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MapleStory Chaos Zakum Fight

Entries and Requirements:
1. You must be at least level 100 to ENTER the map.

2. You must have at least one Eye of Fire in your inventory.

3. You must have done the pre-quests.

4. You must have killed Zakum before (the normal mode).

5. You must be in cc1.

Because of the new stupid accuracy formula, you have to be at least level 120 to hit Chaos Zakum (the chaos version is still level 140). I recommend level 130 and above for this expedition. Make sure you have at least one Dark Knight or Bishop in your party.

How to start the expedition

1. CC1
2. Join an expedition or create an expedition by pressing T and going to Chaos Zakum Expedition and press CREATE.

If you created the expedition, you need to do the following. 

1. Get all your Zakummers to Dead Mine: Entrance to Chaos Zakum’s Altar.
2. Talk to Adobis to join.

Once you’re inside Final Mission: Chaos Zakum’s Altar, let someone drop the Eye of Fire in the front of the altar and go kill.

Our roles

Hero: You are the arm mobber. Spam Brandish(targets one)/Brave slash (hits 3 enemies)/ interpid slash  in the arms and Zakum’s mobs and keep Rage buffed for your party. Use Brave Slash in the body.
Note: Rage will cancel Onyx apples or stews.

Heroes: are backup seduce in case the seduce order get messed up as it will move onto the next person.

Paladin: You are the attacker for the right side of the arms and the body. Use Heaven’s Hammer/combat orders to easily take out Arm 6 and speed up the killing process. 
Paladins are good attackers but they are to attack with everyone too, seperating dps/dpm into different arm parts is one of the worst ways to chaos zakum especially if you want to take out seduce asap.

Dark Knight: This is obvious. YOU need to keep Hyper Body buffed. Pay attention to what your party member says, in case you need to buff them.

Fire/Poison Arch Mage: You are responsible for keeping the lower side of Zakum’s arms from attacking. Use Meteor Shower the second it cools down. 
Only works in parties that don't expierence lag, meteor shower can cause a lot of lag. 
Mages usually aren't invited anyway, and an F/P mage should be using stack able poisons also.

Ice/Lighting Arch Mage: Because of you, the arms will take a LOT less time. Kill arm 6 quickly and remember to use Blizzard when it cools down. Arm 6 weak to lightning.

Bishop: We only need one Bishop per party, and the level doesn’t really matter. Just remember to heal, heal, and heal and use Holy Symbol. Don’t be afraid to spam the heal key because Zakum doesn’t have Zombify. Make sure to heal your ppls who are seduced.
- Zombify still exists they just removed the icon and doesn't show it on your screen

Night Lord: Used to kill Arm 5 quickly. Use haste every minute and DO NOT ATTACK when Zakum summons mobs. Just don’t attack. Don’t ask me why.
Haste isn't that useful, we're mostly standing still and attacking.

Shadower: It is actually rare for a shadower to act as a mob clearer. But, you should not use Boomerang Step that often. Attack the left side of Zakum.
You usually use assassinate+boomerang step, to avoid using the last hit in assassinate, since it propels you straight into the boss you are fighting. Also, don't forget smokescreen.

Bowmaster: It’s pretty obvious. Sharp Eyes. Attack the right side of Zakum and spam Hurricane.

Marksman: You have one KEY skill: Snipe. This should keep you busy and attack the top right side of Zakum.

Buccanner: I haven’t played one, but Battleship Cannon should be helpful. SI+time leap can help

Corsair: I haven’t played one either. Just remember to not stand too close to Zakum. 
Sairs have heavy boss damage, good enough to replace mages and a few other classes.

Aran: Mob the RIGHT side of Zakum using Overswing. When you do buffing, use pole arm booster first then put on Body Pressure and Snow charge during the arms(attacking the ice weak arm). Then use Combo Drain then Barrier, then use Tempest when you get 200 combos (should be able to use it every minute). When Zakum summons mobs, cancel snow charge so you can hit them. Then, after that, reapply it after mobs are killed.

