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What YOU can learn from BIGGEST CONQUERORS of MapleSEA!

The hackers are winning the war. After years of banning the hackers, the GM is tired and has given up. And from what I observed, the hackers have won the war. So what can we learn from the hackers? As you can see now the hackers have successfully invaded MapleSEA server.

Here are the biggest 3 things to take away from the hackers!.....

1. Don't give up! Persevere!

The hackers never give up themselves after countless of banning sprees, they continue. They know they will win the war. They got banned and they created new characters to continue! As the GM who are banning players are human. They can't win a bot at all. They will keep regenerate themselves!

2. Think out of the box!

As you know, they have been hacking since Xtrap hacking protection, all the way till now. They think of new ways to bypass the hacking protection till now, they have successfully bypassed the hacking shield as of today. Other than that, they also bypass the captchas that often appears on our game screen to prevent as from botting.

Apart from that, they also can open the EB (elite boss) boxes by themselves?

3. Collect everything and anything from everywhere!

If you have seen MacDonalds, they are all over the world. Everyday, they are collecting all your $ to their pocket. It is the same logic, the hacker collects all the items (purple cubes, yellow cubes, EPS, CSS, rainbow flame, crimson flame) from all their characters (over 500) all over the whole Maple world.

Imagine 1 character gives you = 2 purple cubes out of 30 box per day
With 500 characters you get 1000 purple cubes per day. 

With 1000 purple cubes * 150m = 

75 billion means 75000000000 of mesos

75000000000 of mesos!

This way, not only you will become rich. You will become super duper rich! 

4. Continue to grow stronger and stronger to become a GOD 

Like human being, we need to be constantly being educated and learn new stuffs or make more money to sustain ourselves in this world. The hackers are doing the same thing, they are continuing to become stronger and stronger each time and every while. The latest map they conquered is Gate of future (level 160 maps).

What do you think? What I think is that the hackers in MapleSEA has surely something for us to learn that is don't give up, think out of box, and continue to grow stronger and stronger without going weaker! 

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