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KoC Job Advancement Guide | Knight of Cygnus Job Advancement | Job Advancement Koc

Note: Screenshotless for now. I already completed 2nd job without SSes, so..

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
  2. 1st Job
  3. 2nd Job
  4. 3rd Job
  5. Ending

Welcome to my first guide, and my first KoC guide, and Southperry's first KoC guide. This guide is aimed at people who (really, come on) don't read NPC instructions and miss some information on how to do your KoC Job Advancements. Or if you just need more clues.

  • 1x Knights of Cygnus Character (hereon noted as "KoC Character" or "Order Character")

1st Job
This is very straightforward.

Get to level 10, go to Erev (main town) and:
  • Talk to Mihail to be a Soul Master
  • Talk to Oz to be a Flame Wizard
  • Talk to Irina to be a Wind Breaker
  • Talk to Ickart to be a Night Walker
  • Talk to Hawkeye to be a Striker

Note that your Knight Commander is the NPC you went to to get your 1st Job.

2nd Job
This is also quite straightforward.

Once you reach level 30, Ninehearts will talk to you via Maple Administrator (lightbulb on your head). She will tell you to go to Erev and talk to her to complete this quest.

Once you complete this mini-quest, talk to your Knight Commander (see above) and s/he will tell you to go to the end of Erev and go to Field 2. So, follow her directions and go to the end of the Lotus Forests where you will enter the Drill Arena. Go to the 2nd field (just use the up teleports).

Once you are there, proceed right (beware of the pointy sticks) and head up to kill the Tiguru of Test. This is (assuming you have played a normal character to 2nd Job) easier than the normal 2nd Job quest as the Proof of Test is a 100% drop. Note that unlike normal 2nd Job quests, if you disconnect or die, the Proof of Test is not confiscated.

Once you have collected 30 of the Proof of Test (the quest complete alert will appear), go back to your Knight Commander to complete the quest and get your Job Advancement. Note that your job name does not change (a Flame Wizard is always a Flame Wizard).

3rd Job
This is when it gets exciting.

Once you get to level 70, Ninehearts will call you back to Erev due to an emergency. This time, Baroq the Transformer has transformed into a Knight Commander and stole a treasure. Ninehearts will ask you to go to your Knight Commander to get a Search Warrant. You need one Dark Crystal to get it.

Once you have the Search Warrant (WARNING: It expires in 24 minutes!), quickly go find Baroq the Transformer.

For the Soul Master and Flame Wizard, you will find your NPC in one of the portals at Lotus Forest I.

For the Wind Breaker and Night Walker, you will find your NPC in one of the portals at Lotus Forest II.

For the Striker, you will find your NPC in one of the portals at Lotus Forest III.

Once you find your fake Knight Commander, (you can tell the difference as the fake instructor only says "......"), double click on him and he will say something. After he completes the conversation, he will transform into the Transformer monster. Kill it and it will drop the treasure, completing your 3rd Job Quest. After this, go back to your real Knight Commander and get your 3rd Job.


I hope this guide has helped you. Please comment and correct. Thanks for reading!

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