Evan: Spam Earthquake or Blaze during the arms and mobs. Use idk, Illusion during the Body. I’m counting on you hero Evans!
Weak bossing. You won't see many being invited. Illusion might be good, but I think the best thing for an evan to do is use phantom image on each arm, circling around. It adds to the damage taken, so if you have 2 evans on each side, more damage for the entire expidition.

Dual Blade: Touching Zakum=death. I actually recommend you to use Fatal Blow during anything, and use Final Cut and Sudden Raid upon cooldown.
Remember to use chains of hell too.

Battle Mage: You are the buffer. I recommend Dark auras and use Finish Blow for main atk and use Dark Genesis and that tornado thingy when it cools down.
Best thing for them to do is use twister spin and teleport mastery, teleport-ing up to do more damage to all zakum arms. Also, battle mages aren't quite reliable buffers. Make sure they use blue aura if the party isn't strong enough to survive.

Wild Hunter: Absolutely needed. Use any skills you want and just remember to use Beast Form when it cools down.


Here is a visual view of the arms and what they do. We can come up witha strategy in which order its best to kill.I suppose the 1,2,5 arms are the most annoying they dispels and the 5th, they are random so we cant do anything about them.
  • Zakum Body 1 – 528,000,000 HP
  • Zakum Body 2 – 704,000,000 HP
  • Zakum Body 3 – 880,000,000 HP
  • Zakum’s Arm 1 – 264,000,000 HP – Absorbs more HP and MP
  • Zakum’s Arm 2 – 264,000,000 HP – Absorbs more HP and MP
  • Zakum’s Arm 3 – 176,000,000 HP
  • Zakum’s Arm 4- 176,000,000 HP
  • Zakum’s Arm 5 – 220,000,000 HP – Heals about 250,000 HP and restored 50,000 MP to all Zakum Arms every 30 seconds
  • Zakum’s Arm 6 – 240,000,000 HP
  • Zakum’s Arm 7 – 202,400,000 HP
  • Zakum’s Arm 8 – 202,400,000 HP
Total – 3,856,800,000 HP about 8x more than normal zakum.

Chaos Zakum Spells and Info
Arm 1:
Magic attack
3000 mp drain
Reverse keys (10 seconds, 80% chance)
Dispel (80% chance)
Arm 2:
Magic attack
5000 mp drain
Reverse keys (12 seconds, 80% chance)
Dispel (100% chance)
Arm 3:
Poison mist (1500 damage, 10 seconds, 80% chance)
Poison mist (2500 damage, 12 seconds, 80% chance)
Magic attack
Arm 4:
Physical attack (805)
Magic attack
Joystick curse (1500 damage, 20 seconds)

Arm 5:

Seal (30 seconds, 70% chance)
Darkness (30 seconds, 70% chance)
Curse (60 seconds, 70% chance)
Weakness (30 seconds, 70% chance)
Seduce (15 seconds, 5 targets)
Arm 6:
Attack up (115, 30 seconds)
Magic up (115, 30 seconds)
Defense up (85, 30 seconds)
Magic defense up (85, 30 seconds)
Arm 7:
Physical attack (950)
Physical attack (880)
Arm 8:
Physical attack (950)
Physical attack (880)
Chaos zakum 1:
Weapon cancel (30 seconds)
Magic cancel (30 seconds)
Summon boogie, puco, punco, cuzco
Hp/mp 1
Magic attack + zombify (10 seconds, 100% chance)
Physical attack (800) + stun (5 seconds, 100% chance)
Chaos zakum 2:
Weapon cancel (30 seconds)
Magic cancel (30 seconds)
Summon puco, punco, cuzco, opachu
Dispel (90% hp, 80% chance)
Dispel (60% hp, 100% chance)
Hp/mp 1
Magic attack + zombify (10 seconds, 100% chance)
Magic attack + potion lock (6 seconds, 40% chance)
Physical attack (840) + stun (5 seconds, 100% chance)
Chaos zakum 3:
Weapon cancel (30 seconds)
Magic cancel (30 seconds)
Summon punco, cuzco, opachu
Dispel (90% hp, 80% chance)
Dispel (60% hp, 100% chance)
Hp/mp 1
Magic attack + zombify (10 seconds, 100% chance)
Magic attack + potion lock (8 seconds, 50% chance)
Physical attack (920) + stun (5 seconds, 100% chance)

