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Cannot find ijl15.dll. Please, re-install the application

I too came across this problem. I've read in the thread and a few people have posted that whenever they try to open maple, they get the error "Cannot find ijl15.dll. Please, re-install the application"

The solution is very simple, and all credits go to me for finding it out.

All you have to do is make a new shortcut to maplestory.exe in c:/nexon/maplestory/.

Noobified guide:

1. Right click on your desktop
2. Choose New
3. Choose Shortcut
4. Click browse
5. Go to your MS folder
6. Click "MapleStory"
7. Click "OK"
8. Click "Next"
9. Name it anything, EX: Maplestory
10. Click Finish
11. Delete your old MS shortcut
12. Open MS and play!

Alternative Solution for ''Cannot find ijl15.dll. Please, re-install the application'': 

We are aware that many players are getting the following error when trying to launch MapleStory Game Client.

ijl15.dll file not found

To resolve this error, please click on any of the download links provided below, download ijl15.dll and copy it into your MapleStory folder and try patching again.

Download Link 1 for ijl15.dll
Download Link 2 for ijl15.dll
Download Link 3 for ijl15.dll
Download Link 4 for ijl15.dll

We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused to many players.
If you are still experiencing launching errors after applying this update, please submit your enquiry to iBOX and we will address to it as soon as possible.


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