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How to Make Mesos on Maplestory Fast

These are the top ways of making money quick and easy on MapleStory.


Top 3 ways of earning Mesos

1) Miracle Cubing

2) Trading - Becoming a Trader 

3) Selling decent Mystic door (Helmet) /Sharp Eyes (level 120+gloves)/Decent Hyperbody(Pants) Services


1. Quests

Do quests which give you good scrolls which you could sell for a lot. E.g Subani’s Legacy located in NLC gives you a glove attack 60%, which is worth a lot in any server. The price of the scroll depends on what server you are on. Check the price from a few different sources and sell it in FM. There are a few other quests that give you good scrolls which sell for quite a bit as well.

2. Trading - Trader. 

Five Merchanting Tips You Need to Know!

1. Know your prices.

Knowing the prices of the items your buying or selling is a key part of making money while merchanting. Checking basilmarket, MTS, and FM often is the best way to stay on top of your prices. FM prices are always higher than basilmarket prices, a 9-10mil 60% Overall Dex on Basil market can be 12-14 Mil in the FM, and around 1k-1.5k NX. Always buy scrolls/items for the basilmarket price, and sell for the FM price.

2. Know where to buy.

Knowing where to buy the items that you plan on selling will help you make money tremendously. PQ areas are the best places to buy scrolls, sense there are always people there, and the reward for the PQ may be a scroll. Good PQ areas would be, Kerning City, Ludi Maze PQ Area, Eos Tower 101st floor, Magatia PQ Juliet side( I only recommend this area if your PQing in magatia anyway), Orbis PQ. The FM is also a good place to buy items BUT there is so much competition that it is often a pain in the ass. Mushshrine Gachapon is also a good choice to start with as that gachapon machine rewards you with good scrolls and equipments that valued highly.

3. Form relationships.

Making friends who often sell/buy a certain item that you merchant will bring in a continuous stream of either mesos, or items. Being an honest buyer/seller will guarantee that you have people that will bring you customers or sellers. Scamming is a big mistake that some people make for a quick profit.

4. Kill the competition.

Because everyone else is also trying to make a profit with merchanting, you must be able to out buy your competitors, this may cost you more money but it will bring in more items. Lower prices in your shop may also make you lose some money but it will make your items sell faster than the higher priced ones. (For sellers at highest price possible, buy out shops that sell the item for less than your shop, and sell for your price. Only do this if you KNOW that you can sell the item for more, and if you can get a good FM spot.)

5. Seize the moment.

If you see someone buying for a good price or selling for cheap be sure to take advantage of it. Don't wait till later to see if there still buying/selling, because chances are that they will not be.

(#)People types:

This doesn't concern all the existing types,but it includes most
of the people you will meet.This is the thing in which you'll have to gain
the most experience.
This part determines your profit,and your professionalism.

(*)The Pro Sellers
Alright,you should hope you won't meet those guys too often.They rarely
sell anything outside their store,and will not often trade you if you
buy something,but you will meet them sometimes.They will sell the
item for its highest price,and sometime even overprice it a bit.
Those people can't be negotiated with.Just say nty,and cancel the trade.

(*)The Average Sellers
Those guys you will encounter more often.They usually price the items at
the middle price,and sometimes at pretty low prices.They will be your
main buying source.When they offer a medium price,or even a good one,
just try to get it a little bit lower,and if they accept,you may make
pretty good money from it.
With them,its preferred to make them offer first,or and if you offer
yourself,offer a minimum price (for a scroll worth 2m~2.6m,offer 1.9m).

(*)The Noob Sellers
Sorry for the name,they may be high levels and good in the game,but they
are completely unaware of prices.
They will usually offer a price of like 80~90% of the items minimal price.
If you find those (or they find you),catch the opportunity and buy
the item.You can try to lower the price,but only a LITTLE,
so not to scare them away.

(*)The Unsure sellers
Those are sellers who dont know the price.They offer completely random
prices,1~1000% of the items' worth.
Many people just cancel them,but you may also try saying "Hahahahaha"
or something like that => -___- ,and offer them a low price,stating
this is the real price.They will mostly cancel,but some will agree to
trade with you,rising the price by a few %.

(*)The Fresh Gachers/iTCG'ers
Those will offer you lots of gach scrolls (or items too),or iTCG items.
The gachers are more common,but the iTCG'ers shouldn't be underestimated.
For those people,you should try making them offer.They will most likely
be unaware of the prices,and offer ridicules prices (I made 75m
from a noob iTCG trader in 1 trade ).If you like the prices,
accept them or lower them slightly.If they offer very high prices,
try saying "lol! /rolf/om*g" and offering LOW prices.If they offer the
real prices,means they are aware of the prices,and you should treat them
like normal sellers.If you offer to them,offer very low prices,but keep
their names in case they cancel instantly.

