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I want to answer to an ultimate answer that no one in MapleSEA can give you an answer (YES NO ONE IN MAPLESEA '0') because no one has ever done this 20 stars weapon. Previously, there was a guy with 20 stars gloves in Aquila. I'm considered the 2nd one to get 20 stars equip but mine is a weapon. According to my friends and I, I am holding on to the 1st MapleSEA Fafnir weapon with 20 stars in the MapleSEA history ever.

The 1st equip I boomed was a 19 stars gloves this is WAY before the anti-booming to 17 stars has been released. During that time, after 12 stars you will boom your equip. At that time I already got a 19 stars gloves.

I boomed a fafnir bowman pants at 19 stars too. During that time, I felt lucky and want to test my luck and BOOMED!

Sadly, that gloves was my first attempt and I boomed it even though I hit on the middle of the star force mini game that will increase the success rate by 1.5% or so. Then, I boomed fafnir bow with 19 stars, I was very excited to get 20 stars, but sadly it boomed.

Next, I boomed my fafnir hat and gloves, both with 19 stars that I spent more than 30b to create it.... and I boomed COUNTLESS OF 18 STARS FAFNIR BOW.... WAY before that I boomed countless of fafnir bow after 12 stars too (BEFORE the anti-destruction thing come out).

ANYWAY, all the FKING BOOM BOOM BOOM.... BOOM AWAY ALL MY MESOS... A TOTAL OF AT LEAST 100B+ go INTO DRAIN! EVERY TIME I BOOM a 19 star equip my feeling is like below...

Image result for BOMB

But, nevertheless, my consistent efforts paid off..after so many tragic and mesos gone into drain. As shown above my 20 stars fafnir bow.

Here is typical I think what you need to get 20 stars. Although it is not practical at all or worth. But, if you remain at 17-19 stars then this game will be fking boring (as for me). I want to challenge the IMPOSSIBLE! The more impossible it is, the more I'm into it!

And of today 6/8/2017, the first 20 stars fafnir weapon is born.

Anyway for those who are interested to create their 20 stars weapons or equips. Here is what you need!

1. 100b+ mesos  (you can buy from SEAGM or find your way to earn mesos)

2. Unlimited supply of weapons / armors to trace (I can kill CRA myself so I almost can trace for free).

3. Skill to hit the middle during star force mini game especially on 18 to 20 stars. At 19 to 20 stars, you die die must hit the middle... so you increase your chance of success from 5% to approx 6.5% success rate.

4. Your fking mental endurance of NOT giving up... a lot of people give up after 1 or 2 tries, therefore they won't get it. No, they won't get it. You cannot give up even after booming some 19* equips, continue on....

5. Your luck???

Your luck also plays an important role. Imagine the one that gotten to 20 stars is my gloves and not my weapon. I boomed 5 19* stars equips among them are hat, gloves, bow, etc. Only one of the which is the weapon gotten to 20 stars.

And also if I'm not lucky enough I might even boom the 20 stars fafnir bow above, making a total loss of more than 150b.

So the cost of making a 20 stars equip or weapon is from minimum 100b to INFINITE MESOS WITHOUT REFUND!!!!

Image result for refund meme

Yes, now you know the money needed and mesos needed to create a 20 stars equip or weapon. Are you the next brave soul like me to try out to get 20 stars??? Yes, it is not worth at all, but the feeling of getting 20 stars is up to the heaven.

Image result for heaven

I wonder....who is the next one who will to try to get 20 stars ... especially on fafnir weapons.

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