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MapleSEA Normal Scrolls + Chaos scroll Scrolling Secrets | MapleStory Scrolling Method | MapleSEA Scrolling Technique | How to scroll perfect items on MapleStory

A pro scroller never give up on scrolling, this is probably the number one principle of every pro scroller. The fact is that, there is no scrolling methods or techniques to get a godly scrolled item. The real way is to keep scrolling and scrolling until one day you eventually get your desired godly item.

My best scrolled equipments


Being a maple scroller for 5 years since the inception of MapleSEA at 2005.
I shall reveal my Normal Scrolls Scrolling Secrets here.

 10%  : Needless to say, is this impossible to pass for you?

Pray hard

You would need about 12~15 pieces of 10% scrolls to get 1 passing result on average.
Try to fail at least 6-7 10% scrolls on junk equipments before you start to scroll the 10% scroll to your main equipment to increase the chance of passing.
This scroll is very hard to pass, you should try 30% scroll instead, however, 30% scroll has a risk of booming the equipment if failed.
Sometimes you might manage to get 2~3 10% passes in a row if you are lucky. Generally speaking, I have passed 4~5 10% on an equipment before.

Being the hardest scroll to pass and easiest scroll to obtain from monsters or quests, causing the scroll becoming the cheapest scroll among all types of other % scrolls in maple world.

15% : This scroll has slightly a better passing rate, you would need about 4~7 15% scrolls to get 1 passing result on average.
Try to fail some junk scrolls on some useless equipments before you try to scroll this, again, this is to increase the chance of passing the scroll.

I have tested more than 250 pieces of 15% gloves for att. On average, around 6-7 15% scrolls used, I can manage to get 1 passing result at the very least. The scrolls can be obtained for free through event.
Rumours from maplers that this scroll is easier to pass compared to 10% scroll. I too advocate to this statement based on my scrolling experience.
You can only get this 15% scroll by exchanging a 10% scroll of the same kind from Cassandra in Henesys Town when there is a event on-going.

30% : You mean 30% ? This is the scroll that I ALWAYS scroll. I scrolled countless of 30% scrolls.  On average, this scroll passes at 1 out of 5. Which means that, for every 5 30% scrolls you scrolled, you would probably get 1 passing result.

Try to boom some junks equipments/weapons before you try to scroll this scroll.
Booming some equipments will help.
Normally, after you boomed a junk equipment, then you scroll this 30% scroll to your equip, that equip will
not boom and just show up a fail.

Buy your 30% scrolls at an slightly average price of the market. Cheap 30% scrolls always boom your equipments !
Personally, I have boomed a lot of super godly equipments by using cheap 30% scrolls bought in FM.
Many players boomed their godly equipments using this 30% scroll at the very last few slots of the equipments. You should gather some junk scrolls and equipments together with some average priced 30% scrolls before you start to scroll.

Do not mess with 30% scrolls, I know if the 30% scroll passed, you may derive a good amount of mesos by selling the scrolled equipment. But most of the times, it will boom.

I have tried to profit using the 30% scrolls but till now there is no good result at all, plus maplers now are looking for good potential(''unique'')/enhanced equipments instead of 30% scrolls scrolled equips as potential and enhancement scrolls make up higher stats and damage.

Dark scroll 40% : Personally, I have scrolled mass number of 40% maple scrolls, and most of them passed, this scroll is slightly easier to pass compared to 30% scroll. However, this scroll adds a little lower stats to your equipment compared to the 30% scroll. In my opinion, you should use a 40% scroll instead of a 30% scroll, as the rate of passing is slightly better, plus the rate of booming is not as high as the 30% ones.
However, this 40% scroll only obtainable through events which only held for a certain period of time.

30% scrolls always always always boom your equipments, thus, if you cannot afford to play with 30% scrolls, then just use the 40% or 60%/70% ones.

50%: Personally, I have not yet tried on 50% scroll, hence no tips will be provided.

