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Naomi Chinese New Year Mask Party

Dear Players,


From 18th January to 7th February 2012, head down to the “Event Map“ to receive the new Chinese New Year quest from NPC Naomi and by completing a simple quest you will be rewarded with one of the following prizes.


1. Dark Racoon Mask
2. Spectrum Googles
3. Bunny Disguise I
4. Bunny Disguise II
5. Bunny Disguise III
1. Character level 80 and above will be able to receive the quest.
2. Each Character is only able to exchange ONCE throughout the whole event.
3. The required “Beltin”, “Breakin” and “Poppin” quest items can be obtained from all monsters.

With Naomi’s magical power sprinkle all over Maple World, from 18th January to 8th February 2012 chances of obtaining Imperial & Onyx Weapons and rare equipments from All Gachapon Machine have been increased up to 100 times more.

-Maple Administrator

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