add up to 6000 stats.

Image result for ARCANE river  maplestory

That circle equipment is the arcane symbol equip is like an extra equipment to add your stats. If you are a bowman it add dex, if you are a mage you get int.

Other than that, the most popular thing that people have been talking about is the V core. Which only can be hunted on monsters all over arcane river maps. It is very rare even with 104% drop rate you may get only 1 of it after grinding for 30 mins.

Get those V core and open them up. If you see a core with 2 of your main skills. Keep it. Like if you are a bowmaster, you get a core with hurriance and arrow platter, you keep that core. You need about 3-4 of these kinds of core that comprises of your main skills.

For example, if you are a bowmaster you need to have 4 of those cores with (hurriance and arrow platter). This way you can level each of those cores to like level 13 to get your hurriance and arrow platter to level 50.

Level 50 arrow platter adds 100% extra damage this means you get x2 of the current damage you got now which is very very powerful. However, it takes a long time to hunt for v cores in arcane river maps. You need those v cores and break them to get the cores with your main skills.

Also you need those cores with similar names (suffix) to enhance the current cores you have. You enhance your cores in the V core master in the nameless village town. By enhancing, this means you use your similar cores away and the main core (that core with your main skills) get exp.

The more similar cores you have the more exp your cores (with main skills) get, the higher the level it is. You just need to level up each of those cores (with main skills) to level 13. After 4 of those cores become level 13, you get level 50 enhancement on your main skills.

After which, you have completed the V matrix thing. V matrix is just about enhancing your 1-4th job skills to be more power and also add in some decent skills and extra special skills (special cores). If you get special cores (break them away on the V core master NPC). Those special cores expires after 7 days, it is not worth keeping them.

Just break all the special cores in the crafting mode on V core master NPC, and get core pieces and using 35 core pieces you can craft a tradeable v core that is sellable for 750m-1b in FM now.

Again, with just 8 core slots is enough, you do not need so much slots. Once you max out your max skills level. That's it. Level 224 character is the best, which open up 4 slots + 4 slots = 8 slots. Every 6 levels you open up 1 slot. At level 200 you get 4 slots.

Again, you do not need to be level 250, it is a waste of time. That's it, thanks for MapleSEA for hosting such a new content for level 200+ players like us to enjoy the game even more!!!

Image result for V MATRIX maplestory 

MapleSEA Mesos/@cash Seller OUT OF STOCK!

There are many people thought that only seaGM or sea4gold sells mesos and no where else. 

No, the cash shop also sells mesos for $3.6/billion. So, if you see that seaGM is out of stock. You can buy @cash from Asiasoft website and buy mesos from cash shop (the mesos sack). It is cheaper than $3.9/billion in seaGM now.

There are days that SEAGM has been out of stock. But, you can check out here the MapleSEA Facebook group for more mesos!

Also, for the SEAGM, it is time to restock more stock for the upcoming 5th job! There will be many players will be joining back the server! Prepare more mesos stock in advance!

Major issue on DC + LAG + SLOW LOADING

As an very active player, I got dc very frequently. This is getting serious as 5th job is nearing.. DC and lagging is unacceptable!

DC = disconnected

1. DC when press login button 

Sometimes or most of the times after I login once and relogin again. I got dc-ed after re-logining. MapleStory auto closed.

2. Slow loading to login page!

It is very slow to login to my character. Can be faster. Loading takes at least 1 min! And login-ing into my character takes 20 seconds! Total time taken to login my character can be more than 5 mins.

3. DC when trying to CC (Change channel) 

Sometimes changing channel may also cause a disconnection. For example, when you switch from ch 15 to 16, your screen become black color and need to use the end task to end MapleStory.exe. 

4. DC on Hekaton Boss

This is very frequent. Doing Hekaton you will get DC for error 38 or just get DC. This need to be checked!

5. Lagging

The server is super lag, even when in henesys ch 1, it is lagging. Do something about this. 

The most ideal will be launching MapleStory within 30 seconds, and logining in my character within 1 min!


Credits to Orangemushroom blog! His blog is great! Please visit his blog for more information. All credits goes to him!

