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[Release]Maplestory Speed hack

Hi Gznster here.

Don't know whether it works for
but sure works for 64xbit.

Information of hack :
*speed hack
*Making CE undetected.

First download Visual C++ : http://www.brothersoft.com/d.php?sof...csetup2008.exe

2nd download cheat engine 6.0 : http://cheatengine.org/download/CheatEngine60.exe

3rd: install and download those stuff mentioned,
after that,
get ready to use speed hack and make cheat engine undetected.

4th : Once you installed cheat engine,
run it,
they'll say a tutorial pop-up? No
Go to cheat engine settings,
And set the settings according to the screenshots,

5th : Once you set the settings,
Run maplestory,
select character,
once you enter the character,
You will go to game right?
Faster run cheat engine as administrator,
and set the speed you want.

6th : You'r done.

7th (OPTIONAL STEP) : If you wanna set hotkey for the speed hack,
go to settings,
go to hotkeys :

Credits :
creator of cheat engine ( don't really know who it is)

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