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The goal of this JQ is to get the level 120 heart and android that is comparable to the titanium heart for free.

But it comes with a price...! Good thing don't always come free!

You probably looking for tips or tricks to jump the JQ (jump quest) for beautyroid. You need to jump finish this jump quest to get to heaven (where you can farm coins). The jump quest is like a prequest to get to the grinding map (lab) to hunt for coins.

After you get to the heaven (map filled with monsters) you can start farming coins easily and get your android and heart within 2 days (with drop rate equips)

Here is what you can search on Youtube with this keyword: Maplestory mechanic heart (those are GMS videos as they have done before this event)

From there, you can click on any of the video and try to follow them to jump....other than that I heard from my friend the hardest level to jump is the B1. Some people take 2.5 hours to complete that level while some other took 4 hours, while others never complete at all..

Note: Once you leave or logout of the map when you reached B1/B2/B3, you will be back to B4 (starting point). So you are to complete the jump quest once and for all if you want to do.

Other than that you can join the Maple talk no sales group to find out more tips or tricks from MapleSEA players on how to jump the jump quest!

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