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WHITE Angelic Bless Ring,Pendant of Dominations,Badge of the Legendary Hero

New sets of Items
The classic Angelic Bless rings family has welcomed a new family member, her name is WHITE Angelic Bless Ring !

Also more rings, more potions that grants you extra strength, or invincibility etc.
Pendant of Dominations
A pendant that rumored that under the possession of the Black Magician.Also known as the Legendary pendant of Duo Force.
Req Level: 85
STR: +35
DEX: +35
INT: +35
LUK: +35
HP: +10%
MP: +10%
WDEF: +215
MDEF: +215
Magic Attack: +5
Weapon Attack: +5
Accuracy: +120
Avoid: +120
Speed: +15
Jump: +10
PVP Damage: +3%
Charm EXP: +120
Tradeable once a Platinum Scissors of Karma is used.

A pendant that shocks the world !
Fortitude Elixir
An elixir created with professional Alchemy skill. Increase 30% immunity to status effects for 2 hours.
More Elixirs , more fun , more powerful !

A new EPIC badge has been added during this patch...

Badge of the Legendary Hero
You have been chosen as the legend !
Req Level: 10
STR: +10
DEX: +10
INT: +10
LUK: +10
HP: +200
MP: +200
Magic Attack: +10
Weapon Attack: +10
Speed: +10
One-of-a-kind item
Use a Platinum Scissors of Karma to enable it to be traded once.
probably part of the Legend event...

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