The V Diary event has begun. This event is only open to characters that have been created during this event (except Zero).
V Diary Challenges
You must complete 40 missions based on job advancements, field hunting, and special content to receive prizes. Although the event is only open to newly created characters, you can redeem the prizes on any character in the same world!
  • Advancements
    • Complete the 1st job advancement (300 Power Elixirs)
    • Complete the 2nd job advancement (10th Anniversary White Armor Set Box)
    • Complete the 3rd job advancement (30 V Buffs)
    • Complete the 4th job advancement (3 Mastery Book 20s)
    • Complete the 5th job advancement (30 Core Gemstones)
  • Growth
    • Achieve level 5 on all personality traits (Personality Trait Growth Potion)
    • Use 30,000 Honor (3 Miracle Circulators)
    • Achieve level 5 on a profession (Selective 10 Slot Profession Bag Voucher)
    • Use 5,000 Scroll Traces for regular worlds/Acquire 5,000 Scroll Traces for Reboot worlds (3 Strong Rebirth Flames)
    • Achieve 55 Star Force (2 Craftsman’s Cubes)
  • Theme Dungeons
    • Clear Fairy Academy Ellinel (Fairy Academy Ellinel Chair)
    • Clear Gold Beach (Paradise on Earth Gold Beach Chair)
    • Clear Riena Strait (Riena Strait Chair)
    • Clear Flower Violetta (Flower Violetta Chair)
    • Clear Dimensional Library (Dimensional Library Chair)
  • Story
    • Complete the Alliance is Born quest (8 Slot Equip Expansion Coupon)
    • Clear Black Heaven (8 Slot Use Expansion Coupon)
    • Clear FriendsStory (8 Slot Setup Expansion Coupon)
    • Clear Heroes of Maple (8 Slot Etc Expansion Coupon)
    • Clear Road of Vanishing (8 Slot Expansion Coupon Package)
  • Hunting
    • Defeat 55,555 monsters in your level range (Pendant of the Spirit)
    • Defeat 5,555 Star Force monsters (2 Special Medals of Honor)
    • Defeat 333 Elite Monsters (50 Strange Cubes)
    • Defeat 3 Elite Bosses (5 2x Experience Coupons)
    • Defeat 1 Chaos Root Abyss boss (100% Epic Potential Scroll)
  • Field
    • Activate 5 Runes (50 V Coins)
    • Achieve 500 Combo Kills (50 V Coins)
    • Enter 10 random portals (50 V Coins)
    • Complete 15 Sudden Missions (50 V Coins)
    • Find a 100% Burning Field (50 V Coins)
  • Adventuring
    • Acquire the Beginner Adventurer medal (Teleport World Map)
    • Acquire the Victoria Adventurer medal (10 Safety Charms)
    • Acquire the Maple Adventurer medal (Super Megaphone)
    • Complete the Temple of Time expedition (2 Meister’s Cubes)
    • Complete the Kritias expedition (3 Eternal Rebirth Flames)
  • Special Content
    • Clear Nett’s Pyramid 5 times (5 Polo & Fritto Entry Tickets)
    • Acquire 50 Evolving Coins from Evolving System (Special Soul Enchanter)
    • Clear Monster Park 5 times (5 Monster Park REBORN Free Entry Tickets)
    • Clear Ghost Park 5 times (3 Mastery Book 30s)
    • Clear Dimension Invade 5 times (2,000 Scroll Traces)
Knows Maple Well Title
If you can complete all 40 missions, you will receive the Knows Maple Well title, which gives 10 all stats, 5 attack/magic attack, and 10% defense ignore. The stats do not expire and the title is account tradeable permanently!

ATT% IS KILLED! 2M-2M is DEAD! NEW MapleSEA Coming...

1. PDR is > than ATT%
Maplers are cubing away their 30% att emblem to get 75% PDR on emblem instead ... this is because they deal almost 0 damage on c vellum. One of my friends got 50%+ PDR deals 0 s, damage to c vellum. PDR is super important now, get 2 lines of PDR on emblem now. Ideally, getting a 90%+ PDR on your character now is the minimum.
Image result for gold leaf emblem
To hit c vellum and lotus with 300% PDR, you need those PDR to deal damage. My friend MyWildWir tested out that 5% PDR difference is a lot. Imagine with 5% less PDR you hit 45m and with 5% more you hit 70m. That's the big difference... enough saying.

Get 10% free PDR on maple pro title... on the v diary quest! Only for new characters created after 16 november, this is the chance to get 10% PDR for FREE!

2. Perm pet on Mileage store
These perm pet is permanent that can help you pick up mesos, items BUT it will not auto buff your skills. The description is wrong. It claimed that it can auto buff. In fact, it don't auto buff your skills at all.

3. Bosses
Image result for hard magnus

Bosses like hard magnus, CRA is stronger than ever, due to the super nerf to all your characters. Sharp eyes got reduced to +15% critical rate.

Critical dmg potential on gloves reduced from 15% to 8%. Imagine the difference. eas

The death counts for hard magnus has changed to 15 death counts only. This makes many 2m-2m range UNABLE to solo hard magnus. Solo it you will know. 

The players who can solo everything now has 6m range. Yes, 6m not 2m-4m. 

Also you auto revive after 1 min for any boss, you don't revive on your own. 

4. Star force enhancementImage result for star force no boom 16 stars
You can enhance your equips and weapon to 17 stars now without booming. You just need mesos to get it. 18 stars equips and weapon no longer worth anything anymore. 19 stars too. Except for 20 stars that really worth something. 

5. Vengeance ring (free unique ring) 
Get V coins from monsters, by opening up the boxes you can get V coins. Go to henesys and exchange for this ring. This ring has 20 slots and you can buy a stone to scroll it up to wa 20. Also using V coins, you can buy a cube like Yellow cube to cube to ring to unique for FREE!~~~JUST CUBE EVERYDAY!

6. Accuracy, etc potential got removed.
They not exactly removed if you have an accuracy potential on your equips it will now become +0% like +0% accuracy.

7. Your SERVER still FKING lagging!
Super lag, keep getting DC even killing bosses. However enter portal now is fking smooth. Time to fix your server!

