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[Guide] For the items, CrimsonWood Keystone ; Marker of Heroism ; Map of Phantom Forest

I recommend those who are planning to make a squad or join one to get all the items.

I made this guide such that you only need to do the Jumping Quest once and you will never have to do it again, unless you want to lol.

Please view this links for better reference. ( Note: Not all are accurate but this can give a rough overview. )

Click Me. [ This is for after you enter from the mirror. ( The first 2 maps are irrelevant to us ) ]

Click Me. [ This is the link to the maps from the Jump Quest Map (The Valley of Heroes 1 & 2 ) and onwards. ]

I found a way to reach Lukan in a less confusing way.

First, go to Dead Man's Gorge [ The place with 4 npc ( Mo, Joko ,etc ) ].
Next, go into the left portal.
Then, go into the MOST left portal.
Then, go into the MOST left portal AGAIN.
And you will reach Phantom Road. lol.

As for how to get out... Try to retrace your steps :x or use nearest town scroll

Firstly, take the 1st quest for the CrimsonWood Keystone.

This item is for the SL, for the pq.

Take the quest from Lukan. ( Instructions on how to go there are on top. )

The Brewing Storm:

10 Stormbreaker Badges ( not a quest item but is untradeable low drop rate )

You hunt them at:
Crimsonwood Mountain: Cavern of Pain OR ( Alternate map. Click Me. )
( Regardless of where you hunt the badge YOU MUST COME HERE to grab the quest from Jack "Stemming the Tide" at the same time. This is a MUST. For the 2nd part of the quest. )

Note: To go to the Cavern of Pain you will need to go through the jump quest. Both links on how and where to do the jump quest are on the 2nd post. After you complete it, you will reach
Crimsonwood Mountain: Lower Ascent

The cavern of pain is the red star.


Before you leave and complete your quest, go hunt 4 Typhone Feather from typhons
From : Crimsonwood Mountain: The Path of Peril
( You can come here from the most top portal of the map Crimsonwood Mountain: Lower Ascent

Now go find Lukan and complete the quest and at the same time take the quest "Storming the Castle". BUT, don't go rushing to do this quest

This is where you need to go to NLC and get your Marker of heroism.

For the Mark of Heroism

This item is so that we can skip the annoying jq.

First, go to NLC and find John Barricade, his in Big Ben.
There will be a quest called "The Mark of Heroism".
( You can also take the quest 'Finding Jack' at the same time. It's for the Map of Phantom Forest, details are at the bottom. )

He will ask for:
4 Typhon feathers ( UnTradeable )
10 Gold ore
1 Power crystal ore

Now you know why I said get 4 Typhon Feathers first? lol.

As for the other items hunt/buy or whatever.

After you get them all, talk to John again and complete the quest, he will then give you Marker of Heroism. ( marker? lol ) It will be in your set-up.

Now for the 2nd quest to get CrimsonWood Keystone
Storming the Castle:

Because you have the Marker of Heroism you can skip the annoying jump quest and go hunt the mobs.

Eliminate 75 Windraider.
Eliminate 75 Firebrand [2].
Eliminate 75 Nightshadow.

You can hunt them at various places, depending on how you like it. ( I put 3 maps here, Click Me for others. )

Crimsonwood Mountain: Cavern of Fortitude (balanced, the map has all 3 mobs)

Crimsonwood Mountain: The Path of Strength ( Firebrand and Nightshadow )

The red star in the ^^ picture is Cavern of Honor

Crimsonwood Mountain: Cavern of Honor ( Windraider and Nightshadow )

Note: You can get to 'Crimsonwood Mountain: The Path of Strength' from
'Crimsonwood Mountain: Lower Ascent'

The pink round circle is the portal to 'Crimsonwood Mountain: The Path of Strength'.

For 'Crimsonwood Mountain: Cavern of Fortitude', go into the top most portal of 'Crimsonwood Mountain: The Path of Strength'. You will be in the map called
'Crimsonwood Mountain: Upper Ascent'.

The white star is the portal to 'Crimsonwood Mountain: Cavern of Fortitude'

Now you can go comple the quest and Lukan will give you the CrimsonWood Keystone. It will be in your set-up.

NOW, for the Map of Phantom Forest. ( OPTIONAL )

This item is to allow you to use the hidden portals.

1) Talk to John Barricade in Big Ben.
2) There should be the quest, Finding Jack
3) Take the quest then go find Jack who is in 'Crimsonwood Mountain: Cavern of Pain'.
He will then give you the map. It's under set-up also.


More videos ; guides ; tips ; summary are on the 2nd & 4th post as I ran out of space.


More info on the quests 'The Fallen Wood' , 'The Right Path' & 'The Fallen Warriors' AND ALSO alternative maps.

A safe spot for the typhon feather hunting.

Originally Posted by yoroo View Post
For those hunting feathers, there is a safe spot in the map.


Guide TO GO TO the Jumping Quest ( The Valley of Heroes 1 ) :


Guide FOR the Jumping Quest ( The Valley of Heroes 1 & 2 ) :
( I just picked a random vid lol , watch from 1:15. )

Some Tips for the JQ:

Originally Posted by Pearlite View Post
Originally Posted by starbinder View Post
This is tip for those who find themselves trapped during JQ (eg falling down to the bottom during JQ2 and trapped at the right bottom with no way of climbing out) - Just cc and you'll be back at a safe spot in the same map.

Probably can use as emergency escape from the spinning pillars but haven't tested it yet...
Yup, but logging out is safer because we can lag when trying to CC. My friend said that you will be at the beginning of the JQ map again after logging back in (but not sure what happens if you logout at 2nd JQ map whether it will bring you back to 1st or 2nd map). In any case, it's a good way to save that 1% exp. I should have logged out when the pillar chased after me. Didn't think of that and instead tombed. Haha.

