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HOW to BUY Mesos (Since Mesos bag has been REMOVED)!

Anyone who is playing MapleSEA now knows that the mesos bag from cash shop has been removed. Previously, you can buy 1b for 4.5k @cash. This is a legit way to buy mesos. However, after the removal of mesos bag, legit players no longer can buy mesos anymore.

Also mesos market is a fail system. Look $6 for 1b... it is NOT WORTH AT ALL! Look at other sources they are much cheaper! So avoid meso market as for now.

Here are some of the viable solutions to get mesos!

1. Buy from SEAGM

1st solution is to register for an account on SEAGM, then buy mesos from SEAGM. You can go to SEAGM here. They are trusted, I bought countless of times from them. Their rate is approx $4 per billion. They deliver mesos in real time, this means after you pay, you tell them your transaction ID on the live chat. They will ask you to login and go to a FM room, then they will use a mule to trade mesos to you.

2. Facebook groups (Buy from players)

As you can see there are many Facebook groups on MapleSEA trading. The most famous and popular group will be this group: MapleSEA Facebook group. You can search for people who are selling mesos and buy with them at cheap rate. Look for their vouch lists first before dealing with them. Also, if you don't want to risk, go for SEAGM. 

Also ask them to show you the meso first on the trade window first to confirm that they have the meso first. 

Other than that, you can also make real $ by selling on that active FB group. That group is very active, you can get a few sales in just a few days. I sold several pieces of tyrants on that group. My maple friends are profiting a few hundreds dollars (SGD) from that group per month. 

Well, now you can see not only you can work on your full time job. You can also earn side income just like that. Most of the maplers that I bought something from them, they work in a full time job, but they come home at night, they trade items with me. 

3. Buy from other websites like SEA4GOLD!

One of my favorite websites to get meso, other than SEAGM is SEA4GOLD! They are real, it is not a scam. They have been selling mesos for years. And they have been spamming their messages across the MapleSEA server for several years and it still very active.

However, one of the problems is that they may deliver mesos slower than SEAGM. I tried them only a few times, but most of the times I used SEAGM as my mesos provider as they are really quick and efficient on delivering mesos to me.


That's all I can think of, those are the 3 best ways to get mesos now. Avoid meso market at all costs, they want you to buy @cash to buy maplepoints on the bloody cash shop then convert them into meso in the meso market. This is very stupid, and waste of efforts, not only you won't get your meso at real time (for example you want it now), and you also waste your money as it costs $6 per billion where SEAGM costs $3.xx SGD per billion.

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