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How Much DROP RATE NEEDED to get 5 Tyrant capes in Hard Magnus?

I want to answer to this question, that many maplers has been puzzled about...which is how much drop rate is needed to get 5 capes in hard magnus.

If 5 capes are dropped from hard magnus, normally the 5 capes comprises of warrior, magician, thief, pirate, bowman each. Yes, so if you have enough drop rate, then hard magnus will confirm drop a cape of your own class.

This is also known as the popular hard magnus svc which maplers selling for 3b each. 3b will guarantee you to get your cape without buying your psok-ed tyrant cape in FM for 5b or even 9b.

Then how much drop rate is needed? 250%! This is the drop rate that 100% drop 5 capes. Anyway, I found out that anything around 180% only drop 3 tyrant capes and not 5 capes (according to TWCXenon which has 180% drop rate. Anywhere between 220%-250% will be safe to get 5 capes.

If you have 180% drop rate I will recommend you to get at least 200%. With this drop rate, you can offer hard magnus 5 capes svc for 3b + coin svc 4*500m = 5b for each round of hard magnus.

Here is what I found out....

Anywhere around 0-40% you might get 0-2 cape
Anywhere at 60%-80% drop rate you will get 0-3 capes.
Anywhere around 120%  drop rate you will get 2-4 capes.
Anywhere around 150%-190%  drop rate you will get 3-5 capes.
Anywhere above 220% you get 5 capes.
At 250% you confirm get 5 capes.

However, drop rate is divided accordingly to the party members, so if you solo you are using 250% drop rate, if you party 1 person with 0% drop rate and he hit hard magnus ONCE, your drop rate become 125% drop rate. So don't be surprise that you get 2 capes when you party someone with you.
Hope this will answer to your question on hard magnus tyrant cape drop rate.

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