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MapleStory Durability Items and Tablets Passing rates

Maple Heroes are always looking for bigger, better items with which to slay more and more evil monsters. The coming of the evil Dragonoir brings with it an opportunity to acquire such precious goods--the all new Durability Items!

What are Durability Items?
Durability Items are incredibly strong weapons that will drastically increase your adventurer’s abilities. In addition to their granted powers, Durability Items can obtain a number of additional attributes. (Players may check these out simply placing the cursor over the item).

Example of a Durability Item (Tradeable)

Example of a Durability Item (Untradeable)
Also Maple Admin rewarded me the 8th Anniversary Medal for supporting MapleStory !
A Mind refreshment on stats...

8th Anniversary Supreme Medal
Unique Item, Untradeable

Durability : 100%
Types : Medal  
STR +8
Avoidability +80
PvP Damage +2

What is a tablet?How do I increase a Durability Item’s powers?
Regular items’ powers are increased by using scrolls. Durability Items’ abilities are increased in a similar fashion, but they use “Tablets” that drop from mob bosses.

Unlike scrolls, Tablets are used to scroll durability Items' such as Rex earring.

One-Handed Weapon Tablet
Used on: One-handed Sword, One-handed Axe, One-handed Blunt Weapon, Dagger, Wand, Staff

Two-Handed Weapon Tablet
Used on: Two-handed Sword, Two-handed Axe, Two-handed Blunt Weapon, Spear, Polearm, Bow, Cross Bow, Claw, Knuckle, Gun

Armor Tablet
Used on: Upperwear, Bottomwear, Overall, Helmet, Shield, Cape, Shoes, Gloves

Accessory Tablet
Used on: Earrings, Face Accessory, Eye Accessory, Pendant, Medal, Belt

Each time a tablet is used the success rate gradually decreases. No Tablets come with a fixed success rate.  

Scrolls do not work on Durability Items.

Where can I get Durability Items?
Durability Items are acquired by slaying the mighty Dragonoir from the Dragon Rider Party Quest.

Why are they called “Durability Items”?
The down side of a Durability Item’s power is that they wear down with use. Just like real items though, they can be repaired and reused.

How do I repair Durability Items?
Once an item’s Durability reaches 0%, it can no longer be equipped. In order to repair it, just take it to one of the item makers. Items can also be preemptively repaired before they reach 0% Durability.

Can I trade Durability Items?
You can trade most of the Durability Items. However there are some items require using Platinum Scissors of Karma from the Cash Shop.

Special: Passing Rate of Tablets!
One-Handed Weapon Tablet
70% > 50% > 36% > 26% > 19% > 14% > 10% > 7%

Two-Handed Weapon Tablet
70% > 50% > 36% > 26% > 19% > 14% > 10% > 7%

Armor Tablet
70% > 55% > 43% > 33% > 26% > 20% > 16% > 12% >10% > 7%

Accessory Tablet
70% > 35% > 18% > 12% > 7%

Durability Items Information

Tablets Passing Rate
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