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Yes, what to do when you got too much mesos? Well, do you remember in the past wa 21 brown work gloves used to be a super godly item? in year 2005/2006? Where you can get brown work gloves from the mushroom shrine gachapon!

Now, this brown work gloves is very very rare. I managed to get a clean one using 2b in FM. I decided to scroll a wa 21 brown work gloves (to get what I wanted in the past but I am unable to). In year 2005 / 2006, I wanted a wa 21 brown work gloves but I cannot afford.it. 

So today, I want to try out this is how it goes...

1st: weapon attack 2
trace +2 wa

2nd: weapon attack 7
60% chaos scroll: +5 wa

3rd: weapon attack 10
csog: +3 wa

4th: weapon attack 13
csog: +3 wa

5th: weapon attack 14
csog: +1 wa

6th: weapon attack 15
csog +1 wa 

7th: weapon attack 20
csog:+5 wa

8th (last slot): weapon attack 22
csog +2 wa

By using trace, we are unable to get wa 20+ because 30% gloves for att only adds +2 wa. So I need to use CSOG or chaos scroll to get to wa 20+. Manged to get wa 22. Very happy on the result. 

Kept it as a item as a collection! =D

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