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MapleSEA - Guild Noblesse skills

If you are reading this, you should be looking forward to Guild Noblesse skills which gives either 30% Boss damage, Critical Damage, LED, or Damage %. If you open the guild skills tab you will see it.

It is super useful for bossing, especially if you always go for dojo, it helps too. 30% CD makes a big difference if you got 100% critical rate. 

But one of the cons of these skills is that it will disappear if you die, you need to have unlimited numbers of buff freezer (get from cash shop) in bossing to maintain it. However, if you happened to get a broid (Battleroid M or F) from IGacha or you can find from others in FB group. It can acts as an permanent buff freezer for your buff skills in bossing. Even if you die at boss hard, the guild noblesse buffs will be maintained. 

Anyway, Mileage shop got sell 5 buff freezers 500 mileage each can get 5 per month if u want perm buff freezer then just get broid.

This guild noblesse skills is a super useful buffs in terms of bossing or dojoing. 

So next, you will ask which guild to find?

What Guild to find?

Just join like lv 28 or 29 guild, you should have a minimum have 2 noblesse skills maxed or like the image above, I joined a lvl 29 guild.

How to get guild noblesse skills?

Only way to get noblesse skills are through flag and gpq so if u guys dont do it then u wont get noblesse skills.

How to maintain the guild noblesse skills?

Every monday the noblesse skills point will reset, and your guild members need to go for Flag race or the GPQ (Guild party quest) to get ranked and get the SP to add the noblesse skills. So, you need to follow a strict guild rules by your guild.

It is a kinda of fk up thing, as maple make use of this to make you keep going back to play. But, for noblesse skills, it is worth. 

Can you slack and enjoy the noblesse skills?

As in the guild in general like if got sufficient members to go flag race, GPQ then honestly u can slack and enjoy the noblesse skills

How to add Guild Noblesse skills?

Usually CD first

Then either bd or dmg and ied is the last for noblesse assuming u are the guild master

The IED below should be the last to add.

Assuming if your guild is not an active guild. You should join a more active guild cos 30% cd really makes a big diff.

That's all for Noblesse skills. 

Use Tera Burning Potion at Lvl 11 instead of Lvl 10!


For god sake, this guy knows what to do.

Only burn your character at level 11 so you level to 200 and not 199!

PayToWin $69642.8 SGD character in Maple Aquila!


If you have been in Youtube watching Maple video, you will come across this video above. Created by my old friend which ImWildMir, he has gone to KMS to review on their content. And I don't know why he is able to control such an imba character with 88k dex. This account probably belongs to his friend.

Just look at the number of cube fragments this account has, it is absolutely insane. 

5671 additional cubes used 
12665 red cubes used
1253 black cubes used 

If do we a simple calculation

5671 * 4 + 12665 * 3.5 + 1253 * 2.1 = $69642.8 SGD

Holy sht this guy is surely insane this is a $60k+ character.

Anyone of you have even spend 1k on a video game?

50k in real life can take you 5 years of working outside in Singapore. Saving 2k per month!


What this guy is working as, why does he has so much money to spend on this game character.

It is absolutely insane. 

This character is from MapleSEA Aquila and the character equips and weapon is on sale now, so far BOD, ACS set has been sold. He already get back 25k+ still got 25k worth of equips and weapon on hand.

MapleSEA Lag - Player Perspective

 As you know, the lag has become unbearable.

Here is what we experienced as a player, it takes damn long time to launch MapleStory.exe even with the top processor / RAM / spec. Then once it launched, it takes like 2-5 mins to select your character and get into the game. 

The server is kind of weak. When you switch channel you get into the risk of getting disconnected. If you get disconnected, you screen will be black out and you need to Alt-Tab to close Maple or restart your computer.

Even when we spell trace items, enhance items is kind of lag. For example, for every slot you spell trace, the button will be unclickable for 2 seconds, this is the same for star forcing. 

Next, is that, even bossing can be lagging. For example, queuing for bosses. You need to wait super long to get in, it's lagging.

Basically, the whole server is kinda of lagging and hanging and is unplayable at current level. 

Hope Asiasoft will do something about lag. 

You can iBox them this post to them or let them know that their server need to upgrade. 

It's kinda of disturbing when you playing a game need to restart the game 3-4 times.  

Breath of Divinity and its POWER! IMBA and CRAZY!


I have been using this ring for several months now, and bring it to bossing everyday and every week. This is what I found out. 

This ring is fking and freaking the best item out of all your equips and accessories. This ring alone is even better than your ACS whole set! 

Imagine if you go to kill normal lucid with a party of 6. You alone has the BOD but others does not have it. Even you got almost not so good mechanical skills to survive at the boss fight. This ring alone is able to help you. 

I have tested I always go to normal lucid, or any hard bosses. I'm always the last one or last 2 on the boss fight that is still surviving. The reason is that, if the boss fight got 10 lives to spare. You actually got 20+ or infinite of lives to spare if you can play well. 

If you got low range, and a good mechanical skills and enough time, you can down a lot of bosses.

It is no wonder this ring worth 5k and can buy your whole ACS set including weapon. It is so godly, that it can help you survive through boss fight. 

This ring is a MUST have ring in the whole game. MUST have you heard me. 

So long as this ring has this heaven door skill, this is the best ring in the game.

Even you got low range, the first item you should go for is this ring. I found out that this ring is fking imba in boss fight.

21% ATT on Emblem, Secondary Weapon, Weapon! or 2 lines of ATT%! How hard is it?


Cut it short, I guess you want to know how much you need to spend to get 2 lines of ATT %.

Here is the truth 

You need around 35 cubes ~ 225 additional cubes.

If you are unlucky you need more than 225 additional cubes

That's the truth I gotten 2 line of ATT % on my emblem, secondary weapon, weapon.

My emblem took like 500 bucks which is around 100 cubes at legendary?

My secondary weapon took 59 additional cubes to get 21% ATT at legendary.

59*4 = $236.

My weapon took 225 cubes to get to 21% ATT 12 % boss dmg which is 3 perfect prime lines.

To get a 3 perfect prime lines on those items you need at least $1000 sgd. You heard it, or around there which is 250 cubes to get 1 chance to get 3 perfect prime lines on your weapon, emblem or secondary weapon.


 Cut it short.

Let's start

1. Click on the "new" icon on the left to get into the game room (the most top icon).

2. Once you get into the game room, click on "Game Master Jun".

3. Go into the game wait for a while takes like 20 seconds?

4. Wait for the game to start... it takes 5 seconds here.

Shoot yourself down (suicide). Click on the platform below on what you stand and shoot.
The key is to die as fast as possible. A round of gun fight takes freaking long. 

You aim is to get the 1000 points in less than 2 mins? 

Once you lose the game, you will get 1000 points which is 10 coins.

Once you get 150 coins, go get the cubes in the shop.
Well, it takes maybe 20~30 mins for 1 free purple cube but here is the trick.

Use multiple characters and multiple computers at the same time. 

So if you got 5 characters you get 5 purple cubes in 30 mins. 

A lot of people are abusing this now... saw them in game.

You can keep doing the gun slinger quest.

The music game also the same.

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