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Legendary Inner Ability Secrets!

There are a lot of misconceptions on forums / blogs about inner ability. After resetting my inner ability for more than 500 times. Here is what I found out!

Here is what I currently gotten on my character.

20% boss damage, 13 accuracy to damage, 7% damage to normal monsters. 

I gotten the 2nd and 3rd lines in just 2 days of doing Azwan Supply mode in and out! So, do it now! Get your character to Arwan and start to earn 30k honor points each run to reset your inner ability!

Questions and Answers

1. Is Weapon attack easy to get on inner ability?
After resetting more than 500 times, I have not seen a weapon attack before. However, someone  I knew manage to get it in 10 tries. It is all about luck. 

2. How do you get FREE honor points to reset your inner ability on legendary rank?
Go to ariant, and go to the 2nd map, then go to Azwan, do the supply mode for unlimited times everyday from 2pm - 8pm. You get 30k honor points each run. You can reset as many times as you want everyday by going to Azwan supply mode in and out. 

3. Can honor point reset your inner ability to legendary?
*Please take note: you can reset to legendary rank using honor points only after Inner ability revamp.*
Yes, here is the video that proofed it. It is near to impossible to get it actually. 

4. How many miracle circulator to get 20% boss damage?
More than 100. Approx 200~500 miracle circulator to get a line of 20% boss damage. 

5. Can I get multi boss damage lines on inner ability?
No. you can get only 1 boss damage line which is usually on the 1st line of inner ability.

6. Can I get 2 same stats on inner ability? like 2 or 3 critical rate lines? 
No, after resetting more than 500 times, I don't see the chance of getting 2 boss damage lines or even 2 same stats lines. Such as 2 critical rate lines, it don't happen at all. 

7. All inner ability lines get legendary stats once it reached legendary rank?
All lines can get legendary rank stats. Your 1st line will always stays at legendary. Your 2nd, 3rd lines of your legendary rank will vary from rare to legendary. 

Refer to here to find out what stats you can get.

Here is the proof that 2nd, 3rd line can reach legendary rank stats using honor point reset.

Note: 20% boss and +20 movement speed are legendary rank stats lines. 

For unique rank stats on 2nd, 3rd lines is very rare. If you manage to get it, you are quite lucky. 

For legendary rank stats, you need be extremely lucky to get it on the 2nd, 3rd line, I only get it once after a month of resetting my inner ability consistently.

8. What is the rarest lines to get for 2nd, 3rd lines of inner ability?
Critical rate and weapon attack lines, after more than 1000 resets with no sight at all. 

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