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Summoning Boss: Captain Latanica (Boat Quay Town - Ghost Ship)

Boat Quay Town: Captain Latanica

Captain Latanica
Level: 100
HP / MP: 2,000,000 / 100,000
EXP: 210,000
KB: 10,000
Weapon attack: 500
Magic attack: 700
Weapon defense: 700
Magic defense: 900
Speed: 0
Accuracy: 160
Avoidability: 12
Unique Attack:
- Slamming (causes weak)
- Heal
- Ship attack
Inflict Status: Weak

Captain Latanica Location
Singapore: The Engine Room
(Access from "Singapore: Ghost Ship 7")

Captain Latanica Summoning Monsters

Selkie Jr.

Mr. Anchor

Quest needed
  1. The Secret of Ghostship [Fight for the Future] (Level 63)
    Captain Latanica x 1
    Black Essence x 1
  2. Hero of Ulu City [Energy of Ulu City] (Level 70)
    Soul Lantern x 1

  1. You can only enter "Singapore: The Engine Room" when you have White Essence in possession and up to the maximum of 2 times per 24 hours.
  2. Captain Latanica will summon 4 Selkie Jr. and 2 Mr. Anchor per summon.

How to summon
Place 1 White Essence in front of the middle door.

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