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With this I have officially reached 222% drop rate! 

Getting a level 25 decent HS IS NOT EASY! You need to spent at least a month or more to collect all the cores then break them into core pieces and craft decent HS pieces. Keep repeating UNTIL you reach level 25. Especially, on level 2x decent HS, you need 3 decent HS pieces to up 1 level. 

Other than that, I tested 4xx% drop rate, it is also not easy as well to hunt cores, I only get 3 cores in 30 mins with that 4xx% drop rate. 

Other than that CMS officially released their cubes tier up rates here

Well, now you know how difficult it is to get a legendary rank equip... it is ... wow... as expected. Sometimes, I used more than 200 purple cubes just to up from unique to legendary on 1 equip. 

Also, the mesos rate become crazy... CF becomes 500m...

Looking forward for more to write soon.. stay tune, like my FB page to get new updates!

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