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Meso Market (A way to get @CASH WITHOUT buying @Cash)

If you still are not sure what is meso market, it is a new system beside the Auction house. Now, you can use mesos to traded for Maple Points. Maple Points is the same as @cash, you can use it to buy cash items. 

This means now, you can earn mesos for free and get @cash for free. It's a win win situation and it is a good system for everyone. No more pay to win, even if you are grinding or earning on game, you can get cash item as well. 

Above is the buy mesos interface. The market fluctuates itself depending on the supply (sell) and demand (buy). Currently it is 500 maple points for 100 millions of mesos.

Below is the sell meso window, it looks good. Just like stock market when you can sell and buy, and the market fluctuates itself.

A good update, a good system for everyone. Nothing bad, just like MTS (maple trading system) which has closed down. This meso system let you get meso to trade for maple cash (@cash).

Maple is so good, with Auction house to sell items for mesos (2k mesos per item) to list. And buy items in Auction house (like a Google search engine) and get @cash for free using mesos.

Well, the party which benefits the most are the hackers. As they can trade mesos for @cash (Maple points) now.

Now, maple has realized that pay to win is not a solution to keep players to continue playing. It only makes more players quit the game. Hence, this Auction house and meso system have made a big change.

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