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MapleSEA Pets' Skills

  • Pet Skills


    Different maplestory versions, have different pet skills. The ways to obtain these skills and their effects vary from version to version.

    In KoreaMS, certain pets come with these abilities built in, like the Yeti.
    In TaiwanMS, the skills are purchased from the cash shop, and are permanently installed on the pet.

    These skills can only be removed with an AP reset scroll that is also bought from the cash shop. A single pet can only have 3 skills at one time. The skills are as follows:

    MS Pet Autoloot.png
    Automatic Pick-up Skill:

    MS Pet Item Meso.png
    Automatic Pick-up Leftover Item and Meso Skill:

    MS Pet Autopot.png
    HP Charge Skill:

    MS Pet MP Recharge.png
    MP Recharge Skill:

    MS Pet Item only.png
    Item Pick-up Skill:

    MS Pet Range.png
    Expand Range Skill:

    MS Pet Unlootable Item.png
    Unlootable Item Skill:


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