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Pink Bean Gachapon (18th May – 15th June 2011)


Dear Maplers,

1. Pink Bean Gachapon (18th May – 15th June 2011)
The jolly funny Pink Bean has come out to play! Pink Bean will appear in all the major towns upon request to provide you with fabulous rewards if you have what it takes to summon it.

Collect all 9 different chocolates for Pink Bean from 18th May – 15th June 2011! and you will get to summon Pink Bean anytime at all major towns!

So how can I collect the 9 different chocolates to summon Pink Bean?


You can obtain one of the nine Special Chocolate or Melted Chocolate by using Gachapon Ticket at any Gachapon Machine. Chocolate or Melted Chocolate will be provided complimentary on a random basis after each use of Gachapon Ticket.

If you have collected 9 melted chocolates, head down to find NPC Naomi to exchange it for a random chocolate.


Once you have obtained all the chocolates and have summoned the Pink Bean, you can get to choose 1 special box out of 5 boxes dropped by Pink Bean.

Each box contains different rewards which include:

• Exclusive Special Scrolls
• Reverse Equipments
• Timeless Equipments
• And lastly rare Pink Bean equipments!

Choose your reward wisely within the time allocated of 10 seconds!



Besides getting rare items from Pink Beans, all your friends and family within the same map will get special bonus from Pink Bean too!

Depending on the crowd on scene, Pink Bean will distribute rewards like meso bags accordingly along with Blessing of Pink Bean Buff which increase WA and MA for 15 minutes!
If you want more rewards, get more friends & family members present in the same map before summoning our Pink Bean!
Share the joy and get rewarded!

Fret not if you have plenty of Melted Chocolate stacked in your inventory, you can exchange 9 Melted Chocolates for a chance to get random Chocolate with our friendly NPC Naomi at Event Map.

• Do note that Pink Bean can only be summoned once every 8 hours by each character, please make full use of each summon by informing your friends & family members early!
• All Chocolates are untradeable.

Pink Bean will only be sharing chocolates & rewards with us from 18th May – 15th June 2011. Do not let go of this chance to get up close and personal with Pink Bean!

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