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"MapleStory" A theory to fixing “the patch file is corrupt…” error based on personal experience!

I experienced some technical difficulties with patching MapleStory. It gave me the "Base.wz The patch file is corrupt. Please try again. If the same error occurs, please delete all previous MapleStory game files and re-install the game client from maplestory.nexon.net" in case anyone wants to know.

I fixed this problem by just uninstalling the game and reinstalling using MSSetupv93.exe as downloading MSSetupv95.exe would take me a little over 5 hours. And I just opened MapleStory after it finished installing MapleStory version 93 on my computer and it patched to the latest version without the error when patching. So this might prove as a useful information for fixing this problem. Reinstalling maplestory using a previous version MSSetup.exe first and patching from there if reinstalling from the latest version of MSSetup.exe does not work.
My maplestory successfully patched and was working after the first update of version 95 but I experienced this error during the second update of version 95. The only thing I remember that could have caused this error was that I did a system restore the day before. So my theory is if you did a system restore to before a patch update, it corrupts your maplestory files and causes wizet patcher to not be able to patch it at the next version update.

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