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kMSt ver. 1.2.392 – Mercedes Storyline

Helena is overjoyed to see that Mercedes is alive (just like Aran)! They hug, and then Helena tells Mercedes that she should return to Eurel, as many bad people might be lurking.
When Mercedes tries leaving, the Black Wings member Francis the Puppeteer attacks! After defeating him, Helena tells Mercedes that they should go to Eurel immediately, since the Black Wings have already made their move.

Along the way, they are attacked by the Black Mage’s henchmen. In town, Helena tells Mercedes to go to Ereb and ask for cooperation from the Cygnus Knights to fight the Black Wings. Nineheart is reluctant but Cygnus wins him over.

Mercedes returns to Eurel and Astella says that something is wrong with the fountain of Eurel. She goes to check it out and more of the Black Mage’s henchmen attack.
After defeating them, Mercedes get a strange letter from an anonymous person saying they want to test the Elf King and one of the great 5 hero’s strength. It tells Mercedes to come to Sleepywood if she is not scared. Upon reaching Sleepywood, she sees another one of the Black Wings’ members, the nameless Shadow Warrior. After Mercedes defeats him, she goes back to Helena for advice.

A while later, Helena sends Mercedes a letter telling her that she should go to Ludibrium. There she meets a hooded guy named Reggie. Hmm… his beard seems familiar…
He tells her to meet him down in the clock tower, but when she gets there, it turns out to be a trap! The Black Wings member, Dargoth the Giant is waiting! She defeats him and wonders why Helena would send her here… she decides to go talk to her. She says that she didn’t send a letter and it was the work of the Black Wings…
Mercedes talks to one of the representatives of Ereb in Eurel. A child in Eurel has awoken! But apparently it was Mercedes who took him somewhere! She arrives in Eurel and explains that she was not the one with the child. Is this the work of the Black Wings again? She receives a ransom letter telling her to go to Leben Mine to find him…

Upon reaching there, the Black Wings member Le Tierre says that the child is in the mine next to her. Mercedes goes in but is ambushed by many of the Black Mage’s henchmen! When she defeats them all, she goes to save the child, but it is one of the kids from Edelstein, not the one from Eurel! After returning the kid to Edelstein, she returns to Le Tierre who says that another Black Wings member has the child…
Mercedes goes ahead to meet her, and the Black Wings member General Orca reveals herself! Orca is the one that led the Black Mage’s army in the past before he was sealed away. She has been waiting a long time to defeat Mercedes. She says that the time for the Black Mage to revive is near. After defeating her, Mercedes returns the child to Eurel and talks to Phyllius who says that Eurel should work on fortifying their boundaries. He tells Mercedes to go to Helena and tell her what happened.
Mercedes explains to Helena all that happened, and then she tells her that she is scared. She says that she doesn’t have the same power from long before and that she might not be successful in sealing away the Black Mage again. She thinks that she is pathetic for being scared of the Black Mage, being one of the five heroes who fought him so long ago. Helena comforts her and tells her to rely on others more, as they are not the same people who ran away in the past. She says that Mercedes needs to overcome her fears and understand what gives her power, and that Mercedes will be their bravest reinforcement.
P.S. When you make a Mercedes, you choose between male or female, after that your only choice is between 2 faces!

P.P.S. The music player in Eurel actually works, and it changes the BGM of the town for everyone in it!

P.P.P.S. This is the NPC that gives Mercedes her medals, the Great Spirit.

P.P.P.P.S. A new world is coming called Elf! Nexon is so creative with their names.

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