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MapleStory Ludibrium Cracked Dimension Party Quest

Rank Fastest time Completed Item Required
S 20 min 80 Yes
A 25 min 60 Yes
B 30 min 40 No
C 40 min 20 No
D 60 min 1 No
F - 0 No
Is there any changes made after Big Bang for Ludibrium Party Quest?
- Stages changed. Stage 8 has changed into mathematics stage.
- Monsters and boxes don't drop tickets. Just kill all monsters or destroy boxes in each stage.
(Note: I don't know why Ratz still appear even though stage 1 is clear)

[PQ] Ludibrium PQ after Big Bang

You can enter the PQ via Mirror of Dimension:
You need to be at Level 30-200 to do the party quest.
Head to Ludibrium: Eos Tower 101st Floor and form a party of 3-6 members.

Note: Post-Big Bang, any characters above level 30 can do this PQ. Having a Cleric in your party is highly recommended for the boss fight. All-Cure potions are also highly recommended, as the battle with Alishar will occasionally leave your skills locked or your character being inflicted with the darkness effect.

Have your party leader click on Red Sign.

  1.     Stage 1
  2.     Stage 2
  3.     Stage 3
  4.     Stage 4
  5.     Stage 5
  6.     Stage 6
  7.     Stage 7
  8.     Rewards/Prizes 

Stage 1

All 26 Monsters Killed that are within the map.
  1. Eliminate all the Ratz from Another Dimension and Black Ratz from Another Dimension! Post-Big Bang, passes are no longer required to be picked up.
  2. Once they have all been defeated, click on the Red Balloon and head towards the portal.

Stage 2

10 passes required to finish this stage.
  1. Hit the blue boxes and collect the Dimensional Passes that drop from it. Post Big-Bang, anyone (party members and/or the leader) can hold the passes.
  2. Once all the passes have been collected (regardless of them being with the members or the leader), the leader should click on the Orange Balloon.
  3. Move into the portal to proceed to the next stage.

Stage 3

Required classes (Retired Option, No Longer Needed)
1 Magician, 1 Non-Magician
All 6 Monsters Killed.

Move through the portal into the darkness (Be sure to mark the portals you go through so you don't double it up). Do note that the top/bottom portals cannot be entered.

  1. Kill the monster that is in the darkness.
  2. Note: You can only attack them when their eyes are open. The two bottom portals contain monsters weak to physical attacks, and the three top portals contain monsters weak to magical attacks. One portal will have two monsters lurking inside.
  3. Once all monsters have been eliminated, the party leader should click on the Lime-Green Balloon.
  4. Head into the portal and move on to the next stage.

Stage 4

  1. In this stage, you will have to find the right combination of portals to reach the top.
  2. Jump onto a number and press up. If the number is correct, you will move up. But if you're wrong, you will be teleport-ed to the bottom.
  3. To make this easier, the combination is as follows: 133 221 333 123 111
  4. Head towards the portal to move on to the next stage.

Stage 5

  1. This stage is quite straightforward - simply kill all the 4 Rombots in the map.
  2. Talk to the balloon, then move into the portal once you have cleared the stage.

Stage 6

  1. Talk to the Blue Balloon.
  2. A maths equation will be given - solve it.
  3. Then stand on the boxes accordingly to indicate your answer, which will always be 3 digits.

The possible combinations are 
12345 12346 12347 12348 12349 12356 12357 12358 12359 12367 12368 12369 12378 12379 12389 12456 12457 12458 12459 12467 12468 12469 12478 12479 12489 12567 12568 12569 12578 12579 12589 12678 12679 12689 12789 13456 13457 13458 13459 13467 13468 13469 13478 13479 13489 13567 13568 13569 13578 13579 13589 13678 13679 13689 13789 14567 14568 14569 14578 14579 14589 14678 14679 14689 14789 15678 15679 15689 15789 16789 23456 23457 23458 23459 23467 23468 23469 23478 23479 23489 23567 23568 23569 23578 23579 23589 23678 23679 23689 23789 24567 24568 24569 24578 24679 24689 24789 25678 25679 25689 25789 26789 34567 34568 34569 34578 34579 34589 34678 34679 34689 34789 35678 35679 35689 35789 36789 45678 45679 45689 45789 46789 56789

  1. If there are only 3 members present and the leader is not in a position to click the balloon (i.e. second platform), then a platform puppy can be 'purchased' from the Sergeant to act as a member.
  2. Talk to the Blue Balloon, then move into the portal when the right answer has been found.