Arms 1 and 2: Use Magic attack, so Mages should do well in it. HP: 264,000,000. EXP: 1,612,800

Arms 3 and 4: Recommended for warriors (and battle mages) to attack them since they drain HP and MP. HP: 176,000,000. EXP: 1,075,200.

Arms 5: Ranged chars should attack it. Beware of curses from it. HP: 220,000,000. EXP: 1,344,000.

Arm 6: EVERYONE should attack this arm at first. It heals Zakum 1 million HP once every minute. When this is killed, then everyone go to their specified arms. HP: 220,000,000. EXP: 1,344,000.

Arm 7 and 8: Arm 7 is recommended for Wild Hunters and 8 are recommended for Warriors. This should be fast and easy. HP: 202,400,000. EXP: 1,236,480.

Chaos Zakum 1: REMEMBER, when all arms die, REMEMBER TO SPAM POTIONS because 1/1 happens so often. When HP falls below 50%, Arans cancel out Snow Charge. HP: 748,000,000.

Chaos Zakum 2: Just a harder version of Chaos Zakum1. HP: 904,000,000.

Chaos Zakum 3: Here is where everyone, and most parties fails. REMEMBER, Bishops need to heal the seduced ppls! DO NOT FORGET TO POT, AND DO NOT EXPECT THE BISHOP TO HEAL YOU!!!!!!! Everyone please buff yourselves and tell Chaos Zakum: good game! HP: 1,280,000,000. EXP: 8,877,840.

How fast do I need to kill?

Here is a general idea.
1:25:00- Arm 6 should be dead.
1:10:00- Arm 5 and 1 or 2 should be dead.
1:00:00- Only arm 7 and 8 should be left.
0:55:00- All arms dead.
0:45:00- Chaos Zakum1 should be almost dead.
0:30:00- Chaos Zakum2 should be dead.

You should kill CZak at 10:00.

Total time: 1 hour 30 minutes (5400 seconds). The expedition needs to do 845518 damages per second in order to kill it in time.

More guides:

It allows you to obtain a Helmet better than Scarlion hat which gives you 10% HP and 10% MP more!

Chaos Zakum Helmet (Req Lvl. 100)
  • STR: +21
  • DEX: +21
  • INT: +21
  • LUK: +21
  • HP: +10%
  • MP+10%
  • Weapon Defence: +180
  • Magic Defence: +180
  • Accuracy: +35
  • Avoidability: +35
  • Number of Upgrades Available: 10
It looks like this in game.

    Chaos Zakum Tree Branch (Req Lvl. 50)
    • Weapon Attack: +60
    • Magic Attack:+90
    • Number of Upgrades Available:7

    Credits to Cyanne.
    Tactics 1 BY


    Order: sed arm>dispell arms>then rest i suppose try to hit as many as possible. like warriors hit like 3 or 4 at the same time so when hitting the sed arm then be on the platform. single target attackers try to hit the sed arm on the platform too. about dispell arms either we all attack same arm
    or warroiors take left and ranged right as warriors have hard time hitting the right arm. i think taking down 1 dispell arms fast is better cuz it reduces the dispell(i think). then its the bodies we cant choose the order Razz

    To all: do not rely on others that much better use potions than w8 for heal same with all curse. know the order. and stick with your party all time. ecpecially when you hb, heal, se, dispel. also as dispell is so frequent try to do so that only 1 pt member MWs to save time as it will be dispelled often. when pot locked then try to use mobs as low DMG dealers not to get 1/1 and then die or bishops dispel.

