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Additional Potential/Option Quick Guide

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    [1]Additional Potential Quick Guide

    [2]Additional Option Quick Guide

    [3]List of possible stats available for additional potential

1. Additional Potential Quick Guide

Additional potiental required a new specific cubes for it. If you are to cube with a regular cube, it will only cube the original potential & if you are to cube with an additional potential cube, it will only cube the additional potential.

The Blue colour R next to the word 'Additional Potential' represents is 'Rare' rank , Purple 'E' = Epic , Gold 'U' = Unique and Green 'L' = Legendary.

There are stamps for additional potential to increase the amount of lines up to 3. I believe 3 is the max as seen in the video.

Additional Potential Provision Scroll 50%/60%/70%/Special:

Description: Provides additional Potential on equipment items without taking away any possible upgrades. \n#c
This can only be used on items that has not been given additional Potential options.#

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Basic/intermediate/advanced/special/superior/sliver/gold Awakening Stamp:

Description: After #cdouble-clicking#, using it on an item with less than 2 additional Potentials opened will add 1 more type of additional Potential.

Basic/intermediate/advanced/superior/sliver/gold/perfect/superlative/surprising Additional Carving Stamp:

Description: After #cdouble-clicking#, using it on an item with less than 2 additional Potentials opened will add 1 more type of additional Potential.


Basic : 20%
intermediate : 40%
Advanced/Superior : 60%
Sliver : 60%
Gold : 80%
Others : ??

Basic,intermediate and advanced all from boss eg. Zakum, von leon, horntail, cygnus and dragon rider.

Quoted from Maple Archive.


Like regular potential, there are some potential are only exclusive depending on what equipment it is.


2. Additional Option Quick Guide

Additional Option required Resurrection Flame (KMS version:Flame of Reincarnation) for it. They can be used multiple times on an item. Using a Flame on an item will give it UNTRADeABLE on equipping with 5 Scissor counts (this effect will only work once per item though).
After 5 scissor used, that item will be completely/permanently untradable.

Those already Fully untradeable items (those that can’t be scissored at all) will stay untradeable, will not gain a scissor count, and will only receive additional options.

Silver Karma’s Scissors is meant for those(normal equipment) that initially can be traded freely.
They are available through in-game means, you do not need to buy them from the Cash Shop.
Description: Breaks off ties with the original owner, allowing an item’s exchange to another person just once. This can only be used for certain items and not on the sealed items.

The Flame will give different Additional Options based on if the item is a regular equipment or boss equipment.

Equipment dropped by monsters, created/combined through profession and reward items can get additional options.

Bonus: You can also find additional options like Boss Damage, Total Damage, All Stat % and Reduce Level Requirements to make you stronger.

Note: Additional options can be added to equipment like, Weapons, Armors, Accessories and Pocket, but won't be added for Shields, Secondary Weapons, Rings and Medals.

Note: You'll have 1~4 (randomly chosen) additional options, but boss items will always have 4 additional options. There are five stages of additional options and Boss items will always be at highest stage. Depending on equipment's level, additional options will vary.

List of boss items
•Van Leon equipment
•Stone of Eternal Life
•Dominator Pendant
•Loveless equipment
•Chaos Pink Bean (Black Bean) equipment
•Cygnus equipment
•Tyrant equipment

You can acquire Resurrection Flame through Bosses.
Harder the boss, better Resurrection Flame you'll find.

Resurrection Flame list:

•Resurrection Flame Level 110(Green Glow): For items below level 110 (Zakum and Chaos Zakum Drop )
•Resurrection Flame Level 120(Light Purple Glow): For items below level 120 ( Pink Bean/hilla Drop )
•Resurrection Flame Level 130(Pink Glow): For items below level 130 ( Akyrium Drop )
•Resurrection Flame Level 140(Cyan Glow): For items below level 140
•Resurrection Flame Level 150(Purple Glow): For items below level 150

Description: Dragging and dropping this on an equipment item that has no additional options will provide a random additional option. Using it on an equipment item that has already obtained an additional option with the Resurrection Flame will reset the item’s additional option. \r\nThe equipment item that initially used the Resurrection Flame will be limited to 5 uses of scissors.

BEFORE: Posted Image AFTER :Posted Image



3. List of possible stats available for additional potential

Here is the list of possible Additional Potential


Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

this video show player additional potential stats. he cubed all to +att/%att or % stats and stopped at rare /epic rank.

It seem like Additional potential and normal potential almost has the same stats, boss and ignore pdr is lesser than normal potential stats. Go for +ATT/MA , %ATT/%MA is the best.


There is a revamp version of additional potential system thus Under Construction..

Summarised revamp version of additional potential system:

1. At Unique and Legendary, some % stats, like % stats, damage, attack, magic attack, are comparable to actual potentials, so like they're 9% at Unique, and 12% at Legendary for 3rd Tier items.

2. They restricted some stats to armor only, these were stats that were available to everything before, so there's no change in cubing armors, but there's less crap when cubing weapons.

3. Some minor stats, like just + stats, were raised to as much as two times their old values. Accuracy, Avoid, etc.

4. Some level requirements on additional potential stats were lowered.

QUOTED FROM :Southperry Hyper Evolution Update Notes POST #94

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