Stage 7

Post Big-Bang, Alishar will already be at its throne.

  1. Note: Beware of Chronos, Platoon Chronos and Master Chronos that Alishar may summon. Also beware of Alishar's seal and darkness skills. It's recommended that most of the spawn is killed before Alishar, or lower levelled party members may die when the treasure boxes pop-up appears.
  2. Once Alishar is killed, a treasure box pop-up will appear with 6 treasure boxes. Randomly choose one and you'll be allowed to choose 1 prize among 3 different prizes.
  3. Remember to pick up the Key Ring dropped by Alishar; then talk to the Purple Balloon to exit the stage.
Ludibrium PQ Boss 
  • HP: 125000
  • MP: 2500
  • EXP: 4800 (shared)
Monsters Summoned By Alishar
Chronos, Platoon Chronos, Master Chronos
Required classes

Ranged hitter with maxed Keen eyes or Eye of Amazon(or a magician or a well hasted 2-handed weapon warrior will do), Cleric with maxed Heal highly recommended
Obtain Key Ring from Alishar

This is a very difficult and long boss fight. Having a Cleric in the party is very highly recommended.  

NOTE! : After Big Bang, Alishar's Stats have been altered and level 30 and higher can now join the PQ, making the Boss easier to kill.

 If the party members are all level 50 then it isn't required, as you can probably kill it in under a minute. A ranged person kills the Black Ratz to open the box and Alishar will spawn.

If there is a Cleric in the party, they should begin spamming heal.

Everyone else attacks the boss and tries to stay alive. Based on his health, the boss will spawn different types of Chronos. Near 3/4 HP he will spawn regular Chronos, at 1/2 HP he will spawn either Chronos or Platoon Chronos, and when he is near death, he will spawn Master Chronos along with Platoon and regular Chronos. Clerics are able to damage these with heal as well, though it will slow down their healing of party members. While fighting the boss, characters may be afflicted with various status ailments. Everyone will need either Eyedrops and Holy Water or only All-Cure potions. Mages don't have to worry about losing accuracy so they only need Holy Water, though All-Cure potions work as well. When he dies, he drops a Key Ring. The leader should pick that up, and talk to the Purple Balloons to exit.


    The Bonus Stage has been removed post-Big Bang, and it has been replaced with a treasure box pop-up as indicated previously. Equipment gained can have a hidden Potential.

    • Total of 20000-30300 experience

    Additionally, once you have completed this PQ 35 times, talk to the Red Stop Sign and you can obtain a pair of Broken Glasses.

    A party of 3 to 6, ranging from levels 30 to 200, progresses through 6 stages in less than one hour by solving puzzles and killing monsters. The skills specific character classes possess, such as Haste, Heal, and Teleport, are eminently used to help pass some of the stages. The skills Dark Sight and Teleport are required to complete the accompaniment. Prizes consist of potions, ores, equipment, scrolls, or summoning bags.

