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[Guide] MapleStory Best places to train

This is a 10 by 10 leveling guide on where to train.
This is mostly for Scania and Bera cause we tend to have really crowded training spots.
Any other servers tend to be less packed.
It also comes with an explanation for each area.
Throughout the beginning I mention storyline quests which are recommended even after they go away.
If you think I copied and pasted this prove it and ill tell you this is based on my experience on these servers.
(Not suggested for perm beginners.)
(WARNING: Recommended for the few legits out there. Hackers please BTFU or GTFO.)

1-1x: Beginners quests. Or snails and spores.
Each class has there own little set of beginner quests. These are good for getting a headstart on what your going to be doing.
If you become a Explorer or Dual blade you have the option to head straight to Victoria Island.
If you choose to do that just fight snails, spores, or the various lvl 8-10 monsters in the first two maps heading to any town.
(Suggestion: Blue ribbon pigs near Florina Beach are also good.)
1x-2x: Training area or Storyline quests.
For explorers you have will receive a quest when you click on them to go to Power B. Fores training area.
There you can train to level 20 and he has few quests to go along with.
For Resistance, cygnus, evans, and arans. You have storyline quests to go by.
Or you can simply practice on the wild monsters near you.

2x-3x: Mini boss head, Storyline or Mixed Golems.
Every class has a chance to get a head by level 40 so by level 23 I recommend grabbing one.
They tend to give you about 13 str, dex, int, or luk. Depending on your class or your head.
Head Breakdown: Andras: STR, Valefor: LUK, Marbas: INT, Crocell and Amdusias: DEX.
If you have a continued storyline it will help you alot to continue it.
About level 25-3x you should head to the stone golem temple and train on Mixed Golems. these tend to be the best Exp at this level.

3x-4x: Storyline or Mushroom Kingdom Quests.
Storyline Questing might not be the best at this point but later it could help.
Mushroom Kingdom is extremely helpful to start at 30-33. You will get to at least 35 depending on how much you grind there or you want to get.
After completing the quests you will get the MKG Medal which gives you 2 str, dex, int, luk and 100 HP and MP.
Grinding royal pepe guards even after you finishing everything can levels you fast.

4x-5x: CPQ, CDs and Scarecrows.
Here is where CPQ can really help you. Most people will be grinding Rombots.
But if you cant do that try something else liek a trojan grind.
About level 47 you should have pretty good dmg or if your MEGAA FUNDED with GODLY equips you can pull off scarecrows.
On Bera or Scania its not extremely recommended cause you will get ks'd ALOT (mainly by Cygnus, UE's or gay jumpstarters.)
or Dc'd by hackers or the occasional GM Police.
Other servers except the new Chaos server its recommended.
(Suggestion: CDs are also a plus to grind. It can get pretty crowded but you might have to deal with it.)

5x-6x: Scarecrows, Chryse or CPQ2
If you can work out deals, ks (not recommended) or just hack and be a douche. You could possibly pull this off till 60.
At level 55 you can access Chryse. At level 55 I recommend that only Resistance, Arans, Evans, UE's, or Duals could pull this off.
For the regular explorers I recommend only going there if your funded or have godly dmg at level 55.
If not put off going to Chryse until you reach level 60-63.
At level 51 you can go to CPQ2. Unlike CPQ1 there are not alot of people there. So this in not extremely recommended.
(New: At level 44-50 if you have time Cds in kerning square are good exp.)

6x-7x: Chryse quests/grinding or Jesters.
For the Old school explorers doing the Chryse quests now is greatly helpful.
Afterwards you can continue to grind there on the gold mammoth-things for about 3-5 levels recommended.
You should be about level 60-69 depending on your class when you finish with Chryse completely.
If you can start doing Jesters at level 66-68 is awesome.
Same as Scarecrows on Scania and Bera they tend to be overcrowded with ksers and hackers.

7x-8x: Jesters and Storyline.
With the third job advancement being passed you can keep working with jesters.
Continuing on the jesters if good until about level 77 for most classes.
(Suggestion: After the job advancement training on sand rats and scorpions in Ariant are also helpful.)
Some classes around here storyline quests pick up quite a bit around here.
At lvl 70 you will get a bulb from Shammos for help with Rex. Dont start these quests till level 78.

8x-9x: RPQ and RIM's
RPQ is Rex party quest. This is one of the best PQs for leveling multiple levels.
I strongly recommend this cause If you put in a good 72 hours on this you will level possibly 20 times to 100 or beyond if you start early.
(Earliest starting for RPQ is lvl 80. Also RPQ is amazing during a 2x event.)
If you dont want to put in good time for good exp heres another solution. Reinforced Iron Mutaes.
They give amazing exp and I recommend doing these from 82-87.

9x-10x: RPQ, Scarga Prequests, Galloperas and Roids.
Continuing RPQ lile I said is great till level 100 so if you do put in that recommended 72 hours you will get good fast.
(Quick tip: Grabbing the rex earrings (all) can make you decent money also. Selling them for about 1-3m each can make you 10m-30m from 10.)
Starting Scarga preqs are better at 93 than 87.
Galloperas are great exp for grinding after level 93.
You may have met these if you did the Scarga preqs like I suggested.
(Suggestion: Roids are also good cause of fast spawn rate, and with good damage, easy killing.)

Here I will just state what is best for each 20 levels after level 100.

(lv.101)Ore munchers 101-106
(lv.110)Pianus 111-113 (recommend using a party for this with a lvl 130+)
(lv.116)Dual Birk 114-120

(lv.121)Maverick type A 121-124
LKC (Lionking Castle): All monsters are amazing for grinding 125+ recommended (LKC and LHC are the same thing.)
Scarga: Around here this is more for money than exp most of the time.
Scarga give mastery books and helms that go from 100m to about 700m.

LKC or LHC: Still great exp even at such a high level.
Scarga: Still more for money than exp.
Some storyline quests appear around here so those can be good also.

LKC or LHC: Even better Exp after hitting 160+.
Scarga: Still more for money than exp.
(lv.166)Chief Oblivion Guardian: Great for end-game exp all the way up to 200.

Any suggestion or things I could have missed please inform me so I can better this guide.
If your anal about some of the grammar in here. Please press: alt and f4 at the same time.

July 7th: Moved from 'Maplestory General' to here. Added parts which were suggested by Avith.
July 8th: Touched up for a better look (Thanks Vendetta). Added Suggestions by: Skyracy, SingleBullet and LaffyDaffy.
July 9th: Removed monster due not being there anymore. (Blame pre-bb knowledge.)
July 10th: Deleted and moved items that were clogging space to keep the guide simple.

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