The quickest way to earn mesos is to do trading is by buying items.
e.g buy scrolls at cheaper prices and selling them for higher prices in FM.  

Buy cheap scrolls or godly equipments/weapons that are demanding in the FM by spamming messages in FM ,anywhere near gachapon machines or surfing in the stores of FM, then sell them in your shop that you opened at higher prices. Remember to always buy less, sell high. This is probably the fastest and easiest way to make the most money.

Remember to equip ''speed'' equipments to 140% speed movement
to use mage account(teleport)
hermit(flash jump)

account for trading, this will ease your trading, and save you lots of time at the same time.

So how do we structure our inventory around our target market? In my experience, the best big money items were:

  1. Scrolled Maple Shields (ATK, M.ATK)
  2. Scrolled robes (INT, LUK, DEX, STR in that order)
  3. Clean/Scrolled Claws (Red Craven especially)
  4. Attack Capes (PAC etc.)
  5. Rare common equips (weapons, chairs, etc.)
  6. Unique Potential-ed Stuffs 

Small Money vs. Big Money

Scrolls are dependable to bring in a steady flow of cash, and are probably the most profitable item to trade in terms of relative return, but the fact is it's small money. You could flip a 4m scroll for 7m, and pocket 3m. Sure, the 3m equates to a 75% ROI, which is beautiful, but the fact remains that 3m is pocket change.

Disadvantages of Big Money trade

Scrolls may bring in less money but they are without a doubt the most liquid trade on the market. Big money items, on the other hand, take longer to flip.

Which brings us to the second con -- you need to have a lot of capital to really make it work or you will be find yourself strapped for cash, i.e. If you use 70% of your capital in the FM buying scrolls and have a nice spot, you expect most of them to sell overnight and have 80% of your capital freed up by tomorrow. However, with big money items, you may invest 50m today and expect to get 75m back next week. In that respect, keep your strategy to pure-scroll haircuts until you have at least 100-150m and then move on to big money.

Where Do I Buy Scrolls?

Buying scrolls is the tedious part of the whole ordeal. It takes time & patience. And that's because the only consistent place to buy scrolls are where there are constant masses of people. The obvious choices, in order, are:

1. Free Market Entrance (Ch. 1)
2. Free Market Stores
3. NLC/Mushshrine Gachapon Vicinity

Opening your shop. More than you ever needed to know about spots

Owning a merchant/shop in the FM is a great asset and convenience for selling.

Why? Because, if you never noticed, the prices of items, particularly scrolls, in FMs 1-20 are significantly higher that the prices of MapleStory Auctions Forums/BasilMarket or the Free Market Entrance. This is because of one, important fact: convenience. Browsing the FMs for your item of interest is much more convenient than spamming in the FME hoping, often in vain, that someone has that particular item for sale. And, convenience, of course, always costs a little extra. Buying a merchant may seem quite expensive, cash-wise, since this basically translates to roughly $15 a month but the to be comfortably rich, as in having a treasury of at least 1 billion mesos, should take no more than 1 month.

So you’ve finally gotten your mom to buy that Nexon/@ Cash Card for you. It’s time to make some REAL money! :)

When you go to the store section of the Cash Shop, you’ll notice that there are two (and sometimes 3) types of store permits: the Regular Store Permit, the Hired Merchant Permit, and the Event Store Permit.

A brief explanation of these three very different licenses:

Cost and Store Types in MapleSEA
Mushroom Series
1. Mushroom Elf Store (1 day) - 1,500 A-Cash
2. Mushroom Elf Store (7 days) - 9,000 A-Cash

Teddy Series
1. Teddy's 24 hour CVS (1 day) - 1,500 A-Cash
2. Teddy's 24 hour CVS (7 days) - 9,000 A-Cash

Robot Series
1. The Robot Stand: 1 day - 1,500 A-Cash
2. The Robot Stand: 7 day - 9,000 A-Cash

Store Capacity
All stores can sell up to 16 items at one go.

-Regular Store Permit: This is the standard store. Basically, it allows your character to open a mini room in the Free Market where you can put up items for sale. These rooms can hold up to 16 items, which should be enough for anyone who isn’t a professional merchant. I highly recommend you buy a Regular Store Permit, since it is the cheapest of all your options. That is, unless your computer burns out quickly or your internet frequently disconnects: these stores are most efficient when kept open for more than 12 hours. Any less and your selling ability will seriously get screwed up. And lastly, make sure your mom/siblings don’t get pissed at you having MS turned on all day.