    AC   : Auto-clicker. A program that automatically clicks for you in a rapid
           manner, making it easier to get into PQ. Wizet does not approve of auto
           clickers, and you can get suspended or banned from the game for using
           one. Use one if you want, but don't whine if you get banned.
    AFK  : Away From Keyboard. The person is away from their computer, possibly
           doing chores, eating, using the bathroom or whatever. AFKing is usually
           fine when you're not PQing, but it wastes time when you are.
    BACK : Back. Usually said once an AFK or BRB'd person returns to his or her
           compy. It obviously means they are back.
    BRB  : Be Right Back. The lesser form of AFK. User will usually be back in a 
           few minutes or so.
    BS   : Bonus Stage. Also short for cow excretement.
    CH # : Channel #. Indicates that you should probably change to that channel. It
           may be empty, or a party member may have a track in that channel.
    CLEAR: Room Clear. Said by people in Stage 2 once they've broken the rigged 
           box. When they say this, it's safe to enter Stage 2.
    CLICK: Click!!. An indication to the Party leader that he should begin clicking
           the red sign on the 101st Eos Tower Floor.
    CRACK: A Crack in the Wall. Usually used when tracking to indicated the track 
           is in the final level against Alishar.
    DC   : Disconnected. A player's ISP or Maple Story itself has forced the player
           to exit the game, making them leave the PQ.
    DROPS: Eyedrops. A potion that cures Darkness/Blindness.
    DS   : Dark Sight. A Thief skill that prevents enemies from attacking the
           caster, but prevents the caster from attacking. Required to get past the
           Dark Block Golems in Stage 5.
    END  : End of Journey. Used when Tracking to indicate the tracked player is
           exiting the PQ prematurely.
    HASTE: An Assassin and Bandit skill that increases speed and jump stats
    HB   : Hyper Body. A Spearman skill that temporarily increases the HP and MP of
           the party.
    HEAL : Heal. A Cleric skill that regenerates HP and can damage undead enemies.
           Heals/Damages less when more things are targeted. Heal can damage the
           Chronos and its variations in the last stage.
    HW   : Holy Water. The potion that cures Skill Lock and Curse.
    KEY  : Key of Dimension. An item dropped by Alishar. Needed to get into the
           Bonus Stage.
    MISS : Missed. Said when another party gets into PQ before you do.
    MG   : Magic Guard. A Magician skill that converts up to 80% of HP damage into
           MP damage. The one thing keeping a mage from getting killed in one hit 
           by Alishar.
    N00B : A player who is obnoxious, self-centered or just plain stupid. Players
           who generally ignore requests, especially in Stage 8. Not to be confused
           with a newb.
    NAP  : Napoleon. A level 50 cape that can be collected from boxes in the Bonus
           Stage. Comes in Red, Blue, Green, White and Black.
    NEWB : Newbie. Someone who is new to a game. Usually willing to learn new things
           and respond to requests. Not to be confused with a n00b.
    OUT  : Out! Used when tracking to tell when the track has returned to the 101st
           Eos Tower Floor.
    PASS : Pass of Dimension. Items dropped by killable enemies in the PQ. Most
           stages require you to collect these.
    POTS : Potions. People in PQ usually use White Potions, Blue Potions and Mana
    PQ   : Party Quest. A "quest" that requires a party. Comes in two flavors:
           Kerning and Ludibrium.
    RAGE : A Fighter skill that raises Weapon Attack, but lowers Weapon Defense
    RUSH : To exit the Party Quest prematurely in an attempt to get in before
           another party does.
    SB   : Slash Blast/Savage Blow. Two skills. The first is a Warrior skill that
           can hit up to 6 enemies at the cost of MP and some HP. The second is a
           Bandit skill that can hit one enemy up to 6 times.
    SHAR : Alishar. The final boss of the Ludi PQ.
    SIN  : Assassin. A thief-class second job that throws shurikens. Can kill the
           distant enemies in stages 1, 7, and 9 and can also Dark Sight past the
           golems in Stage 5.
    TELE : Teleport. A common Magician 2nd job skill that transports the caster a
           few pixels in the direction held by the arrow keys.
    TRACK: A name used to determine where a person is in a PQ. Use the /find command
           to search out a person.

    Party Quest Terminology by MapleWiki

    Party quests has terminology which many be confusing to first time party questers. The following are used commonly in the Ludibrium Party quest.
    • Clear - The second stage's second box has been broken, you can now enter the second stage without going to the trap.
    • Done - Has the same meaning as "clear".
    • Go - Has the same meaning as "clear".
    • Pass - The ETC item that allows the leader to clear the stage, which opens the portal to the next one.
    • AC - Auto Clicker, a macro that allows one to click the red stop sign very fast. It can get you banned if used, this is against the terms of policy for MapleStory.
    • MC - Manual Click. The method of clicking on the Red Stop Sign using your fingers. It's slower than an AC, but it is legitimate. By using the space bar, this can be very fast
    • Track - Someone that you can look up to check their party's progress through the Party Quest.
    • Miss - The leader fails to get the party into the party quest and another party enters the party quest.
    • CC - Change Channel. Used when a party member has found a track and is telling the party which channel it is at (i.e. cc12 stg5)
    • Out - The current party inside the party quest is now out of the Party Quest, enabling another party to get in.
    • LDR - This means Leader
    • PL- This means Party Leader
    • Click - This means that the person tracking is telling the leader to click the red sign because the party in, is at the bonus stage.
    • Crack - This is used to inform the party leader that the party inside is at the last stage : A Crack on the Wall

    Credit to:
    Myself for adding and correcting information.

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