 60% : This scroll can be easily failed, as I have scrolled many 60% scrolls before.

There are some 60% scrolls which are harder to pass.
For example, 60% gloves for attack/60% shield for MA/ATT/60% Helmet for DEX can easily fail compared to other scrolls like 60% spear for weapon attack, cape for DEX. Therefore, most of the times in maplestory, you only see a few nicely scrolled INT/WA shield selling in FM stores.

Try to exchange this scroll to 65% scroll first before you scroll, to get a higher rate of passing.
Try to pass 1 60% scroll at another equip first, then scroll this 60% to your main equip. I have scrolled a lot of 60% scrolls using this method, it works perfectly fine!
Most of the times, if you failed 1 60% scroll, don't scroll anymore 60% scrolls, as 60% scrolls always fail in a row.

70% : Cheap 70% scrolls always boom your equipments !
Buy at a slightly average price.
Just scroll.
Use this scroll only at the first few slots of your equipments.
Easy to pass, however, do not mass 70% scrolls scrolling, it will cause your equipment to a ''boom''

Normally, if you pass 1-2 70% scroll is suffice!

Mass 70% scrolling will boom your equipments easily, if you used 1~2 70% scrolls and passed, stop scrolling for the day.

From my maplestory experience, if you used more than 3~4 70% scrolls, your equipments will likely boom. Surely, have a good rate of passing than 60% scroll, but a risk of booming your precious equipment. Again, if you are scrolling your main equipments (especially godly equipments), try to avoid using 70% scrolls as the 70% scrolls can easily boom your main equipments.

100% : No comments. You can buy this scroll through NPC.

If you are poor and unfunded player, this scroll is the best for you.

Buy 7 100% scrolls and scroll on your weapon, following by your equipments like overall for dex/luk/int on a bathrobe clean to get 10 dex bathrobe, boosting your damage significantly.
 Miracle scrolls: They work at 100% rate of a 10% scroll effect.

This scroll can only be obtainable by doing mini dungeon event(held several times every year), or using the gachapon machines(very very very rare).

100% Passing rate. Cost more than a billion mesos if that miracle scroll is a useful ones like miracle scroll for bow for ATT. Helping you to scroll a perfect scrolled equipment at ease. You can buy this scroll easily in the MTS as long as you got the amount of @cash, probably more than 100k.

Special scrolls:

Dual Blade Secret Scroll 40%:  No tips, but this scroll is to scroll your dual blade mask, as always face/eye equips are harder to pass or to get a 3 liner using potential scroll. 

Reverse Scrolls 1/3/5 :  1/3/5 % reverse scrolls are useless, as I have scrolled all of them before, lots of times and they never reverse any slot loss for even once.
Please be mindful that the destroy rate of failing a slot is double the rate of passing rate.

Most of the times, if you happened to get this scroll, just sell it away in the free market or MTS.

Clean Slate Scroll 10%/20%: Do not try the 10% one, hardly pass. 
Try only the 20% slate scroll.  The scroll will recover the lost number of available upgrades due to failed scroll by 1. Cannot be used on cash items.
I have passed some 20% slate scrolls before.
Do not mass 20% slate scrolls scrolling, or else you will see a ''boom''. 

Agent Equipment Scroll 100%: This scroll is to scroll maple agent equips like agent earring. It always rise your overall stats of the agent equip at the first few slots, then decrease the overall stats of the agent equip at the last few slots from my scrolling experience. If you want to get a nicely scrolled agent equipment, try to gather a lot of agent equips and scrolls before you start to scroll.

This scroll adds a maximum of 5 Or subtracts a maximum of 5 stats.
60% Chaos Scroll :

Here is my video on scrolling wa 7~8 pink cape. Started with wa 1 clean pink cape.

The purpose of using this scroll by most of the professional maplers, is to increase weapon attack of the equipments like (Pink Adventurer Cape). 1 weapon attack = 4.5~5 dex.

