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Time temple sub bosses

Time temple sub bosses


Level: 121
HP: 5,900,000
MP: 2,000
Avoid: 42
Knockback: 10,000
EXP: 20,850

special skills: projectile attack(avoidable) unavoidable magic attack, banish( kick you out of the map)


Level: 131
HP: 7,600,000
MP: 2,500
Avoid: 47
Knockback: 13,000
EXP: 26,850

special skill: stomp with super knockback(avoidable by jumping), unavoidable ice attack, damage reflect


Level: 141
HP: 9,300,000
MP: 3,000
Avoid: 49
Knockback: 15,000
EXP: 32,865

special skill: seduce(makes you jump to the left), mark spots for magic(avoidable), cast attack up, unavoidable magic

spawn timing: all 2hrs on the spot

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