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How to get MESOS from SEAGM FAST in SECONDS~!

There are a lot of maplers who are lack of mesos and want to get mesos fast. The fastest way to do it is to buy mesos from seagm.


1. Click here, and enter your IGN (in-game name) twice in the above as shown.

2. Type in how much mesos you want.

3. Click on pay by Paypal.

4. Go to the live chat and send them the purchase id, and you will get mesos in real time..

SEAGM staffs in the live chat will ask you to go to a room in FM on certain channel (eg. ch 13 rm 16) to collect your mesos.

Whenever I lack of mesos or I need mesos, this is how I get mesos. I am not affiliated to SEAGM. I just find that this is the fastest way to get mesos without any hassle of getting mesos on Facebook group (that might impose a scam trap).

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