-The Hired Merchant Permit: This permit allows you to open a store that is run by a NPC (non-playing character). The type of NPC depends on which type of Hired Merchant Permit you buy. With this, you can train and play Maplestory all you want while the NPC sells your stuff for you. Sounds good, eh? Well, there’s a downside: these permits are EXTREMELY expensive. One day costs almost as much as an entire THREE MONTHS with a regular store. I personally don’t suggest you buy one of these unless-
1. You are a training freak.
2. You are a pro merchant who has no time to sell stuff; only time to buy.
3. Your internet connection/computer sucks buttocks.
4. You have rich parents who will buy you lots of virtual money to spend on things in a game.
Notes: You have to reopen your Hired Merchant store every 24 hours, so don’t plan on leaving it on while you take a vacation or anything. Also, you can redeem the mesos that you get from the store after it expires from Fredrick. Make sure to take the mesos out quickly; Fredrick charges a fee for every day you keep him waiting.

-Event Store Permits: These only come out a few times a year. They are basically regular store permits that allow you to put 24 items on sale instead of the usual 16, which makes them useful for people with lots to sell. Unlike the Hired Merchants, event permits are pretty reasonably priced.

Good spots

What are the Best FM Spots?

Success & profit are directly proportional, possibly even exponentially, to your FM spot for your merchant. when browsing the FMs, you should notice that not only are the prices significantly higher than regular prices, but also that prices in the lower rooms are inflated even more than the prices in the higher rooms.

So which FM spots are the best? Here's a simple breakdown:

Channel 1

The Best: FM 1 - 6, anywhere in each room.
Very Good: FM 7 - 9, preferably door spots.
Decent: Door spots FM 13 - 15. Anywhere in FM 18 - 22.

In an FM room, where do you think the best spot is?
Obviously, that would be the door/very-close-to-door spot(s).

Where next?
Well, that would depend on your FM room. However, one thing is the same with every FM room: Spots in the top of platforms suck as it is not prominent to others maplers when they entered the FM room.

If you're going to get a spot, try to find one at the edges of the platforms. Often, a buyer will get desperate for an item, he/she will buy at any exorbitant price.

The same goes for the entrance of an FM room. If it's the first one a buyer sees in an FM, he/she might just think that it's better to buy the slightly overpriced item rather than waste more time trying to find a cheaper one. Therefore, it is better to open your shop near to the door spot.

Spots that are hard to reach (the top platforms in FMs [room 13-22], for example) are really good. If somebody's going to spend that much time getting to that place to click on a shop there, he/she is going to spend more time looking at it rather than quickly scrolling through like he/she would do with a shop in the middle.

Oh, and another thing about "door spots:" They're the same as any spot you can get to without moving from the portal. Often times, it's good to have a door spot at channel 1 (room 1-6).

People naturally tend to go for the nearest shop from the portal (without moving), so that shop usually gets more desperate sales.

How Do I Get a Good FM Spot? All of Them Are Taken

If you go looking for a good spot in the FM, there is a hefty chance you won't find one. Most of them are taken. But are you screwed? No. There's a simple way around this problem. A loophole, if you so choose to call it.

After every Server Check or Patch, all the FMs are wiped. So, every spot is open and people have to try and get spots again. Therefore, it's a good idea to wait until a Server Check or Patch comes around before buying a Merchant. Then, keeping trying to log on ~2 hours before the check up is scheduled to finish since Asiasoft/Nexon is NEVER on time. Try once every 5 minutes are so. Once you log on, it should be easy to find a spot.

Setting a Store

Once you found your spot, stand in the middle of the spot and double-click on the cash item located under the "Cash" tab in your Item Inventory.

- If the spot is too small, it will not allow you to open a store.
Solution : Find another spot

- If the spot is fine, then you will be needed to key-in your Store Title
Solution : Type your store title.

After that, just click OK or NEXT until you see an area where you are required to put in your items for sale. Open your Item Inventory and drag anything that you want to sell to the selling slots.
*Selling slots are located where people display their items

Put your preferred price and hit OK. It will be displayed on the left side of your store. Continue putting items and when you're done, click Open Store located just above the Selling Slots.

Congratulations! Your store is now successfully opened!
You'll need to organise it once in a while. So please remember to visit your store to withdraw your mesos and remove the sold items on the list to clear up some slot to sell another item.

NOTE : Remember to double-check your price before opening the store. 

Retrieving Items in your Store that Ended Before You Withdrew them

> Make sure you have enough slots to accomodate EVERYTHING in Fredrick's store.
> Go to Fredrick (located on the right of "Free Market Entrance") and talk to him.
> You'll need your 13-Digit Security Pin to retrieve your items from Fredrick.
> Hit "Take Out" and you will receive everything you left behind, i.e Mesos and Items. 