    Attackers: Know the order. as for Mobbers try to hit as many arms as possible with 1 attack. Common sence they will die faster.

    DK: HB is the most important. Stay close with your party and watch for dispel. as roger said maybe is best if u only hb when the dispel arms are a live. as for body well we are all together. so attack and hb frequently or keep an eye out on skills.

    careful with zomby, dispel, pot lock and sed. Pay a lot of attention to our buffs when dispelled. Also for bishop better say in arms and take dmg when the sed and dispell arms are a live this way you can avoid dispel and heal /dispell ur pt.

    the seduce usually more>>> so just try to look and when u see ppl moving >>> go
    only leave to heal sed. do not spam heal. just heal and then mg and heal and so on. do not use pointless buffs like HS and bless. Holy shield is ok so pt wont get cursed so much.

    during body dont heal or only when pot lock and ppl have low hp. cuz zomby is present keep heal to minimal. i hear that potion lock is dispel able. so when you see thunder attack then cast dispel.

    the joystick curse: you will be poisoned and when you move it will be active so each step is like -hp idk much.

    HP for ppl:
    I don't think the magic attack are that high BUT
    the Body dmg is high. This is approximately

    Arms - 8,6k magic dmg like 7kish
    Body - 14 k

    I do think it might be possible for us to take it down so we need to be
    well organized and pay attention to dispell.

    heres a video to inspire you.


    if i missed something or something is wrong pls do tell.
     Tactics 2 by


    All melee and ranged starting attacking the arms on the left, from bottom to top. We then proceeded to kill right arms from bottom to top.

    The curse arm on normal zak is the seduce arm on chaos zak (czak). That one is the 2nd from the bottom on the left. That has to be taken out ASAP.

    Melee goes into map first and they are the first to be seduced. czak seds in mass, so most melee get sed and go to the right. the sed lasts about 10 seconds!!!! bishops are important to heal while people are in sed.

    The arms took about 25 minutes to take down with the parties mentioned above.

    There is a LOT of dispel and pot cancel and joystick damage. there is some reverse spells casted also. when i say a lot of dispel, i MEAN A LOT OF DISPEL. czak dispels about 20 times a minute! Bishops/mages beware

    The arms didn't hit for a whole lot of damage, around 4k or so.

    The body: melee goes to the left of the body and ranged go to the right! this is because the body casts sed also. The 1st body also casts zombify in which a bishop's heal will kill the entire party. No heal during 1st body!
    Melee still gets mass sed and they will walk to the right ACROSS the body so it's important for the bishop to follow.

    The body also hits for around 5-6k so HB is very helpful for ranged atkers. melee people should be just fine.

    melee died after our bishop died from 1/1 and sed at the same time. only two survivors were myself and another NL. we left when we ran out of stars at 45 minutes time.

    some pearls of wisdom for czak (for someone to organize one soon!)

    1. at least 3-4 godly heroes/paladins (cloud, taz, eli, peer come to mind)
    2. SE and HB and MW30 aren't particularly helpful cuz there are so many dispels. If you have self -HB that is much better cuz that HB doesn't get dispelled.
    3. rage isn't very helpful cuz it gets dispelled.
    4. bishops: autopot is helpful and you have to be careful with all those dispels!!!!! rosy did heal, dispel, magic guard routinely and in that order.
    5. NL's need about 5k ( I believe) in HP and stay with melee during the arms. NL's go to the right side of the body after the arms are down.
    6. Melee should have autopot and have it set up high so that HP is always high. Their avoid is much lower and when they run into the body, they get hit pretty hard. Having a pro bishop helps out a lot.
    7. Apples/brews weren't really necessary, just pro melee (the 3 mentioned above).
    8. you have 90 minutes to kill czak.
    9. the EXP is kinda lame for a boss that has around 3bill hp.
    10. all of the bodies cast seduce, reverse, stun, and zombify, but not damage reflection.
    11. NL's need at least 20 set of stars as shadow stars isn't helpful at czak (dispel)
    12. lots of pots for 1/1 and potting to keep HP near its max.

    all in all, it was a great time for me and I hope that Peerless members will want to organize sometime soon for a czak run!!!!

