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Disconnection Fix Internet/Maplestory

Is it just me or is anyone else not able to bot for more than 2-3 hours? Because of internet disconnecting or just Maplestory itself.

Last night I decided to look around and found this easy fix on google.

Your main problem is "winsock". Ok heres what you do just follow these easy steps and youll be playing in no time.
1:run command prompt as administrator.
2:type "netsh winsock reset" and press enter then restart your computer.
3:after the computer restarts start maplestory and PRESTO! it works normally.

By Anthony W.

"You should also add that this should be used only once every 90 days because over using it can damage your computer."

Sorry if this has been posted, but this really worked for me, so Im just sharing.

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