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Alternative Guide

Starting the quest

First, you must be level 50 or above. Go to El Nath and talk to your respective 3rd Job Instructor (they are the job advancement people for 3rd job). Ask them to allow you to participate in the Zakum Dungeon Quest.
Warning: You cannot do the Zakum mine quest if you did not do the above tasks.

Zakum Pre-Requisite Quest Part 1
Zakum Pre-Requisite Quest Part 2
Zakum Pre-Requisite Quest Part 3

Recommended level and pots to do the quest

400 White Potions
400 Red Bean Sundae
200 Melting Cheese (Warrior)
Return Scroll to El Nath when you need in case of emergency, be it re-pot or trading.

Recommended Level to be:
Level 55 Onwards. Avoid the bains at all costs. Also note that if you fall into the lava, it deals 200 damage per second
How to get to the quest place (El Nath Dungeon) Time needed: 1 hour or less
You can skip the below if you have the item “Return Scroll to Dead Mine” which costs about 200k at Free Market.
Walk right of El Nath town. Soon, you will see Yeti.PNGYetis, especially the big ones. Look out for a map with crossroads as you move along. Take the top portal at the crossroads. Soon after you continue walking more, you will come to a map that has a dead end. Talk to the NPC at the top, and he'll allow you into the dungeon. Prepare to face tons of wolves and werewolves.
For Thieves use Dark Sight, Magicians use Magic Guard, as for other jobs, just run for it and pray that you don’t get hit. You may be damaged with 1000 damage. You will come to the zombies. Walk right and right and right until it appears to be a dead end. Go into the hole at the right and you’ll end up at Dead Mine. Walk down to get to the map the passage and fall down. Detour around the Bains using ropes and keep moving right. Then, you will reach the map The Door to Zakum.
Congratulations! You have made it.

Explore the Dead Mine


Time limit: 30 minutes
You must complete stages 1-3 once each in order to fight Zakum.
Explore the Dead Mine (Level 1) Time limit: 30 minutes
Video of person soloing the quest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i2BqPWcFdo

Make a party (You can form a party of yourself too, solo), and you are ready to do stage 1.
I have made 4 guides.
  1. Basic information that you must know
  2. Guide to getting ONLY keys
  3. Guide to get both keys and documents
  4. Script for guide 3

Guide 1: Important information 

  1. Talk to Adobis and enter the mine map
  2. When you enter, you will be at this map in front of number 9
  3. Rooms 10 and 7 lead to room 16. Here is a map for room 16:
The yellow x is where you come out. All these maps are called 16-(the yellow number). For example, room 1 in area 16 would be called 16-1.
You need to collect 7 keys as part of stage 1. You are also given the optional task of finding 30 out of 32 documents to exchange to get 5 “return scroll to dead mine”.
Whacking the rocks and chests located in each map can:

1. Summon 3 Jr. Mimics(only for chest)
2. Teleport you back to the first map (only for chest)
3. Drop Return Scrolls to Dead Mine, mesos, Elixir and Power Elixir, Fried Chicken, Red Bean Soup
4. Drop keys 5. Drop documents

Jr. Mimic Stats
Level: 54
HP: 4,100
MP: 50
Exp: 165
Accuracy: 175
Avoidability: 25

Key locations (7keys): 4-2 (rock), 9-2, 11-1, 14-1, 16-2, 16-3, 16-5 (rock).
Document locations (32 documents): 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 3-1, 4-2, 5-1, 6-1, 7-1, 9-1, 10-1, 11-1, 12-1, 14-1, 15-1, 16-4, 16-5*, 16-6
This Document is located in a chest.
The following rooms all have 2 Documents: 3-2, 7-2, 8-1, 9-2, 10-2, 13-1
In addition, there's 3 documents located near the starting point.

Guide 2: Hunting keys only

Reward: 20,000 experience and a piece of fire ore
Party members needed: 2->4
  • Note that some chests can teleport you out so that’s why you search in a group. Head into these rooms as a whole group and hit the object in the bracket to get the keys: 

    • 4-2 (rock)
    • 9-2 (chest)
    • 11-1 (chest)
    • 14-1 (chest)
    • 16-2 (chest)
    • 16-3 (chest)
    • 16-5 (rock) 

      1. After you have the keys, head to map 16-5. There is a giant chest:
      2. Drop the 7 keys on it, and out will drop a fire ore :
      3. Talk to Aura after you have the ore, and instruct all party members to walk into the portal. You will gain piece of fire ore x1

      Guide 3: Hunting both keys and documents

      Reward: 5 Dead mine scrolls, 30k exp and 1 piece of fire ore for hunting both keys and documents. Party members: 6
      Make 4 party members follow guide 2. The other two will hunt the documents in these locations:
      Document locations (32 documents): 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 3-1, 4-2, 5-1, 6-1, 7-1, 9-1, 10-1, 11-1, 12-1, 14-1, 15-1, 16-4, 16-5*, 16-6
      This Document is located in a chest.
      The following rooms all have 2 Documents: 3-2, 7-2, 8-1, 9-2, 10-2, 13-1
      In addition, there's 3 documents located near the starting point.
      END OF STAGE 1

      Observe the Zakum Dungeon (Level 2) 

      Refer to this link


      This is a jump quest. It is very hard and has 2 stages. If you quit or get disconnected while in the jump quest, you have to start from the beginning (You’ll be teleported to the map “The door to Zakum”).
      There is no guide, but here is a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8q10m7voFrg
      P.S The very hard part is at 1 min 04 sec onwards. Try jumping when the ball shoots at you and hold up to be "hit back to the rope", however if you time wrongly you will go straight down. Hurray
      Items gained
      • The Breath of lava and some exp by talking to an npc at the end
      END OF STAGE 2

      Request For a Refinery (Level 3) 


      1. Adobis will now ask you for 30 gold tooths. Get these from hunting the Minor Zombies (the ones with hats) at Dead Mine. Change channel at “the door to zakum” and you’ll end up at “The Passage”. Change channel again and you’ll end up at "Forest of Dead Trees 4". Walk right and go into the hole to hunt. The teeth are yellow in colour by the way, not white.
      2. Head back to Adobis, refine your 3 items from the 3 stages, and you’ll gain 5 eye of fire.
      3. Now you can summon Zakum 5 times. 

      A shorter guide..... written by  Dize

      1st Pre-quest
      You only need the keys to clear it.

      2nd Pre-quest
      Zakum Jump Quest not much to tell just jump
      1st map.

      2nd map.

      3rd Pre-quest
      Here you need to collect 30 Gold Tooth from Minor Zombie's
      Gold Tooth:
      Minor Zombie:

      Minor Zombie's can be found:
      Dead Mine I
      Dead Mine II
      Dead Mine III
      Dead Mine IV

      All the pre-questes are done near El Nath 

      Credits to:

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