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Summoning Boss: Papulatus Clock (Ludibrium Clocktower)

Ludibrium (Clock Tower): Time Sphere, Papulatus Clock, Papulatus

Time Sphere
Level: 100
HP / MP: 16,000 / 12,000
KB: 10,000
Weapon attack: 980
Magic attack: 530
Weapon defense: 1,000
Magic defense: 1,100
Speed: 0
Accuracy: 250
Avoidability: 12
Spawn upon death: Papulatus Clock

Papulatus Clock
Level: 125
HP / MP: 23,000,000 / 2,000,000
EXP: 596,000
KB: 10,000
Weapon attack: 630
Magic attack: 480
Weapon defense: 1,000
Magic defense: 1,100
Speed: -40
Accuracy: 250
Avoidability: 12
Unique Attack: Absorps HP and MP, Cast Slow magic
Inflict status: Stun, Dispel
Spawns upon death: Papulatus

Mu Lung Training Centre
Mu Lung Training Centre: Mu Lung Training Centre 37th Floor
Round: 31
Summons: Low Dark Star

Level: 125
HP / MP: 1,590,000 / 80
EXP: 970,000
KB: 12,000
Weapon attack: 800
Magic attack: 1,000
Weapon defense: 800
Magic defense: 1,200
Speed: 60
Accuracy: 230
Avoidability: 40

Papulatus Clock summoning Monsters

High Dark Star
Note: It will summon on the platform and does not move.

Low Dark Star
Note: It will summon on the ground, and able to move and jump.

Papulatus Clock Location
Ludibrium: Origin of Clocktower
(Access from "Ludibrium: Deep Inside the Clocktower")
** This map can only allow up to 12 maplers in 1 map.

Quest needed
  1. Papulatus (Level 80)
    Papulatus x 1
  2. Destroying the Power of Evil (Level 105)
    Dark Tachion x 1
  3. Badge of Members of Squad
    Papulatus Certificate x 1
  4. Porter's Durable Battery (Shadower only)
    Papulatus Certificate x 1

How to summon
Drop 1 Piece of Cracked Dimension in front of a hole.

  1. You can only enter "Ludibrium: Origin of Clocktower" twice a day completed all the pre-requisite Papulatus Quest and have a Ludibrium Medal in possession.
  2. Papulatus can only be summoned by throwing out 1 "Piece of Cracked Dimension" at "Ludibrium: Origin of Clocktower" in front of the hole.
  3. Papulatus Clock will summon after Time Sphere is killed. Papulatus will eject away from the clock (Papulatus Clock) when the clock reaches 0 HP.
  4. You cannot hit Papulatus Clock when it is in this state as shown BELOW. Neither Papulatus Clock will attack you.
    Hint: It will hide right after draining your HP and MP to 1.

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