8. Worth joining back MapleSEA? 
Yes, after 5th job release on 23 nov. Surely it is worth to join back out with new skills. But not now! 

9. More to come.. for 5th job...

5 MUST-DO Before 5TH JOB!!!

Everyone is asking when is 5th job coming out. But did you guys asked yourself how you can earn BIG after 5th job? Or what to do before 5th job?

When is 5th job coming out? Probably this DECEMBER??? or next first quarter of the year!

Image result for maplestory 5th job

1. Level up to level 200

You need to be level 200 to do 5th job advancement. Plus, the experience needed for level 1-200 has decreased, which makes leveling even easier! Even now, you can level a character from level 1-200 in just few days! What is so hard about that!

2. Train a level 220 Kanna and Bishop!!!

You need to kanna to kishin on new maps in arcane river (level 200-250 maps). As level 220 kanna is rare nowadays, you can make use of this kanna to offer 1b/hour service. You need bishop to HS your characters.

3. Get DROP RATE EQUIPS to earn BIG!

You need drop rate equips to get arcane symbol to up your arcane force which is needed to kill Lucid with FULL damage! No doubt, a level 200 char level up to level 220 in arcane river only manages to get 6 arcane symbols throughout the whole leveling process.

Get greed pendant (20% drop rate) and KK chair (x2 drop rate) NOW! As arcane symbol is considered as an equipment, greed pendant helps. KK chair gives FREE x2 drop rate after 30 mins of using it! You can predict that this arcane symbol is sort of like confusion fragment which can worth up to 1b+ each.

Even a guy with 856% drop rate gets only 56 arcane symbols in 20 levels from level 200 to level 220.

4. Keep your mesos

As leveling up your V matrix or whatever, this requires up to 2.6b mesos according to a Youtube video. Keep your mesos now.

5. Know more friends!

To kill Lucid, info from Youtube that this boss drop "something" that can exchange for level 200 weapon which has no info for now... but it is surely better your fafnir weapon??

FUND or DON'T FUND your Characters?

Image result for cra maplestory

As you guys know, the recent MapleHood Gachapon event gives lots of Fafnir armors and weapons. Because it is so easy to get a Fafnir from the box, perhaps around 10 around per fafnir?

This caused Fafnir to be dropped to a very very low prices. For fafnir armors, you can get it at 200m each in FM now. For fafnir weapon, you can get it at 150m-1b depending on which type of weapon you are selling.

For katara, xbow, bow, claw, pole arm, 2 handed sword, those are the ones that fetch slightly a higher price than other fafnir weapons. Perhaps 600m-1b?

Before the Maplehood Gachapon event, Fafnir weapon can be sold at 4b each. But after the event the prices of weapons dropped so much that chaos vellum become very useless at all.

Previously we reset chaos vellum, to get 15 pieces of shards to exchange for a fafnir weapon to sell at 4b. But now, killing chaos vellum only fetch you approx 1b. Hence, it is not worth it anymore to reset your chaos vellum count on Hekaton (collecting coins to get reset ticket for c vellum).

Fund or don't fund... here is my opinion.... DON'T FUND!
There is no point funding your characters anymore with $$$. Killing the strongest bosses in MapleSEA like Hard magnus, CRA. Don't earn you back much anymore.

5th job is coming out your damage will be tripled. And you may solo hard magnus or CRA with your current low range.

And looking at the latest new bosses (Damien) which drop coins to exchange for Absolab weapons and armors (inferior than fafnir set + tyrant). It is not worth at all. Unless MapleSEA decided to increase the star force to 25 stars. This way absolab sets will be better than fafnir + tyrant.

What can you do now with 2m-2m range? 
Previously, there is chaos vellum to kill to earn 4b per weapon but now this weapon become a rubbish (any tom and jerry has one). Leveling is boring as there is almost no one training their characters at BHD (Black Heaven deck).

If you are a lvl 220 char, try going to find party in BHD. At most, you will only find one party in the whole BHD. What the fuk? Are you sure you going to train alone???

However, if you are level 200 or below, there are always parties available for you to train with. For example the drake map beside Sleepywood, Bleak, MP3, PL (in Showa). There are always parties there to party you.

But once you reach level 200 and above, almost no one is training anymore.... there is.. but you won't find any party to party you to level up anymore.

Also at level 220, as you knows, this fking level is fking hard to level up, killing 4-5 mobs only up 0.01%. And the only map which is available for lvl 220 to train is BHD. No wonder, it is so boring... imagine hitting all day long at level 217 to level 250 at the same map. It's time to release new maps to train for level 220+!

Don't keep on update on the cash shop, I understood the cash shop need to be updated to milk more cash. But, the gameplay is already so boring for a level 220 character that they cannot do anything but to quit the game and wait for 5th job. Make more content for level 220+ characters to do or to train (new maps).

Release new monsters that drop good items, equipments (CRA is dead). Hunting is so boring and almost no return on investment at all. We maplers, spent thousands of  $ on the game, in return we got back less than $100 on investment! For the situation like now, don't fund is better.

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