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So, honor point discount is over. But, what if you still want to reset your inner ability. Here is the fastest way to do it. You need to get the medals in dojo that gives 10k honor points each.

Mu Long Dojo offers scroll (Mu Gong Honor EXP Guarantee) for 5000 dojo points that convert 10k honor on that character into a medal that can be traded through storage.

Here is what to do to collect honor points to reset your inner ability.

  1. Collect weekly points from dojo
  1. Clear dojo (up to 9F max, or however far you can get) on your mules
  1. Buy Honor EXP medals
  1. Buy Mu Gong's Guarantee and use it to make 10k of your honor into a tradable medal
  1. Use it on your main, or sell it for mesos in FM. 

Takes one week to get the Medal of Honor, and another week to get the Mu Gong's Guarantee. (May take 3 weeks total to get both if you only clear 1F and leave). You only need to run dojo once per character, once a week.

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