This scroll normally decrease the overall stats of your equip instead of rising.

Maplers use this scroll to scroll on their MoN (Pendant) or Pink adventurer cape, or Bosses Helmets like Chaos Zakum Helmet.

Just try to pass 1 60% scroll on another equip, then use this 60% chaos scroll on your equip to increase the chance of passing.
There are some maple players who manage to get godly chaos-ed equips using this scroll, from what I heard from them.They have used more than 10 chaos scrolls (in msea each chaos scroll= 700m-800m each currently.)

Godly chaos-ed equip I mean, is wa 18 MoM, wa 10 PAC (Pink Cape). Currently, the best chaos-ed equipments I have seen are:
Wa 17 Pink Adventurer Cape
Wa 21 MoN

Chaos scroll 60% is worse than 80% enhancement scroll, however, with the new release of Miraculous Chaos Scroll 60% which adds a maximum of 10 Or subtracts a maximum of 10 stats. It is worth trying this Miraculous Chaos Scroll 60% as the scroll adds up lots of stats. 

Plus, the high rate of decreasing the overall stats of your equip using 60% chaos scroll, is really ...... cmi.

Enhancement scroll surely rise the overall stats of the equip if passed. But, enhancement scroll do not increase the weapon attack/magic attack on armors, therefore chaos scroll is still demanding as for now.

Chaos scroll 60% is dropped from monsters, Gachapon machines.

White Scroll: This scroll is removed after big bang patch, due to incompatible to the game. White scroll is still obtainable through Pink Bean Boss and monster boxes event. However, it is unusable after big bang patch as the ''use of white scroll option" has been removed.

This scroll, maplers used to conjunction with 10%/60% scrolls to get perfect scrolled equipments. Mostly with 10% scrolls to create perfect scrolled items.
All of these things are based on my experience, I used to scroll more than 20+ white scrolls.

You should gather about 6-7 white scrolls before you start scrolling, because normally, 6-7 white scroll used with 10%, you will get at least 1 passing result at the very least. But, I heard of there are maplers using around 20 white scrolls to get a passing result. This is very true.

White scroll costs more than 270m, it is very expensive to scroll this scroll, it is even more frustrating and crestfallen if the scroll failed as you lose a white scroll and a normal 10%/60% scroll, together, may cost you more than 100m+.

Use this scroll only at the very last few slots of the godly equipments for example, 18 dex yellow snowshoes 1 slot available.

Alternatively, you can buy Pam Song in the cash shop for 36000 @cash. Pam Song can recover the slot loss if you failed the slot, same effect as white scroll. Pam Song is released in the Cash shop sales (a few times per year)

This scroll can be obtained on maple Gachapon machines or Monster Boxes. 

1) Why I keep failing 10 / 15% scrolls ? 
These scrolls are very hard to pass, you need to be very lucky to pass them, especially, for the 10% scroll. For the 15% scroll, is easier to pass.

2) Why the 60% scrolls I scrolled keep failing?
The maple system has made 60% harder to pass over the years.
At year 2005-2008, 60% scrolls passed easily compared to now (60% scrolls keep failing, sometimes, failed in a row)
Scroll 2-3 70% scrolls at the first few slots and exchange the 60% scrolls to 65% scrolls. Then, scroll the last few slots with 65% scrolls.
Some good scrolls like gloves for attack 60%, helmet for dex 60%, bottomwear dex 60% tend to fail more than 60% spear for att, 60% bow for att.

3) Chaos Scroll decrease the overall stats of the equip?  WTH?
This scroll mostly decrease the overall stats of your equipments no matter what, this scroll might rise your stats of your equips at the very few first slots and at the few last slots of the equip, this scroll will decease the overall stats of the equip or even worse (the stats totally gone from the equip).
Personally, I have scrolled some PAC using this scroll, no good result at all.
From what I heard from my friends, they have scrolled more than 6 PAC, using more than 10+ chaos scrolls to create a wa 10 PAC(Pink cape).

