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Tips on BeautyRoid JQ for Maroonroid! FINALLY, HEART IS MINE!!!

After 2 days of hard work, I finally gotten both the heart and android. With this heart and android, I completed all my equipments in MapleSEA. Just need to make this heart to legendary and good potential and I'm done. 

Here are my tips for those who want to get the heart and android.

1. For B4 to B2 it is easy, just take like hours to practice it. Most likely, you can get to B1 in 1 day, have some patience. If cannot, then wait for another day, and try again. Just watch the Youtube video on how they jump. B4 to B2 there are not much obstacles.

2. B1, here is the hardest part out of all, you need about 4-5 hours of practice, you will keep failing and failing, then you will be very experienced. Once, you are experienced going to the right end portal is not an issue.

When you are go to the right portal >>>>
You will need to move through many gases (which will cause instant death if you get hit). Be patience, and focus hard, don't be nervous, go through the gases 1 by 1, no need to hurry.

This is important, if you have no confidence of getting through the gas then just keep on your position until you got confidence then move to the next gas.

For 2 gases that are close together with one another or together (top and bottom) see if they emit out gas TOGETHER then move. If not, DON'T MOVE keep on your position, be patience!

After you are skilled on the going to the right portal. You need to get back to the <<< left portal, this is the hard part.

For me I prefer walking the gas below rather than the laser on top, here is my trick. move as close as possible to the gas! Yes, move as close as possible. For 2 gases close together (jump 3 times) and for 1 gas (jump 1 or 2 times). Keep trying until you succeed.

After then you can go to B3 to collect coins to buy the heart and android, you need to hunt for 2500 coins to get both heart and android. Get the x2 drop rate buffs on the shop and start hunting on B3. If you got high drop rate like me with 4xx% drop rate then you can get your heart and android within 4 entry to the B3.

That's all folks. Good luck and have fun, hope this tip can help you well.

If still cannot then, go to the MapleSEA FB group to buy for svc (they provide svc via Teamviewer).

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