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MapleSEA Pet quests

Pet quests

Kenta's advice

This quest allows pet to move faster & catch up with your character speed. For example,the pet owner has haste & the pet has to keep tele to get to the owner but after doing this quest the pet will be able to catch up with the owner's speed.
Things needed:
Piece of paper A
Piece of paper B
Piece of paper C
Piece of paper D
Piece of paper E

The papers can be found in boxes around aquaroad

Fanzy the Amusing Cat

(Level 1 and above)

Pre-requisite: Fanzy the Mysterious Cat completed

Hunt the red furball for Fanzy & it will reward you by adding your pet closeness
Things needed:

Red Ball of Yarn x 1

NPC(s) Involved:

  1. Talk to Fanzy at North Forest: North Forest Lot.
  2. Hunt for 1 Red Ball of Yarn from Slime.
  3. Then return and talk to Fanzy.
  • 500 experience

  • When this quest is completed, your pet closeness will increase by 15.
Red Ball of Yarn can be hunted from green slimes

Pet Instructor Test

1)Go to Trainer Bartos at henesys pet park,
2)Accept to Pet Instructor Test quest,
3)He will request you to go to the top of the pet park & get something,
4)When reach the top click on the basket of kittens & you will get the thing required,
5)Next Trainer Bartos will ask you to get Pet Snack,
6)After getting the pet snack return to Bartos & complete the quest.

You will be able to use the multi pet skill,"Follow the Lead", after finishing the quest.
Pet Snack is only available in cash shop for 3,500 @cash

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