4) Pam's Song or White Scroll better?
Update: White scroll is not usable after Big Bang Patch due to incompatibility to game play. But white scroll is still obtainable. 

How to use Pam's Song

Firstly, purchase the Pam’s Song from the Cash Shop.

Upgrade your item using the respective scrolls.

Argh! Failed a slot! Not to worry, a message will pop up asking if you would like to use Pam’s Song to recover your slot.

After you click “OK”, your available slot will be reversed back to normal.

Personally, I prefer using pam's song as it can be used with vega scrolls which makes 10%->30% scrolls and 60%->90% scrolls, however, it costs 36k@cash each.
It is much better than white scroll in this way. You can buy pam song easily in the cash shop.
White scroll is rare and hard to find, plus expensive.

5) Place and Timing for scrolling?
There are timings for scrolling, you need to find out yourself, at some specific places and timings you can pass scrolls in a row sometimes, personally, I passed 5 30% in a row for lots of times.

6) Channel? 
Always do not scroll at crowded places, or congested channels, most likely you will see a fail scrolling result.
Do not try at channel 1-2 as you would most likely to fail there. I do passed scrolls at these channels but most of the times, the scrolls failed ! I have passed some 30% scrolls at channel 1 before, but most of the times, I would try to avoid those congested channels and places to increase the chance of passing the scrolls.
For 60%/70% scrolls, you can try going to rm 8-11 of the Free Market and start scrolling there.

7) Mass scrolling?
Do not try this, you will either gain or loss a lot, most of the times, you will lose lots of maple mesos and worth of equipments and quit the game.

70% cursed scroll boom my equip? WTF? !!!!??

70% scrolls can easily boom your equipments at the very last few slots of the equipments, especially, godly scrolled equips.

I boomed 15 dex 1 slot black snowshoes, and 18 luck 1 slot maple shield, and 6 int ma 12 4 slots maple shield, using this 70% scroll.
Please use only 60% scrolls on your equipments if you want to scroll the last few slots of your equip. If you failed the 60% scrolls, your equips would not boom, you will only lose the a slot rather than the whole equip ! I have encountered many maplers boomed their main equipments, and quit the game.

8) Full of superstitious ideas?

There is no way that you can pass the normal 10/15/60% or cursed scrolls with 100% rate unless you are using 100% scrolls.
Hereby, I spend my time writing out my scrolling experience for the past 5 years.
Hopefully this guide can serve you well in your scrolling venture.
Currently in maple there is almost nobody willing to share their scrolling tips, even in renowned maplestory forums on southperry, sleepywood forums.

Table of Multiple, Consecutive Events; Success

100% Scroll
It will always work! Go figure.

90% Scroll - 60% used with Vega's Spell
n = Number of scrolls used.

70% Scroll
1 consecutive success: 0.7, 70%
2 consecutive success: 0.49, 49%
3 consecutive success: 0.343, 34.3%
4 consecutive success: 0.2401, 24.01%
5 consecutive success: 0.16807, 16.807%
6 consecutive success: 0.117649, 11.7649%
7 consecutive success: 0.0823543, 8.23543%
8 consecutive success: 0.05764801, 5.764801%
9 consecutive success: 0.040353607, 4.0353607%
10 consecutive success: 0.0282475249, 2.82475249%

60% Scroll
1 consecutive success: 0.6, 60%
2 consecutive success: 0.36, 36%
3 consecutive success: 0.216, 21.6%
4 consecutive success: 0.1296, 12.96%
5 consecutive success: 0.07776, 7.776%
6 consecutive success: 0.046656, 4.6656%
7 consecutive success: 0.0279936, 2.79936%
8 consecutive success: 0.01679616, 1.679616%
9 consecutive success: 0.010077696, 1.0077696%
10 consecutive success: 0.0060466176, 0.60466176%

50% Scroll
n = Number of scrolls used.