    1. Bishops are vital to survival during seduce and potion lock.
    2. Dispels = deadly to bishops lol. Stun as well
    3. Potion block lasts about 3 seconds. The best way to minimize damage during pot block is to jump into the mob spawns. Pot Block cannot be cancelled with all cure, but it can be cancelled with dispel.
    4. Seduce lasts like 15 seconds!!!!! while seduced, you can get 1/1'ed, stunned, sealed, etc...
    5. Seduce always makes you go to the right. It seems as if czak seduces every 2 minutes or so.
    6. Dispels are frequent and random!!
    7. zombify apparently exists, but only during the bodies, and you cannot see the icon above your head during zombify.


    1. keep HP full at all times, especially during the bodies!
    2. while sed, say "sed" so that bishop can see
    3. having hero's will is VERY helpful if you get seduced. lvl 5 HW has a 6 minute cooldown.
    4. If you are potion blocked and not getting dispelled from bishops, walk up to the mobs so that the mobs hit you instead of getting 1/1'ed

    1. keep HP full at all times!
    2. NL's use dark flare as much as you can during arms. Mine hit for 250-300k! DO NOT use dark flare during the bodies to keep mobs alive
    3. NL's don't use shadow stars on the arms. too many dispels
    4. NL's should use SS on the body.
    5. Stay to the right on the body.
    6. Always enter the altar near last (just before bishops)
    7. If you see the melee/sed party get sed, climb up steps and hit mobs with weakest attack skill (taunt if you have it), then bring the mobs down to the seduced party so that they don't get 1/1'ed. This will help keep the melee/sed party alive
    8. If you are potion blocked and not getting dispelled from bishops, walk up to the mobs so that the mobs hit you instead of getting 1/1'ed


    1. During arms, I would suggest staying right in the middle of the map and spam magic guard and heal for yourself. Stay on top of the arms and take damage, this way, it minimizes the number of dispels
    2. Do NOT dispel your party
    3. Do NOT bless your party
    4. Do NOT holy symbol your party
    5. During the arms, do NOT climb ladders with your party, just stay on the bottom. with the reverse spell, it gets very confusing where you are, and you might miss magic guarding.
    6. Follow your party if seduce is present
    8. During the body, bishops stay on the top rope on the right to prevent getting stunned. Just hang on the rope spamming MG. Let the mobs hit you for low damage. Once the sed party gets seduced, jump down and go to the right and WAIT TO HEAL your party. look at your party's HP and only cast heal if you see the party getting 1/1'ed. Zombify apparently exists so healing during the body routinely is not advisable! Only heal your sed party IF THEY GET 1/1'ed!
    10. Move your minimap up near your spells so that you can see your party and watch for dispel.
    11. wait for host to move people around during a resurrection.

    The expedition leader has a very tough job, especially if he doesn't have autopot ( like me...)

    1. go in near last to minimize getting seduced ( I didn't, and it was a nightmare moving people around to get me into the seduce/melee party)
    2. Only put 5 people in a party (if possible) so that you can move a bishop into the party if necessary
    3. Melee party should consist of 4 melee, 1 se, and 1 bishop (for sed)
    4. ranged party typically doesn't need a bishop (unless melee start dying and sed goes into ranged party)
    5. for dead people, put them in completely different party, then move bishop to that party right after seduce is gone. Do not move bishop too quickly because the melee party won't have a bishop during seduce if you move the bishop before seduce is cast!
    6. Autopot is extremely helpful (I was too noob to have autopot)

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