The details of setting up a shop

Now once you've got your stuff and know where to set up a shop, do you really know how to set up a shop? Do you know how to most effectively name your shop? Do you know how to arrange your items? Do you know how to make the item prices look more appealing? Well if you didn't, you soon will.

Naming your shop

There are a few rules to follow when you're naming your shop. Now keep in mind that these rules are geared toward selling fast, not selling high (the details of why selling high sucks will be discussed in the next section). Also keep in mind that your shop name does not aid in attracting more customers. It, if done right, helps make customers browse with more concentration, and therefore you'll get more sales. It's really easy to miss something when you're halfheartedly scrolling through a shop, you know.

Rule #1: Don't put your guild name in the shop title

This is a very stupid thing to do if you're in a bossing, high-leveled, famous, or merchant guild. It immediately says to the buyer "look at me, I'm a merchant" and turns the warning sign on. Even if you suck at merchanting, if somebody in your guild is known for being rich, tough luck.

Rule #2: Think of the shop title space as advertising space

Obviously, you shouldn't advertise things like wordpress.com blogs, because those things always give keyloggers to everybody who visits them. However, you should advertise the fact that you're...
  • Buying a hard-to-find item*
  • Selling something**
* Note: If you can find this item in the FM easily, there's honestly no point to putting a message about it on your shop title. It'd just be a waste of space.
** Note: You have to have it in your shop, unless it's in the MTS or above max mesos. Not having the item makes the buyer ask about it and then come back to see it when you're not AFK, needless to say, that is one huge pain in the ass that nobody really wants to go through.

What you shouldn't advertise is that you're a merchant. And this is definitely not limited to "I AM A MERCHANT." If you have "B>60% Glove attack scrolls" as your shop title, you might as well have "I AM A MERCHANT" as your title.

Rule #3: If all else fails, think like a merchant

What kind of shop title are you attracted to? Personally, I always pay more attention to the shops whose titles say something like "scrolls," "cheap scrolls,fresh gachapon items,cheap,lucky scrolls and items,quitting sales" etc. These simple shop titles say "there might be a cheap item here" to potential buyers.

Most importantly, you can name your shop title as like "Visit ''Shinytine" MTS. This will attract more potential buyers to your MTS stuffs and make cash sales. 

How to make prices look appealing

I'm going to say it right here and now: Adding all those 9s at the end works.

What doesn't work, however, is just about everything else.

Another bad way to price an item is to make the price something like 1234567. This is just irritating to a buyer's eyes, and a huge turn-off for sales. Of course, this includes putting random numbers at the end, like 12604395 or 5340759.

A final mistake for pricing is to price items at whole numbers. That entire "99,999 mesos is more than 100,000 mesos due to tax" thing doesn't really matter, to be honest (and it doesn't matter at all to buyers, who aren't the ones losing money due to tax!). However, it's so ingrained in people's minds that you're a lot better trying to sell something at 1,299,999 instead of 1,300,000, even if there is no tax difference.

So in a nutshell, price items ending in 9s.

Arranging your items
The most efficient way to arrange your shop.

The rule here is to group the same stuff together and to loosely follow this order:
  1. Most expensive (usually scrolled or cubed) godly equips/weapons at the top
  2. Scrolls
  3. Less expensive items
From the most demanding and expensive items at the beginning of the store(to be prominent) to the less expensive, then to the cheapest items that place at the end of the store.

    The things people pay most attention to are the first few items.
    Obviously, you should put your most expensive items at the beginning and end of your store to attract attention.
    Less obvious is the reason why scrolls are put in the middle. Scrolls are the most merchanted items in the game, no doubt about it. Merchants like myself and yourself look at scrolls for profit opportunities, so what better place to put them in the middle of a shop? If you were to put them at the beginning or end, you'd be wasting precious room that could be used to display scrolled items instead!

    Here's how a well-organized shop would go:

    Godly cubed or scrolled Equipments
    Chaos scroll
    60% Glove for attack
    60% Spear for attack
    70% Helmet for Int
    70% Topwear for Str
    70% Shield for attack
    30% 2h Sword for attack
    30% Bottomwear for Dex
    Clean work gloves
    Clean Blue Sauna Robe
    Refined diamonds

    How Much Should I Price My Items For?
    Selling your stuff in the Free Market has several advantages against selling your stuff on MapleStory forums/Basilmarket. For starters, it’s much faster. But you probably already knew that. More importantly, you can sell your stuffs for MORE money. But you probably already knew that, too.

