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NOTE: Additional Cube is a SCAM!

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I can write good stuffs about this cube, but I need to be frank. Just like a product is good means it is good. If a product is bad means it is bad. No hype, be honest. I earn nothing from writing this review on this cube too.

This cube is 100% a scam. Originally this cube is selling for 1.9k each. And now, it rised to 2.7k per cube. Not only that, this cube is freaking hard to up tier. I used 500 SGD to up from rare to legendary. You can watch the Youtube videos of maplers using this additional cubes, in average you need more than 200 additional cubes to up from rare to legendary.

Not only 200 additional cubes, you also need more cubes to get your desired stats like 21% ATT, 30% ATT on your weapon or secondary weapon. All of it costs more than $500 SGD. In the end, it is NOT WORTH AT ALL.

Obviously, this is another cube like Gachapon used to trick young maplers. Cannot be trusted at all. The rate of tiering is like purple cube. I have used so many cubes, that I can tell you straight that if you want to use to additional cube to up from rare to legendary you need to prepare 500 SGD.

I can't blame Asiasoft because they want to earn from this cube as well, also making it difficult to tier up, making this game more challenging instead. If it is too easy to tier up using this cube, then this game does not have any challenges at all.

It is $$$soft... GMS has this additional cube from their crafting. This means they can get from the game without spending any @cash.

I will continue to treat this cube as a scam until one day I used it and found it reasonable. By reasonable I mean the costs of tier-ing from rare to legendary costs less than $100.

So now, you increase the price to 2.7k, does the rate of tier-ing increase? I doubt so....

Even in DMT, you can spent more than 110 SGD to tier up from unique to legendary.

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