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22 stars? EASY OR HARD?

I noticed no one has written about how hard it is to get 22 stars. Here is my personal experience on getting 3 22 stars. Those 3 22 stars spent me less than 10b. You might be surprised.

Because my first bow, this has reached 20* before the 25 stars system. I star force 3 times with 1 fail to get to 22 stars. This spent me approx 300m? And the 2nd earring I spent about 6b to 22 stars.

Meister shoulder and ring (20 stars) I spent about 3.1b. I got the mesos after selling out DOM for 4b in auction house.

So 22 stars is not as hard as you think. It is cheaper than tyrant. This means you can get to 22 stars cheaper than you create a 12 stars tyrant. Way cheaper.

However, I believe I'm just lucky. Some people took 25b to get 5 20* equips in FB group. Another took 350m-9b to get a 20*.

But average people took 5b to get to 20*.

If you are lucky like me, you just need 2b? to get to 22 stars.

Here you got the answer you need at least 1-2 billion to get to 20* in my opinion.

Once you get to 20* it is SUPER easy to get to 22 stars. As at 20* it won't decrease the stars if fails.

Trusted mesos seller! Weizui from kaleoz!

Hi guys, all of the sites have their mesos out of stock. Here is the only site that the mesos is in stock.


He is trusted and deliver mesos as promised! He deliver mesos to me in 15 mins!!

Mesos BECOME a GOLD ITEM that got $$$ CANNOT BUY!!!

I wanted to buy mesos, but after looking at SEAGM, 0bear, SEA4Gold and other sites. All of them have out of stock. This means that you got the money to buy mesos, but there is no one can sell you mesos.

What the fuk this means? This means mesos will keep increasing in price until $20/b or more. You see now there are lots of legendary equips and weapon auction at 10b+ each in Auction house.

Hackers are gone, they are not farming anymore, this means no more mesos supply from them.

The only place I can think of to buy mesos is on the MapleSEA FB group. That's all!

Arcane River Stone has DROPPED to 70m! At its LOWEST!

As you may know, if you have played this game for quite a while. This stone originally costs approximatly 200m. And now? It dropped to 70m-75m, it become a worthless stones.

With 22x% drop rate, I usually hunt 1 stone in 1-2 hours. Seriously.... 1-2 hours for 1 stone which costs... $0.7. If you work you can at least make $10 per hour. Hunting stones used to me quite profitable for me as each stone can sell for 200m. But now? Don't hunt anymore! It is not worth your time hunting this stone anymore.

Hunting EB also another worthless activity, hunting purple cube now each purple cube worth only 55m. And yellow cube 40m. The time taken to get those cubes ... ? Not worth, usually after 5 ebs you will get 1 yellow cube or purple cube. But... worth? Nope.

Seriously, there is no easy way to farm mesos in game for free now. Plus, there is no mesos bag in sale in the cash shop. Also, mesos sellers are all out of stock of their mesos stocks. Mesos become a super rare and precious thing in this game now. Now you can sell $12/b.

Soon, you will see $20/b... because mesos keep getting swept away by the star force system without returning to the market. 

0bear - Trusted MapleSEA mesos seller!

Want to buy mesos? But seagm and sea4gold is out of stock? 0bear is the alternative, I have bought a lot of mesos from them. They are truly trusted mesos seller. Here is the link to buy their mesos.

They only left with 34b mesos in hand so if you want to buy mesos do it quick. I'm not affiliated to 0bear but many players are desperate for mesos now and nowhere to get them. 0bear is the only place I found you can rely on. 


You might be wondering why recently the mesos prices increased so much. It is very unaffordable now as you can see the price of the mesos. Not only that, it has been out of stock for several days in SEAGM.

The reason behind the surge in mesos price is because of the mass banning of hackers after server check. After every server check, massive of their (hackers) accounts got banned. As you can see, if you got more than 100 characters level 100+ and all of them got banned, you need to re-train all of them (takes a long time).

So this in turn, makes the farming of mesos very very slow. Plus, now the market, everyone is looking to star force their equipment to 22*. By star forcing your equips, the mesos is gone forever, not circulated back to the market. So lesser and lesser mesos circulating around the market, and more and more mesos being eat away by star force system, so what? This causes mesos inflation.

SEAGM has been out of stock for days so what? Many players wants to buy mesos but there is no mesos bag too. The best alternative is 0bear and sea4gold, other than that you can look for mesos on the FB group of MapleSEA.

But without hackers = everything become super expensive as no one farm yellow cube, purple cube, rainbow flames, crimson flames for you. With hackers, everything becomes cheap, so it is good to have hackers although they are in the game for the purpose of making real currency.

Have a nice day! Look forward for level 275 soon.


I'm just going to release half of my method. You can still earn a fortune out of it. I also earned more than 10 BILLIONS MESOS! All my friends are already billionaire in this game. 

Since this method already known by so many selfish people. I'm here to release it. 

100m = $7? I think it also worth $1.

Here is how to do it.

1. Download Nox Player (Search Google) and install it. It is an Android simulator.

2. Search and download MapleStory M on Google play store. Download all the MapleStory M updates first (launch the game, let it update the 1gb file).

3. Go and clone MapleStory M clients using the Nox Multi instance manager (for multi clients).

4. Run as many MapleStory M clients as much as possible until your computer cannot take anymore. For each client, create a Google account and copy and paste the credential to a excel file.

5. Download Gangar bot


6. Level each of the character to level 84. Then after that it is your time to think how you bring it to level 100.

7. Bring all the characters to mini dungeon everyday! And transfer bit by bit to your main character using your IQ. For example, if you use 100m to buy a rare item, it will trigger ban. Do what a normal player will do, to bring all your mesos to your main character.

You might saw the ads on selling million or even billion of mesos. This is how they do it. Once you get a lot of characters to level 100, everyday only need to click to go to mini dungeon and click start and farm that 2 hours = 700k-1m.

1 character = 1 million per day
100 characters = 100 million per day
1000 characters = 1b per day

You might be thinking of how, we only got 1 or 2 computers or phones on our hand, how to move so many characters? The answer is VPS.

A VPS can bot up to 10 characters.

For crazy farmers who want to farm trillions buy VPS


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