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6 Steps To Reduce Lag on MapleStory

Step 1

Download CCleaner. You can download it



Uninstall your useless programs! Cmon now, everyone has old programs or trials that they don't need anymore. If you don't use them, delete them! If it doesn't let you uninstall a program, use CCleaner to uninstall it!


Go to Start>My Computer>Properties>Advanced>Performance>Settings. Choose the Custom option and uncheck every single box except for the last three.

Then go to the Advanced Tab and change your virtual memory. Divide the maximum size by 90%(NOT .9, 90%. Use your built in PC Calculator for help) and round it to the nearest hundred. Your answer will be your Initial Size

For example, my Maximum Size is 4092. When I divide 4092 by 90% I get 3682.8. I then rounded that to 3700. That is now my Initial Size

Go to Start>My Computer>Right Click Local Disk C:>Properties>Tools>Defrag Now... Click Analyze then Defragment
DELETE all your useless files and clean your PC from viruses!!! Disable xfire or any communication system(oovoo, skype, msn). Also, change your in game graphics settings to the lowest(If you are high-tech remove textures carefully). 

When you are in game, go to task manager, processes and terminate explorer.exe. Your icons should be missing but it improves your gameplay. If you want it back, go to task manager>file>new task and open explorer.exe again After you tried all these steps and you are still lagging, get a new Internet Service Provider!.

MYTH: Deleting your system32 folder will make your computer faster
FACT: Deleting your system32 folder will screw up your system

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