30% Scroll
1 consecutive success: 0.3, 30%
2 consecutive success: 0.09, 9%
3 consecutive success: 0.027, 2.7%
4 consecutive success: 0.0081, 0.81%
5 consecutive success: 0.00243, 0.243%
6 consecutive success: 0.000729, 0.0729%
7 consecutive success: 0.0002187, 0.02187%
8 consecutive success: 0.00006561, 0.006561%
9 consecutive success: 0.000019683, 0.0019683%
10 consecutive success: 0.0000059049, 0.00059049%

20% Scroll
n = Number of scrolls used.

10% Scroll
1 consecutive success: 0.1, 10%
2 consecutive success: 0.01, 1%
3 consecutive success: 0.001, 0.1%
4 consecutive success: 0.0001, 0.01%
5 consecutive success: 0.00001, 0.001%
6 consecutive success: 0.000001, 0.0001%
7 consecutive success: 0.0000001, 0.00001%
8 consecutive success: 0.00000001, 0.000001%
9 consecutive success: 0.000000001, 0.0000001%
10 consecutive success: 0.0000000001, 0.00000001% (Yikes!)

5% Scroll
n = Number of scrolls used.

3% Scroll
n = Number of scrolls used.

1% Scroll
n = Number of scrolls used.

Table of Multiple, Consecutive Events; Failure

100% Scroll
It will never fail! Go figure.

90% Scroll - 60% used with Vega's Spell
n = Number of scrolls used.

70% Scroll
1 consecutive failure: 0.3, 30%
2 consecutive failure: 0.09, 9%
3 consecutive failure: 0.027, 2.7%
4 consecutive failure: 0.0081, 0.81%
5 consecutive failure: 0.00243, 0.243%
6 consecutive failure: 0.000729, 0.0729%
7 consecutive failure: 0.0002187, 0.02187%
8 consecutive failure: 0.00006561, 0.006561%
9 consecutive failure: 0.000019683, 0.0019683%
10 consecutive failure: 0.0000059049, 0.00059049%

60% Scroll
1 consecutive failure: 0.4, 40%
2 consecutive failure: 0.16, 16%
3 consecutive failure: 0.064, 6.4%
4 consecutive failure: 0.0256, 2.56%
5 consecutive failure: 0.01024, 1.024%
6 consecutive failure: 0.004096, 0.4096%
7 consecutive failure: 0.0016384, 0.16384%
8 consecutive failure: 0.00065536, 0.065536%
9 consecutive failure: 0.000262144, 0.0262144%
10 consecutive failure: 0.0001048576, 0.01048576%

30% Scroll
1 consecutive failure: 0.7, 70%
2 consecutive failure: 0.49, 49%
3 consecutive failure: 0.343, 34.3%
4 consecutive failure: 0.2401, 24.01%
5 consecutive failure: 0.16807, 16.807%
6 consecutive failure: 0.117649, 11.7649%
7 consecutive failure: 0.0823543, 8.23543%
8 consecutive failure: 0.05764801, 5.764801%
9 consecutive failure: 0.040353607, 4.0353607%
10 consecutive failure: 0.0282475249, 2.82475249%

20% Scroll
n = Number of scrolls used.

10% Scroll
1 consecutive failure: 0.9, 90%
2 consecutive failure: 0.81, 81%
3 consecutive failure: 0.729, 72.9%
4 consecutive failure: 0.6561, 65.61%
5 consecutive failure: 0.59049, 59.049%
6 consecutive failure: 0.531441, 53.1441%
7 consecutive failure: 0.4782969, 47.82969%
8 consecutive failure: 0.43046721, 43.046721%
9 consecutive failure: 0.387420489, 38.7420489%
10 consecutive failure: 0.3486784401, 34.86784401% 

5% Scroll
n = Number of scrolls used.

3% Scroll
n = Number of scrolls used.

1% Scroll
n = Number of scrolls used.

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