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NEW! Fishing Lagoon Rewards

NEW! Fishing Lagoon

It’s a new vibrant fishing experience for all with the launch of the NEW! Fishing Lagoon Maps! Check out the guide on latest fishing maps and important notes here.

You will be able to EARN EXP while you are doing other things like training in other maps, trading, or even just slacking and chatting with friends!
Fishing Assistant will be there to help you do the job of fishing!

Even though the Fishing Assistant is there to assist you in your fishing, your presence in-game is required to make your assistant feel close to you.

Once you logout, Fishing Assistant will pack bags and go home to rest!

So, stay in-game with your Fishing Assistant during fishing. You do not have to be in the fishing lagoon, just stay in-game and your assistant will be happy to serve you!
Now, it is time to start discussing about the rewards from fishing.


Happy Fishing!

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