    Before you price ANYTHING, check the MapleStory Forums/Basilmarket auctions or other FM stores. This is to do the most efficient and accurate Maplestory price check.

    What to Sell (For Beginners)
    Simple Merchanting (Intermediate-NX/@cash Required)

    Simple merchanting is an easy money-making method that takes advantage of the fact that you have a store and patience while others don’t. Unlike other forms of merchanting, this involves almost no human interaction at all, so it’s great for newer players who aren’t used to bargaining and buying from other people yet.

    -Bathrobes- The Bathrobe is an overall with 10 slots wearable by all classes. There are only a few kinds of overalls like the bathrobe, but none of them have such a low level requirement or are as easy to obtain. Like snowshoes, they’re scrolled frequently and can be bought in large quantities in the Showa Bathhouse for 20,000 mesos each. Most people aren’t willing to make the trip, though, so you can easily sell them in the Free Market for 50,000 to 100,000 mesos each.

    -Work Gloves- You need 15 leathers and 1000 mesos to make a Work Glove, which is a level 10 glove with 5 slots that’s useable by all classes. To get the leather, I recommend you either hunt Pigs and/or Ratz or buy them in large quantities from the FM/Basilmarket. Once you have a couple hundred leathers, go to “JM of the Streetz” in Kerning City and forge the Work Gloves. Since Work Gloves are such a flexible item, they’re scrolled all the time and can be sold for 50,000 to 150,000 mesos apiece.

    -Summoning Rocks- Summoning Rocks are used by hermits and night lords to summon a Shadow Partner, one of their key skills. However, the rocks are very hard to obtain normally. The best way to get them is to buy them from Alcaster, a NPC in El Nath, for 5000 mesos each. But before you can buy them from Alcaster, you have to finish a grueling and annoying series of quests and their prerequisites, which can take several hours. Most hermits don’t have enough patience to finish the ridiculous number of quests. That means that, if you finish all of Alcaster’s quests: http://global.hidden-street.net/ques...rquest_003.php , you can sell large amounts of summoning rocks in your shop for up to 6500 mesos each (1500 mesos higher than the purchase price). Multiply that by a couple hundred, and it adds up.

    Super Megaphones

    Most of the times when you're in maplestory, you will see a megaphone/weather(FM) saying something outrageous like "Cheap and Fresh Gachapon items and scrolls," GO TO THE FM ROOM (x) Channel (x). (Note that this does not include smega that advertise things like "S>Pink adventurer Cape wa 3 offer" since those smegas never attract people anyway.

    Q : How long can a store be opened?
    A : A store can be opened for 24 hours as soon as it is opened, not when you buy the permit. The timer starts counting ONCE the store is opened.
    Note : The timer can be found at the top-right corner of your store.

    Q : How long does a store permit last?
    A : Depends, it's either 24-hours or 7-days.

    Q : Can other Maplers come into my store when i am organising it?
    A : No, other Maplers cannot go into your store when you are organising it.

    Extra Info
    These are infos that needs to be confirmed.

    1. How much interest does Fredrick charge?
    Current answer : 1% of total mesos and item's NPC price per 24hours, please confirm.

    3. Party Quests.  
    Some party quests drop scrolls during it or after. Check and try these party quests out. Not so profitable but it is good to earn for a newbie in game.

    Party quests (also called PQs) are repeatable quests that can only be done with a party, or group, of people. They all have different time limits. Easier party quests have short time limits, usually ranging from 10 to 30 minutes, while the hard ones can have time limits of up to 2 hours. Almost all PQs give you a reward every time you finish it (usually experience points and an item).

    Party quests are a fun way to make money and have train at the same time. The rewards, in terms of experience, rarely match up to what you get from grinding (training at a specific map for long periods of time), but the items and monetary rewards that you get from party quests will usually make it worth it. That isn’t always the case, though. So just which PQs will pay you for wasting your time?

    Kerning PQ (lvl 21-30)
    Kerning PQ is a simple, easy party quest. Though much of the prizes are crap, there’s always that lingering chance of receiving an overall dex scroll 10%, which is worth 1 million mesos+ in most worlds (all estimates are based on Basilmarket prices). I made my first million mesos doing Kerning PQ. Guide: http://global.hidden-street.net/ques...ning_stall.php

