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MapleSEA Pet Equip Prices

26 June 2011

Pet Equipment

Like their owners, pets can wear equipment purchased from the cash shop. Unlike player equipment from the cash shop, however, pet equipment can be scrolled for Speed or Jump. There are pet equipments that are common to all pets, like Bucket Hats, and others that only certain pets can wear, like the Pepe platform for Yeti and Crimson Armor for Balrogs. These common ones only have 5 slots, while the specific pet equipments are 7 slots. Pet scrolls are fairly cheap, because not as many people use pet equipment. Often players who receive these will drop them since they're not worth the trouble. In addition to clothing, pets can also be equipped with the Meso Magnet, which allows the pet to pick up mesos from Monster drops, and Item Pouch, which allows it to pick up the monster's item drops. New to several versions, particularly GlobalMS and MapleSEA, there are also Auto HP and Auto MP pouches. These will automatically use a potion for either HP or MP whenever the player's points reach a certain level, determined in the "game options". These take the place of the pet skills listed below.

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