Guide on HOW TO USE the Marker of Heroism & Map of Phantom Forest :

Credits to : iSKID

If that is still not enough look at the pics below.

Middle portal of bent tree then go to the right portal and you will reach swap bog.

Right top portal of swap bog.

Right portal.

You have reached Forgotten Path.
There is a similar looking door in Forgotten Path IGNORE IT. Just go straight to the portal on top.
( If you fall down, go to the middle bottom portal and then you will be back at the place from the 3rd pic. )

After that skip the jump quest. ( The video shows really clearly how to do that )

After that, to go to CWPQ via the fastest route see the next 6 pictures.


This is a simple summary of what your supposed to do.

1) Talk to Lukan and take the 1st quest "The Brewing Storm"

2) Do the jump quest and go to Crimsonwood Mountain: Cavern of Pain.

3) Hunt 10 Badges and take the quest "Stemming the Tide" from Jack.

4) Go to Crimsonwood Mountain: The Path of Peril and hunt 4 Typhon feathers.

5) Go complete the quest "The Brewing Storm" and take the quest 'Storming the Castle".

6) Go NLC and talk to John Barricade in Big Ben.

7) Complete his quest "The Mark of Heroism" and take the quest 'Finding Jack'. ( At this point you should have your Marker of Heroism. )

8) Skip the JQ and go to the Cavern of Pain and complete the quest 'Finding Jack'. ( At this point you should have your Marker of Heroism and Map of Phantom Forest.) )

9) Then go hunt the mobs at ,Cavern of Fortitude OR The Path of Strength & Cavern of Honor

10) Go back to Lukan and complete the quest. ( At this point you should have your CrimsonWood Keystone & Marker of Heroism & Map of Phantom Forest. )

Requirements for the pq =>

Level: 90 and above.

Squad Members: 10 and above.

Required Items: The leader of the squad needs to have 12 Crimson Hearts and Keystone

Two job types of each class is required. Example: 2 Warriors (Crusader/Hero, White Knight/Paladin, Dragon/Dark Knight), 2 Archers, 2 Mages.... etc.

Multiple parties can participate up to 20 people total.


Can enter the PQ only 2 times in a 24hour period.
extracted from http://www.maplewiki.net/index.php?t...ep_Party_Quest with some slight changes.

Originally Posted by Variathas View Post
Hi Kxyoon!

Answers from the admin.

Crimsonwood Keep PQ is open to all classes including Knight of Cygnus (KOC), Aran, and Evan!

Aran will belong to warrior class. Evan will belong to mage class.

Hope this helps. ^^
Originally Posted by PlsBanThem View Post

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

This thread appear both in General discussion and Aran the hero forum to:

1. Inform the general populations who dont play aran
2. Inform any cwkpq organisers that Arans can indeed participate
3. Inform Evan players that they can cwkpq now that aran confirm can
4. Inform any other players who stubbornly refuse to accept that Aran cant go cwkpq
5. Even KOCs can go.

well the picture says it all.
Hope it clarify any doubters who says NPNT...

There are still a few more stuff on the 4th post pls check it out if you want to know the rewards of 'The Fallen Wood' & 'The Right Path'

MOST of the pictures are NOT mine and were taken from hiddenstreet. love you hiddenstreet LOL XD
Videos are not mine either. I take no credit for them.

Anything unclear or not there feel free to say. Just don't flame me for no reason.

And some of the answers to your questions might be in the later posts don't repeat the same questions.

This is the first time I'm making a guide so it will be quite messy.

I'm in Aquila so those who play Aquila and have questions can try to pm SsiaoZap or SsiaoDitz and I will do my best to try and help you.
The place is like a freaking maze lol :x

After a while of traveling I got slightly used to it though.

Edit: I RAN OUT OF SPACE FOR BOTH THE 1st AND 2nd POST I so din't expect 9000 words was so short.


This place 'Hall of Mastery' is the map before the pq area.

As for how to get there : Upper Ascent -> Crimonsonwood Keep -> Courtyard -> Hall of Mastery.


The Fallen Wood & The Right Path

A couple of people were talking about it and asking questions about it so I finally finished the quests.
Basically, the quest 'The Fallen Wood' & 'The Right Path' are quests that open up shops ,exchange quest and an option to forge stuff.

For the first quest, 'The Fallen Wood', Taggrin will ask you to hunt for 50 Phantom seeds. Phantom trees drop them.

Where to hunt them?
Crossroads, Twisted Paths, Bent Tree, Swap Bog.

After you completed the quest, There will be a new quest 'The Right Path' ONLY if you have completed the quest 'Finding Jack'.

After completing 'The Right Path' ( All you have to do is talk to him. ), you should be able to talk to Mo ( Shop ) , Joko ( Exchange Quest ) & Fiona ( Item Crafting ).

Mo's Shop

I know my editing is terrible please ignore it.

Joko's Exchange Quest

He din't clearly state what the rewards are so I can't confirm that this link provides correct information.
This Link.

Fiona's Item Crafting

Upgrading of raven equips.

She will then ask you which tao you want to use to upgrade your weapon.
What's the difference between the taos I'm not sure either.

Making Items

Originally Posted by AkitoHayama View Post

I am totally speechless now.
MapleSEA, u done a job.
( I confirmed that they are all correct EXCEPT the mesos and for the balanced fury. )
( 150k mesos is needed for both the upgrade and item making. )

lala ._.

The quest 'The Fallen Warrior' is not compulsory to complete to talk to Mo, Joko or Fiona. Meaning? It's up to you whether you want to complete it.

Credits to Helloello's Avatar Helloello Helloello is offline

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