    Monster Carnival PQ (lvl 30-50)
    Monster Carnival PQ is one of the few PQs in Maplestory that gives more exp than what you get from actual training. If you trade-win the PQ in your early 30’s, experience gain can exceed over 75% an hour. But more importantly, you make a lot of money from the PQ by collecting Maple Coins, which are occasionally dropped by the monsters in Monster Carnival. Fifty of these coins will forge a Spiegelmann Necklace, which is worth several hundred thousand mesos in most servers. Or you can forge a Gephart, which can be NPCed for 150,000 mesos, for 7 coins. You can increase your Maple Coin output by coin farming, which is a method in which both parties agree to ONLY summon Teddies in Room 1 or 2. Teddies cost very few points to summon (allowing greater numbers of teddies) and can be killed easily, which means more coins will drop. Guide: http://global.hidden-street.net/ques...nival_st01.php

    Ludibrium PQ(lvl 35-50)
    Ludibrium PQ gives a much larger and more expensive variety of prizes than Kerning PQ. You can receive both 10% and 60% scrolls from this party quest, not to mention capes and other items. However, Carnival PQ is much more popular nowadays, plus a faster moneymaker. So if you’re going to try making money from Ludibrium PQ, you had better really like doing it. Guide: http://global.hidden-street.net/ques...rium_stall.php

    Ludibrium Maze PQ(lvl 51-70)
    This is one of the simpler PQs; you can finish the entire quest by just following another member and killing every Tauromancis you see. The prizes from the quest aren't exactly great, but since the average party finishes Ludi Maze PQ in 1-2 minutes, it adds up very quickly. You can make several million mesos by NPCing your rewards, which mainly consists of potions. Guide: http://global.hidden-street.net/ques...mmaze_st01.php

    Magatia PQ (lvl 71-85)
    I’m very sketchy on the details of this PQ. All that I know is that it gives decent experience (usually 15-20% an hour) and some pretty good rewards. Guide: http://global.hidden-street.net/ques...gatia_st01.php

    Selling Scalion/Targa/Zakum/Chaos Zakum/Horntail/Chaos Zakum Helmets, or MoM pendant services, you  can earn profits by selling such services to help low level maplers to get the Bosses' Equipments.

    4. Loot!
     Picking Up Drops/mesos… No NX/@cash Required)

    When you start playing Maplestory, you press “z” to pick up items dropped by monsters you’ve killed. Among these items includes money. Therefore, you are making money every time you pick up money. But, it doesn’t end at that. Certain monsters drop more money than others, and some monsters even drop expensive equips and scrolls. 

    The Sakura Cellions located in the top platform of Purple Plains, the map right of Amoria, drop 200-300 mesos each while barely possessing more than 1000 HP per kitten. Enough said.

    Crimsonwood Keep
    The Leprechauns in CWK drop obscene amounts of money from their level (usually between 800 and 2000 mesos per monster). You can hunt for these monsters in the Phantom Forest maps “Swamp Bog”, “Bent Tree”, and “Creeping Evil”. They spawn as Meso Bags, but don’t be fooled! The meso bags will actually inflict some damage to you if you touch them. Attack the meso bag, and the Leprechaun will spawn, along with some cash (usually). Kill the Leprechaun (which also drops cash), and pick up your winnings. If you can 1-hit KO these guys, you’ll be able to make a million mesos within an hour two.

    If you have a high-leveled (level 80+) character that you want to train and use to make cash at the same time, consider hunting Windraiders and NightShadows, located on the mountains and caves around the Crimsonwood Keep (there are some NightShadows in the keep, too). These monsters are great to train on, AND they drop exchange quest badges. These badges can be traded for money, scrolls, and other rewards through the Crimsonwood Keep Exchange Quest, which is available to anyone who has finished all of the quests in the keep and its surrounding forest.

    The Dead Mine
    The Dead Mine, which is located after El Nath’s Forest of Dead Trees and before the Zakum lava dungeon, is a great place for those who can kill zombies efficiently to make money. The Miner Zombies that stroll around the place occasionally drop gold zombie teeth. Thirty of these teeth are needed to obtain the powerful and expensive Zakum Helm. Getting all 30 teeth is extremely time-consuming, so most Zakum Helm buyers are willing to pay top dollar for someone to get the teeth for them. That’s where you come in. Each tooth is worth approximately 100,000-150,000 mesos. You can usually get 10 or so teeth per hour, so that’ll be 1 million mesos per hour (at least!). Who knew selling old teeth could be so lucrative? (I’ll talk about how to sell your stuff in the next few sections.)

