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MapleStory Assistant Cheng Ludibrium Jumping Quest

The missing mechanical parts

An easy jumping quest, should not need any tutorial.

Jumping quest Obstacles/Monsters: Trixters, Green Trixters

There has been a debate on whether this is a jump quest and most people do consider this as a Jumping quest.

You have 20 minutes to complete this Jumping quest. The aim unlike the other Jumping quests is to collect 10 mechanical parts from boxes scattered in one long horizontal map with a line of conveyor belts at the top. It is recommended that mages or other classes that has low hp to bring hp pots simply because the tricksters in the map deal very nasty damage around 100 damage or so. The conveyor belts in the map are very annoying. Although there are some solid platforms, most boxes must be reached by jumping on conveyor belts. Correct timed jumps must be done in order to reach to other boxes. Even though this is a fairly hard jump quest, it is not the hardest. Reward : 10%/60% shoes for jump or 10%/60% shoes for speed

Jumping quest Requirements

  • Available to all except beginners
  • Over Level 60

Jumping quest Procedure

  1. Talk to Assistant Cheng. He is located at Toy Factory Process 1 Zone 1.
  2. Talk to Assistant Cheng so that you can enter the jump quest.
  3. Collect 10 Machine Parts.
  4. Return to Assistant Cheng and give him the collected items.

Jumping quest Hint

  • You are allowed to use skills here such as Haste. However, you can't use Teleport.
  • Haste is not necessary, though Dark Sight is handy to avoid being hit by the Trixters.

Jumping quest Rewards

Common Location

Jumping Quests Given

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End of Jumping quest

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