    Orbis Exchange Quest Drops
    The Orbis Exchange Quest is a repeatable quest located in Orbis that gives you 500 experience points and a small reward every time you do it. To do the quest, you need to give the quest NPC one hundred of one of these items: http://global.hidden-street.net/ques...uest_orbis.php But you’re not going to make money from trying to do the exchange quest. You’re going to make money from other people who are trying to do the exchange quest. Many Maplestory players with too much money like to level up their low-level secondary characters through the Orbis Exchange Quest. This is because the amount of times you can reap the quest’s 500 exp reward is limitless. Exchange Quest items can be sold for 200 to 500 mesos each, in most worlds. When you multiply that number by a couple hundred, you’ll see why this is such a great way to make money. I personally recommend you hunt for these drops at Coolie Zombies, Sakura Cellions, Jr. Cellions, and Jr. Yetis, but you can try looking for such items anywhere they’re available.

    When you are training/see a spot where everyone trains at, e.g. Truckers, go and loot the mesos off the ground! Loot hackers' stuffs especially. You actually can make quite a lot of mesos this way.

    5. Scroll Hunting. 
    Go kill monsters that drop good scrolls, like chaos scrolls. They are probably most dropped by drum bunnies, cold eyes and zombie mushrooms in MapleGlobal. Hunting 60% helmet for dex/bottomwear for dex, shield for wa/ma, 60% top wear for STR in MapleSEA can sell at high prices too.

    6. Boss Hunting. 
    Kill bosses. They drop a lot of good stuff worth quite a lot of mesos.

    A boss is a special type of monster. It takes much longer to spawn than any other monster and is a LOT harder to kill. Usually, there can only be one of each boss in every channel. There are three common types of bosses: summoned bosses, who require you to donate special items for them to appear, PQ bosses, who reside in party quests, and regular bosses, which spawn at specific times in designated maps. This section focuses on regular bosses, which are the easiest to kill and receive good drops from.

    “Hunting” bosses is a common practice in Maplestory. Several bosses are widely sought for their variety of rare drops, which can be sold for large amounts of money. In the past few years, deflation has lowered the appeal and cheapened the awards of boss hunting but, hey, at least it’s still more fun than merchanting.

    Mushmom (level 40-50+)
    Mushmom spawns at Someone Else’s House. She used to be one of the most popular money-making bosses, but now she’s usually just hunted for fun. She spawns every 45-60 minutes, and drops a variety of armor scrolls. Mushmom also drops Ilbi Throwing Stars, but they’re super rare, so don’t count on it.

    Zombie Mushmom (level 50-60+)
    Zombie Mushmom spawns at The Grave of Mushmom and is basically Mushmom’s stronger, undead counterpart. She spawns every 50-60 minutes, and drops a variety of weapon scrolls. She can also drop Ilbi and Hwabi Throwing Stars, but that’s like a one in a million chance, so don’t count on it.

    Junior Balrog (level 70-90+)
    Junior Balrog spawns in the Cursed Sanctuary. He can inflict over 2500 damage a hit with its magic attack, so make sure you have plenty of HP/a good level of Magic Guard before going for him. Spawning only once every 4-6 hours, Jr. Balrog is extremely hard to find, and doesn’t drop many good scrolls.

    Crimson Balrog (level 90-120+)
    Crimson Balrog has a 20% chance of spawning on the boat ride from Ellinia to Orbis and back. He drops Hwabis, a very expensive type of throwing star, and a bunch of crappy 10% scrolls. To hunt for him, go on the boat ride from Ellinia to Orbis and wait. If he doesn’t show up within 60 seconds of the boat ride’s takeoff, leave and wait for another ride. Note: Crimson Balrog can inflict over 4500 damage a hit with its magic attacks, so be VERY careful when trying to kill it.

    Or you can kill Chaos zakum/Horntail for Chaos zakum helmet/horntail necklace and Sok them and sell in FM stores for hundreds of million. This is highly recommended.

    Killing Chaos Horntail is earning bonus money, by selling chaos horntail necklaces, you will be rich.

    Area Bosses (level requirement varies)
    Area bosses are almost exactly like regular bosses, except they have much lower amounts of HP (usually) and have short, consistent spawn times. Consequentially, their drop rate is much lower, too. Anyways, most area bosses drop a variety of 10% and 60% armor scrolls, along with a few weapon scrolls, and are much less frequently hunted than regular bosses. For more information on them, refer to this guide: http://www.basilmarket.com/forum/796..._to_know.html#

    7. Get Married. 
    Do Amoria PQ to get Onyx Apples which sell for a lot.

    8. Buy NX/@cash. 
     If you buy NX/@cash, you can buy stuffs in MTS and sell them in FM or using miracle cubes to cube your equipments or weapons to ''unique'' rank and sell in FM. This is a good way to make lots of mesos, but requires ReaL money to do so.

    9. Selling fames 
    -Create 40~50 characters and train them to level 15. Sell each fame at 100k each everyday.

    10. Selling decent Mystic door (Helmet) /Sharp Eyes (level 120+gloves)/Decent Hyperbody(Pants) Services 
    - This is a glitch that occurred in GMS and MSEA server, by setting the decent skill at a hotkey and you can use the decent skill without equipping the decent skill cubed equipment.

    You need to spend a sum of real money to cube a decent skill-ed equipment.
    Decent Hyperbody is the most demanding among all decent skills and it is recommended to cube this decent skill if you want to earn mesos.

    The good news is that decent mystic door and sharp eyes skills can be easily cubed using miracle cubes once your equipment reached ''unique'' rank. You can get this skill easily, for using less than 50 miracle cubes.

    As for Decent hyper body skill, it is very hard to cube this skill, many maplers used more than 200+ miracle cubes to get this rare decent skill, however, it is very rewarding if you ever cubed this hyperbody skill as this decent skill is the most demanding, and the most expensive service that you can sell.  You can also use the decent hyperbody on bosses' fight which adds 40% of your HP on your character, decent hyperbody skill is inferior than the real hyperbody skill that the dark knight has which adds 60% of the HP for your whole party.

    Sell each services at random prices, 100m or below. You will earn a good profit.

    Imagine if there are 15 customers per day = 1.5b per day (profit)

    However, please ensure that you ask that person to hand over some ''unique'' equipments/weapons of the same worth of your decent skill cubed equipment before you do the service for him/her to prevent scamming (running away with your decent cubed equip).There is always a risk of doing this service such as that person traded his unique equip for your decent skill cubed equipment and log off his/her character immediately.

    After he has completed to set the decent skill to his hotkey. You trade back his ''unique equipments/weapons for your decent skill cubed equipment plus the amount of mesos that you demand for the service. Again, here pose another risk of scamming if he don't want to pay up for the service.

    Plus, you can sell off the decent Hyper-body skill pants if you do not need it anymore.

    11. Gachapon 

    This is not recommended, as I tried lots of times on Gachapon, it is not so profitable, wasting your @cash.
    However, you can try out the Mushroom shrine Gachapon, as that gachapon machine drops good stuffs and scrolls that you can sell high in FM and earn profit.

    12. Miracle Cubing 

    It is very rewarding to cube equipments/weapons to ''unique'' rank as ''unique'' rank equipments worth around a billion or more. If you are lucky, you can cube ''unique'' stuffs using less than 50 cubes.

    For example, from my cubing experience.

    To earn big money, you need to cube 15% of any good stats (INT/DEX/STR/LUK).

    Below are some good examples of 15% ''unique'' rank cubed equipments. However, it will be better if you can cube 21% of a good stats one.

    13. Selling Your Stuff on MapleStory Auction Forum/Basilmarket (Beginner-No NX/@cash Required)

    Okay, I’m going to take the liberty of assuming you ALL know how to create auctions on MapleStory Forum or Basilmarket. And now that I’ve managed to completely skip about 20 sentences of rigorous and most likely pointless explanations, it’s time to get to the part where you actually make money.
    First of all, setting up an auction only takes up a few minutes. This allows for almost no risk at all of disconnection or getting extremely bored, which is a common problem for people trying to sell their stuff in-game. Secondly, the feature is FREE. No real money required. Just look at the ads every once in a while and you’re golden. 
    And lastly, the auctioneer is almost guaranteed to get a fair price. 
    This is because auctions allow for competition; even if you set a ridiculously low starting offer, people will most likely bid on the item until a reaches a more competitive price.
    The only exception is for extremely unpopular items (you can find out what is popular and what isn’t rather easily with this handy Basilmarket feature: http://www.basilmarket.com/Maple-Sto...-auctions.html ) and items that are changing in price rapidly (since auctions can last nearly a week while deflation can happen in one day).

    Of course, you will probably make less money selling your stuff on MapleStory Forums/Basilmarket than selling your stuff in a NX/@cash-purchased in-game store (more on that later). That’s because stores are more convenient than auctions; you find an item, and then you buy it. It takes 5 seconds, tops. And even if you include the time needed to find a specific item in the Free Market containing the stores, it’s still barely 30 minutes. MapleStory Forums/Basilmarket, on the other hand, is super slow. After bidding on an item, you need to wait DAYS until the auction is over. Then you need to wait even MORE days as you try to find the seller in Maplestory. But, if you can’t use a store, that’s a small price to pay.

    But until then, you should use the MapleStory Forums/Basilmarket auctions whenever you need to make money selling something especially godly equips/weapons. Alternative, you can use the forums to make MTS(Maple Trading System) sales.

    14. Hunt for Maple Warrior 30 and sell in FM.

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